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Chapter 1569: Who is Threatening Whom?

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Once Chu Liuyue said this, Godly Phoenix Hall fell dead silent temporarily.

Including Yi Zhao, all of them looked at her with a gaze that underwent a strange change. They never expected a slim woman who hadn’t reached her twenties to have such courage!

“Do you know what you’re saying?” After a temporary pause, Yi Zhao squinted and nonchalantly spoke.

Chu Liuyue’s lips curled up slightly. “Of course. This time, I came over filled with sincerity. I know that the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan never makes an agreement with humans, but when Tuan Zi and I made an agreement, it was still a nine-colored heavenly pheasant. Thus, this isn’t considered as breaking the clan rules—”

“But since it’s a red-gold heavenly phoenix now, it must abide by the rules here.” Yi Zhao interrupted Chu Liuyue with a cold and harsh appearance, having secret ripples in his eyes. “Shangguan Yue, I originally thought that you were a smart person.”

Once he said this, heavy suppression fell in the hall.

Chu Liuyue’s shoulders became heavy as she instantly felt that a mountain was suppressing her.

She straightened her back and raised her chin slightly, as if she didn’t hear the threat into the other party’s voice. Or perhaps she heard it, but she didn’t want to care about it. “Tuan Zi and I have deep relations. If we break our agreement just like this, it’ll harm it…”

“That’s not something you should care about.” Yi Zhao’s patience was running out.

Letting Shangguan Yue enter Godly Phoenix Mountain and sparing her life was the biggest compromise he could give. But now, she actually dared to think of continuing this agreement legitimately. To him, this was akin to daydreaming.

Tuan Zi had rare bloodline power, so the effects of dissolving the agreement could be considered negligible to it. With such talent and potential, they didn’t have to worry about such problems.

“I’ll give you one last chance. Take back all the words you said before.”

This was giving Tuan Zi face. If it were someone else, he would’ve directly taken action and chased her out!

Not only was Chu Liuyue not scared or frightened, but she even took a step forward determinedly. “Clan Leader Yi Zhao, I’ve already stated clearly my motive for coming here earlier. I know that this is an issue that’s hard for you and the entire red-gold heavenly phoenix clan to accept. However, this agreement is ultimately between Tuan Zi and I, right?”

Yi Zhao’s gaze instantly turned cold. I really didn’t expect a mere human true god would dare to be so arrogant in front of him! 


His deep and experienced eyes suddenly burned with a red-golden light.

Chu Liuyue’s surrounding space suddenly closed in on her and twisted crazily!

Her chest vibrated as a thick, bloody taste spread throughout her mouth!

Instantly, there seemed to be countless ropes trapping her tightly and forcefully strangling her! Every inch of her blood and muscle seemed to be shredded apart.

She clenched her fists tightly and wanted to break free, but she discovered that her body couldn’t move at all. At this very moment, she was like meat on a chopping board, allowing people to butcher her.

Yi Zhao was the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan leader, and he didn’t even care about the human’s legendary warriors. Dealing with Chu Liuyue was just a small matter.

He didn’t even have to take action. Just one glance was enough to directly take Chu Liuyue’s life!

Chu Liuyue’s expression quickly turned pale, and blood seeped out of the corner of her mouth.

A terrifying force kept forcing her to kneel down. Her legs trembled, and her entire body started shaking uncontrollably.

Tuan Zi suddenly rushed over and flapped its wings! A red-golden fire suddenly swiped across the air!

Chu Liuyue faintly heard some soft shattering noises. The next moment, she suddenly felt that the surrounding force had loosened up.

She looked up and saw that Tuan Zi was standing in front of her as its fire burned, and it looked at Yi Zhao with combat intent.

Its pair of clear and pure eyes gradually became bloodshot!

Yi Zhao was shocked. Tuan Zi can actually break my attack? Even though it couldn’t block it completely, it is already very rare to reach this stage. One had to know that it just broke through to become a red-gold heavenly phoenix a few months ago…

The expressions of the few elders behind him all changed slightly.

Even though they had already confirmed that Tuan Zi had the purest bloodline power earlier, every time it executed its talent or skills, they would secretly be shocked.

The purest bloodline power hadn’t appeared in the clan for way too long, and they hadn’t ever seen it personally. They just heard a thing or two about it from the clan’s history. Now, it seemed like the purest bloodline was more shocking than they had predicted…

At this moment, Chu Liuyue finally spoke. “Tuan Zi, come back.”

Tuan Zi didn’t move.

“Hm?” Chu Liuyue raised her brows.

Detecting her reaction, Tuan Zi then turned around reluctantly and indignantly. Almost instantly, the ferocious combat intent in its eyes rapidly dissipated, being replaced with overwhelming grievances.

They bullied you! So what if I took action?! At most, we can just leave! Tuan Zi felt very wronged and remorseful. If it were not for me, why would she have to suffer here and be humiliated?! 

The corner of Chu Liuyue’s lips curled up slightly as she patted her shoulders. I brought Tuan Zi over to get it to acknowledge its ancestors, not to cause it to fall out with them. 

She could tell that although the other party wasn’t polite to her, they thought really highly of Tuan Zi. If not, she wouldn’t even be able to enter the hall.

She didn’t care how they looked at it, and she didn’t want Tuan Zi to be isolated. She knew that it had the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan’s bloodline, so its bones would want to come back.

“Be good,” urged Chu Liuyue again.

After slight hesitation, Tuan Zi became a small bird and flew to her neck, burying itself in her shoulders.

Chu Liuyue rubbed its head and looked up at Yi Zhao and the rest again.

As expected, those few people’s expressions were incredible.

“Tuan Zi has been spoiled by me since young, and its temper is very bad. Seniors, I hope you won’t hold this against it.”

Chu Liuyue said this very naturally, but Yi Zhao and the rest were stunned.

It is clearly part of our red-gold heavenly phoenix clan bloodline, but when she talks about it, why does it seem like we are the outsiders? In contrast, she, Shangguan Yue, is the most intimate with it? 

Of course, judging from Tuan Zi’s series of reactions, it is indeed so… 

“Actually, I really didn’t come here with other intentions, but it’s a pity that the seniors don’t really trust me.” Chu Liuyue looked regretful. “Clan Leader Yi Zhao, I believe you can also tell that Tuan Zi and I have depended on each other for many years and that we can’t be separated. If you really insist on us dissolving the agreement, then… you can just kill me.”

She smiled and took a step forward. “If you want to kill or punish me, do as you please.”

Yi Zhao coldly scolded, “You dare to threaten me?!”

If they killed her, as her legendary fiend in agreement, Tuan Zi would not live as well!

Chu Liuyue smiled and nodded, playfulness filling her eyes. “Yeah.”

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