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Chapter 1605: Interrogation

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That was a wooden token stained with blood. It lay on the ground quietly and glowed with a cold gleam.

Faintly, one could see a certain pattern carved on it.

The crowd looked over in a daze. Why did Xue Xue suddenly bring this item back? 

Among the crowd, only Respected Elder Tong Chuan’s face was pale and extremely ugly.

The hands in his sleeves moved. His feet seemed to be nailed to the ground and couldn’t move.

“This is…” 36 Respected Elder Ming took a step forward and glanced at it. Then, his expression shockingly changed! “This is Black Demon Hole’s wooden token?! Wait a minute! The level of this wooden token doesn’t seem low—”

“Venerable, you have good eyesight.” Rong Xiu raised his brows slightly. “This wooden token is only owned by the eight hall leaders of Black Demon Hole.”

In Black Demon Hole, the hall leader position was just below their demon master, and it could be considered a strong existence.

Upon hearing this, the crowd seemed shocked.

“Hall leader? Hasn’t Black Demon Hole gone into hiding for many years? Why did they suddenly appear now?”

“In Black Demon Hole, those with higher statuses take greater care of their wooden token. A wooden token of such level is extremely hard to find. I wonder where it came from?”

36 Respected Elder Ming knitted his brows. “Could it be that Xue Xue fought with a hall leader from Black Demon Hole?”

It looks like it was difficult to obtain this wooden token—even Xue Xue was injured.

Xue Xue snorted and glanced at Respected Elder Tong Chuan. Its ice-blue eyes were as sharp as a knife, as if it wanted to skin him alive!

Respected Elder Tong Chuan’s heart suddenly sank!

The moment he saw Xue Xue bring that wooden token back, he felt that something bad would happen. However, he harbored one last hint of hope and prayed that they didn’t discover it.

However, it seemed like… it was impossible!

Detecting Xue Xue’s gaze, the crowd was first confused before their expressions became incredulous.

Xue Xue’s attitude toward Respected Elder Tong Chuan was amiss, and Respected Elder Tong Chuan’s reaction was even more abnormal!

Rong Xiu raised his chin, and his voice was nonchalant. “Respected Elder Tong Chuan, are you going to claim this item?”

Once he said this, the originally quiet room became deadly silent.

Even though they had already guessed that something was amiss, quite a few people widened their eyes in shock upon hearing the meaning behind Rong Xiu’s words. I-isn’t this the wooden token of Black Demon Hole’s hall leader? Why did His Grace get Respected Elder Tong Chuan to ‘claim’ it?! 

“… I don’t know what you mean, Your Highness.” Respected Elder Tong Chuan clenched his fists tightly, trying hard to make his voice sound as calm as normal. However, his heart beat wildly, and his blood was overwhelmed as if it was about to explode the next minute.

“Previously, I felt that the Sky-Cloud Empire seemed rather dirty. After leaving, I asked Xue Xue to secretly guard the place itself. After such a long time, it finally found something,” said Rong Xiu slowly. He dragged his ending syllable in a rather nonchalant manner.

However, Respected Elder Tong Chuan’s brain tensed up!

If anything happened, he would directly collapse!

“Respected Elder Tong Chuan, Xue Xue did snatch this wooden token back from someone. And now, that person is already dead. However, this wooden token still has aura in it. It proves that the person who died isn’t the true owner of this wooden token.”

“The most important thing is that I found the aura inside familiar. Respected Elder Tong Chuan, why don’t you personally come over and see… if you recognize this aura?”

Respected Elder Tong Chuan’s body stiffened, and coldness surged up his body from the bottom of his feet.

Rong Xiu’s thin lips curled up as if he were smiling. However, his pair of dark phoenix eyes were like the coldest and sharpest sword that pierced through one’s heart.

“If I haven’t guessed wrongly, this aura seems extremely similar to yours, Respected Elder Tong Chuan.”

Once Rong Xiu said this, the temperature in the room dropped drastically! It was as if it was frozen!

At this moment, even the air was about to freeze!

“I wonder how you intend to explain this, Respected Elder Tong Chuan?” Rong Xiu didn’t look angry. Instead, his demonically handsome face was calm.

His eyes had their usual coldness and nonchalance. His brows were raised slightly, and his lips curled up, showing that he was relaxed.

Respected Elder Tong Chuan’s lips moved, but he felt his throat tighten.

When he spoke, his voice became much hoarser for some reason. “…I-I don’t know…”

“Oh right, there’s something I almost forgot.” Rong Xiu suddenly interrupted him and smiled. “I previously said that I hadn’t found out the reason behind the clan leader’s coma. But upon seeing this wooden token, I suddenly recalled something.”

“The strong warriors in Black Demon Hole can execute some sort of seal and cause one to be unconscious. Such a seal is extremely poisonous and cruel. Other than the victim being unconscious, nothing will happen to the victim’s body. But as time passes, the victim’s force will gradually disappear, and their soul will completely break down after the torture.”

“It takes as long as a year and as short as three months before the victim’s soul is silently destroyed. Then, the victim dies.”

“Thinking about it now, the clan leader must be… under this seal. Respected Elder Tong Chuan, what do you think?”

‘Ugly’ could no longer be used to describe Respected Elder Tong Chuan’s face.

He stared dazedly at Rong Xiu in shock and as if he didn’t expect him to say such words.

“How would I know—no! I don’t understand what you just said, Your Highness!” Respected Elder Tong Chuan tried his best to deny it, but at this point, his words all seemed especially weak.

“Respected Elder Tong Chuan, you want to ask how I know about the top and most secretive technique in Black Demon Hole?” Rong Xiu chuckled. “A few years ago, someone tried to use this seal on me, but it was a pity it didn’t succeed. However… that was how I learned of such things.”

“Respected Elder Tong Chuan, do you want to know who that person is?”

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