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Chapter 1614: Transforming into Feathers

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The moment the light flashed, the scorching temperature made her raise her hand subconsciously to wipe it away.

The area between her eyebrows was smooth and flat, but the burning sensation lingered.

Her entire body was engulfed by the crazy pain, but it was inferior to the spot between her eyebrows.

All her attention was now on her brows.


Her legs gave way, and she dropped to one knee.

“A’Yue!” Tuan Zi shouted worriedly as tears streamed down her face.

She waved her small hands and struggled desperately to rush over. However, the power of her ancestor was too great, trapping her in place so that she could only watch from afar.

“A’Yue!” Tuan Zi’s voice was already choked. She hated to see A’Yue suffer, especially… being surrounded by this flame!

Looking at the burning flames, the scene from back then kept flashing in her mind.

Back at the Tianling royal family’s ancestral hall, there was also a huge fire that took A’Yue’s life and separated them from then on!

When a similar scene played out again, it was naturally extremely stimulating for Tuan Zi.

“She’ll be fine.” Looking at Tuan Zi’s teary and sad eyes, the ancestor couldn’t help but sigh. “If I kill her now, won’t I be killing you?”

It had waited for Tuan Zi for a long time, so it naturally could not bear to do that.

Tuan Zi looked over in a daze. “Really?”

But A’Yue looks so pained…

“Don’t worry. Why would I lie to you?”

The ancestor knew that Tuan Zi was still young and only had Shangguan Yue in her heart at this moment. It was useless to say anything else, so it could only persuade her.

Only then did Tuan Zi wipe her tears. She pursed her lips and held back her tears. “If anything happens to A’Yue, I don’t want to be the young mistress or clan leader anymore!”

Anyway, whether she lived or died, she had to follow A’Yue!

About half an hour later, all the burning stars entered Chu Liuyue’s body.

Her muscles, bones, and flesh seemed to be wrapped in the scorching heat!

“Draw the power of these flames into your dantian.” The ancient voice sounded again.

Chu Liuyue gritted her teeth and forced herself to stand up.

Her movements were slow. Every time she moved, the pain in her body seemed to stack.

When she finally sat down cross-legged, her vision was already black, and she could barely see anything.

Then, she took a deep breath, put her hands on her knees, and struggled to circulate the force in her body.

The flames were like a torrent, surging wildly in her body and crashing around.

The pressure contained in the flames was too strong for her to control. She could only grit her teeth and try her best to guide it into her dantian bit by bit.


A small flame landed on her Yuan meridian, and she clearly heard an ear-piercing burning sound.

This bone-deep pain was indescribable, and her face instantly turned pale.

She closed her eyes and frowned, holding on with sheer willpower.

She didn’t say a word; only her trembling body showed the pain she was going through.

As the first flame fell, a second one quickly arrived and landed not far away.

Her body suddenly trembled, and the smell of rust filled her mouth. Then, the flames scattered freely on her Yuan meridian.

The space between her eyebrows became hotter and hotter!

This was actually not the first time she had sensed this feeling. When she previously rushed out of Million Wine Mountain’s spring and summoned the God Realm back, her glabella had also hurt. But at that time, the situation was critical, so she did not pay attention to it.

After the great tribulation, she fell unconscious for a month. When she woke up again, she had completely forgotten about it.

Until now—

The pain was difficult to describe. It was like an extremely sharp knife with a burning temperature carving between her eyebrows!

Her physical strength had always been outstanding, and her tolerance for pain was extraordinary. One could imagine how painful and difficult the process was to torture her to this extent.

Tuan Zi watched from afar and shed another string of tears.


A faint explosion sounded.

A small hole suddenly exploded on the back of Chu Liuyue’s hand. At a glance, it looked like it had been quickly cut out by an extremely sharp blade.

No blood dripped, but it was still scarlet under the wound.

Soon, more holes appeared in her body. Her originally fair skin began to turn shocking at a visible speed.

Tuan Zi’s heart seemed to be clenched by something, and her eyes were red.

She was almost afraid to look again, but she refused to look away. “A’Yue…”

Time passed bit by bit.

In the blink of an eye, it was evening again.

The brilliant afterglow sprinkled down, making the entire Godly Phoenix Hall look like it was plated with a layer of bright light.

“It’s been a day. Why isn’t Shangguan Yue out yet?” Elder Yi Shang had looked at the door countless times, but he still didn’t see any signs of it opening.

He walked to Yi Zhao’s side worriedly. “Clan Leader—”

Yi Zhao shook his head. “Nothing can be detected in the temple. I don’t know what’s going on either.”

How could he not want to know what was going on inside? Unfortunately, his ancestor had directly asked him to come out at that time, so he didn’t dare to disobey.

Elder Yi Shang’s lips moved. He originally wanted to say something, but in the end, he gave up. Even the clan leader has said so. I probably have no other choice but to continue waiting.

It was shocking enough to let Shangguan Yue in, but now, she had stayed inside for so long. The longer it dragged on, the more unrest it brought upon the others.

When Elder Yi Yu returned, he noticed the strange silence in the square.

He slowed unconsciously. “Clan Leader.”

He already knew about what had happened previously. He only had time to return after dealing with the matters at Phoenix Valley.

Yi Zhao glanced at him. “Has everything been arranged over there?”

Elder Yi Yu smiled and nodded. “We spent a little more time on the nearby mountains that were seriously damaged, but other than that, the rest are small problems. After the ancestral ceremony, it won’t affect everyone’s rest.”

“That’ll do.” Only then did Elder Yi Zhao’s expression ease a little.

Elder Yi Yu glanced in the direction of the hall. Seeing their solemn expressions, he smiled and said, “Clan Leader, I don’t think you have to worry. Shangguan Yue is quite capable and has a contract with Tuan Zi. There shouldn’t be any accidents, and she’ll probably be out soon.”

Yi Zhao knew that he was comforting him out of goodwill, so he nodded. “I hope so.”

In the hall, Chu Liuyue sat quietly.

At this moment, there were many small wounds on her body. She was bloodstained and looked miserable.

And the last spark in her body finally landed on her Yuan meridian!

There was a short silence.


Accompanied by this subtle sound, those sparks slowly transformed into the shape of reddish-gold feathers on her Yuan meridian.

Piece by piece, layer by layer—they completely covered the meridian in her!

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