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Chapter 160: She Did It!

She guiltily avoided Chu Liuyue’s gaze and purposely raised her voice. “What are you saying? Nobody taught me anything! I just want to seek justice from you! I-if you don’t explain what happened to Gu Mingzhu clearly, I won’t leave!”

Chu Liuyue gently replied with an “Oh.”

“Madam Gu, you can choose not to say it, but you need to think if it’s worth risking your reputation as the Gu family’s Mistress for a moment of impulsiveness.

Yue Zhenling really could not cry anymore. “What are you trying to say? What do you mean if it’s worth it?”

Chu Liuyue sighed. I really don’t know how Yue Zhenling kept her position all these years. It is useless to advise a person who is so easily manipulated and triggered.

She lightly said, “You insist on saying that I caused Gu Mingzhu’s death, but you can’t produce any evidence. If word gets out, it won’t be good for me. However, it also won’t be good for you, Madam Gu. After all, you’re defaming me right now.”

“Who is defaming you? You did something against your conscience, and you’re just unwilling to admit it!” Yue Zhenling was certain that Chu Liuyue had something to do with Gu Mingzhu’s death, so she would not listen to reason now.

She sneered. “Chu Liuyue, are you very happy now? Yes, you got into Tian Lu Academy and became a so-called genius. An average person really will not dare to trifle with you. Even the Chu family was played by you, and they’re almost going to split apart.”

“However, who knows how you attained everything you have today? In the earlier years, you were clearly someone without a Yuan meridian. Therefore, your current so-called ‘genius’ title definitely has way more secrets behind it! If you’re really honest, do you dare to explain it in front of so many people?”

Her explosion of words silenced the crowd.

Countless pairs of eyes stared at Chu Liuyue with curiosity and excitement; the crowd obviously wanted to know the answer as well.

Upon hearing Yue Zhenling’s words, Chu Liuyue relaxed her brows. As expected… it had to do with the Chu family… Only those few people hate me to the core.

Chu Liuyue could already guess the general situation without asking. It was just a brainless scheme. The person behind Yue Zhenling had spent so much effort to try and teach Chu Liuyue a lesson. They even went as far as manipulating Yue Zhenling into bringing the Gu family over to cause a commotion.

Chu Liuyue lightly said, “Madam Gu, you’re standing up for other people, but you don’t even know that you’re being used.”

Yue Zhenling ignored her and sneered. “What, you can’t say anything? Let me tell you, even if this reaches the Emperor’s ears, I won’t let you off easily. Only your death can repay my daughter’s life.”

It seemed like she really wanted Chu Liuyue to die.

“Madam Gu, isn’t it too unreasonable for you to demand one of my Tian Lu Academy student’s lives?” An old voice boomed, immediately suppressing Yue Zhenling and the others’ cries.

Chu Liuyue looked at the incoming person weirdly. “Elder Sun? Why are you here?”

Elder Sun looked at her and tried his hardest to maintain his composure. However, his eyes could not help but look elated. “I heard that you came back, so I came out to take a look. I didn’t expect to hear people crying from afar. It turns out that someone is causing trouble for you.”

Chu Liuyue coughed in embarrassment. “Sorry for disturbing you.”

“It’s not a disturbance. Even if it was, it’s other people’s fault, not yours,” said Elder Sun as he looked at Yue Zhenling. When he saw her on the floor without regard for her image, his face darkened. “Madam Gu, what are you doing?”

Yue Zhenling was frightened. She did not expect Elder Sun to come out as well. Even though she was fuming, she knew that Elder Sun held a very high position in Tian Lu Academy. Hence, she really did not dare lose her temper in front of him.

Therefore, she hurriedly stood up and said, “Elder Sun, you came at the right time! Mingzhu is also part of the academy, but she died so miserably outside. Even her corpse…”

Her tears fell once again as she continued, “It’s all Chu Liuyue’s fault! She caused Mingzhu’s death! This sinister person doesn’t deserve to stay in Tian Lu Academy!”

Elder Sun’s brows knitted even more tightly. “Liuyue caused Mingzhu’s death? Where did you hear this from? Why don’t I know about it?”

“Elder Sun, did you know that both of them were trapped on the same mountain? Mingzhu is dead, but Chu Liuyue came back alive. Don’t you think there’s a problem? I—”

Elder Sun grimly glanced at her and mercilessly interrupted her words. “Of course, I know about this. I was at the foot of the mountain and saw everything clearly.”

Yue Zhenling was taken aback, but elation immediately filled her afterward. “That’s great! That means you saw everything that happened, right? Chu Liuyue caused Mingzhu’s death, right? Chu Liuyue, don’t you want evidence? Elder Sun is here. His words will be the evidence.”

As one of the more important elders in Tian Lu Academy, Elder Sun had an extraordinary status and normally wouldn’t side with anyone.

Nobody would doubt if his words were true.

Chu Liuyue was also surprised. “Elder Sun, you were there too?”

Elder Sun nodded. “Back then, the two of you were trapped on the mountain, so I told the others to leave first before I went up alone to save you. However, when I reached the foot of the mountain, I realized it was surrounded by countless fiends. I had no way of climbing up, let alone do anything else.”

Chu Liuyue understood what happened, and her heart felt warm. “I see.”

She did not actually expect him to do such things. Elder Sun had really done his best to try and save them.

“You don’t have to blame yourself. The situation back then was dire, and you also might’ve been in danger if you forcefully barged up the mountain.”

Elder Sun sighed. “It’s precisely because I saw the two of you being swallowed by the black hole that I thought… I didn’t expect that you could come back alive.”

He was actually very curious as to how Chu Liuyue escaped, but now was not the time to ask about it.

He stepped forward and looked at Yue Zhenling. He then said, “Madam Gu, you should apologize to Liuyue.”

Yue Zhenling was dazed. “What?”

Elder Sun enunciated his words properly as he stated, “Apologize because the person who betrayed their classmate and used someone else’s life to exchange for their own was not Chu Liuyue, but… Gu Mingzhu!”

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