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Chapter 158: Justice

That shrill voice pierced Chu Liuyue’s ears, making her knit her brows. “Who are you?”

When the woman heard that, she rushed forward as if she was greatly agitated and slapped Chu Liuyue’s face. “How dare you have the cheek to ask who I am? I’m going to kill you!”

Chu Liuyue moved her legs and avoided the woman’s attack.

That woman did not stand properly and almost landed on the ground headfirst. Luckily, the people behind her helped her up swiftly.

“Madam, you must be careful!”

The woman’s blood boiled as she pointed at Chu Liuyue and hollered, “Go! Capture her!”

“Yes!” When the few people heard her command, they immediately went forward and surrounded Chu Liuyue, preparing to take action.

Chu Liuyue’s expression did not change, but her voice was much colder. In a tone that was not angry but very authoritative, she said, “This is Tian Lu Academy. I would like to see who has the guts to stir up trouble here.”

This sentence successfully made the few people stop in their tracks. They also became uneasy.

That’s right! No matter what, this is Tian Lu Academy’s entrance. If we really do anything unreasonable here, Tian Lu Academy will not let us off.

However, that woman seemed to ignore Chu Liuyue’s words. Her voice became even higher and louder. “What are you waiting for? Take her down immediately! Who will dare stop the Gu family from taking someone away?”

Gu family? Chu Liuyue’s mind whirred, and she then remembered this woman’s identity—the first wife of the Gu family head—Gu Yunfei—and the Gu family’s mistress, Yue Zhenling.

The original owner had only seen this woman once several years ago. Thus, Chu Liuyue only found her familiar and did not recall anything else. However, Yue Zhenling’s arrogance and the way she talked about the Gu family made it easy for anyone to guess her identity.

Chu Liuyue then understood her initial sentence. That was because Yue Zhenling was Gu Mingzhu’s biological mother. “So you’re Madam Gu. I don’t think I have anything to do with your Gu family, and I didn’t do anything to offend you. May I know what made you come here and ask your men to capture me?”

Yue Zhenling was so angry that she laughed. She looked at Chu Liuyue with eyes filled with hatred. “How dare you ask? You very clearly know what you did!”

Chu Liuyue’s expression did not change. “I really don’t know what you’re talking about. Why don’t you explain it to me first?”

Yue Zhenling was so furious that her body trembled. “You!”

“What’s the matter? Why is there a ruckus early in the morning?” When the two parties were about to start a fight, someone quickly walked over from the academy entrance.

Chu Liuyue turned back and greeted, “Teacher Bai Chen.”

When Bai Chen saw Chu Liuyue, his heart skipped a beat. Even though he had heard the news the day before, he was still exceptionally emotional when he saw her in person. “Little Liuyue! It really is you!”

He swiftly walked towards Chu Liuyue and carefully sized her up. “are you really okay?”

Chu Liuyue’s lips curved up slightly. “Yeah, I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.”

“That’s great! It’s good that you’re back; it’s very good that you’re back!” Bai Chen’s inner emotions were in turmoil, and he had a lot to say. However, only this sentence came out of his mouth.

When he heard that somebody seemed to be quarreling outside the academy’s gates, he hurried over to take a look. However, he did not expect it to be Chu Liuyue.

After being anxious for a whole night, he finally relaxed. When he calmed down a little, he surveyed his surroundings, and his facial expression changed. These people seem to want to attack Little Liuyue…

His gaze finally landed on Yue Zhenling. “Madam Gu, why are you here?”

Yue Zhenling took a deep breath in and suppressed the anger in her heart. She then coldly said, “Teacher Bai Chen, this is between the Gu family and Chu Liuyue. You better stay out of it.”

Bai Chen was amused. “Madam Gu, what do you mean by that? Little Liuyue is a student of Tian Lu Academy, yet we don’t even have the right to ask for the reason when you want to take her away?”

Yue Zhenling was not a fool and could immediately tell that Bai Chen was on Chu Liuyue’s side.

Though the Gu family had a distinguished status, Tian Lu Academy was not one to be trifled with. If Bai Chen was determined to protect Chu Liuyue, she really could not do anything to take her away forcefully.

“Why don’t you ask Chu Liuyue instead?”

Bai Chen looked at Chu Liuyue with a questioning gaze.

Chu Liuyue shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know what’s going on either. I was just walking to the academy when Madam Gu suddenly commanded her men to capture me without saying anything. She says that she wants me to pay for her daughter’s life.”

When Bai Chen heard this, he suddenly understood something and looked at Yue Zhenling suspiciously. “Madam Gu, are you saying that… Liuyue harmed your daughter, Gu Mingzhu?”

“That’s right!” When she heard her daughter’s name, the emotions Yue Zhenling forcefully suppressed earlier were triggered once again, and her tears kept falling. “It’s her! She killed my only daughter!”

Bai Chen’s expression became amused. “Madam Gu, you can’t randomly blame a person. I understand that you’re devastated about losing your daughter, but the situation at Wan Ling Mountain was chaotic, and even we don’t know what exactly happened. How are you so sure that Little Liuyue killed your daughter?”

“Of course, I’m certain! I heard that Mingzhu and Liuyue were trapped on the same mountain and were surrounded by the black flying python and countless fiends. In that situation, why is only Mingzhu dead? How did Chu Liuyue come back in one piece? She must have done something!” Yue Zhenling agitatedly yelled with much certainty as if she had personally witnessed everything.

Bai Chen heard her words and did not care about them; he even felt that it was a joke. “So… because Little Liuyue came back alive alone, you’re certain that she harmed Gu Mingzhu and pushed her to her death?”

Yue Zhenling sneered. “Isn’t this evidence enough? If not, why don’t you let her explain what exactly happened and how she escaped alone?”

If Chu Liuyue was also dead, Yue Zhenling would have nothing to say and could only admit that it was Chu Xianmin’s bad luck. However, Chu Liuyue was standing here in one piece, whereas her daughter’s corpse was nowhere to be found.

How could her heart possibly be appeased?

Bai Chen was speechless. “Do you have any evidence for your claims? If not, you’re defaming and slandering her.”

Yue Zhenling was taken aback and did not know what to say at that moment, showing that she was clearly guilty.

Chu Liuyue gently rubbed her brows and lightly said, “There’s no evidence or witnesses, yet you determined that I’m guilty just based on your own imagination. You even want to take me away? Madam Gu, isn’t this too unreasonable?”

Yue Zhenling was stumped by the duo’s words, and her originally red face turned white. However, she was pretty experienced and quickly defended herself. “Then you should clearly explain what the exact situation back then was like. Also, explain why only you managed to come back alive. If you had a way to survive, why didn’t you help Mingzhu?”

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