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Chapter 1568: Decide

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When Chu Liuyue looked at Yi Zhao, the latter was also sizing her up.

His gaze was extremely nonchalant and seemed to have the power to pierce through everything. With just a slight glance, Chu Liuyue felt that her entire body was about to be seen through!

However, Yi Zhao’s gaze didn’t stop on her for long. After a few glances, he turned to Tuan Zi at the side.

It was only at this point that his bottomless gaze flickered slightly.

There was nothing to care about for a human. This red-gold heavenly phoenix was the most important one to them!

“You haven’t turned into your human form?” he asked with a boom. His voice was as low as a clock with a few hints of experience and distance.

Chu Liuyue’s heart jumped. He is indeed the red-gold heavenly phoenix’s clan leader. I haven’t seen such suppression in my life! Even Miao Yao, who I saw previously, can’t be compared to him! 

Tuan Zi knew that he was asking it, but it didn’t want to answer. The expression he had when he looked at Chu Liuyue was as if he was looking at some object, which enraged it.

Tuan Zi ignored him as it turned around, lowered its head, and rubbed against Chu Liuyue’s face. It showed that it wasn’t willing to speak.

The atmosphere was cold.

“The clan leader is talking to you. What kind of attitude is this?!” Elder Yi Gong was enraged again as he directly asked coldly.

Tuan Zi glanced at him and retracted its gaze as if it were very uncooperative.

Actually, after it broke through to become a red-gold heavenly phoenix, it automatically had some relevant memories. Since then, it knew that it should come back. However, there were many troubles in between, so it didn’t free the time to come over.

Yet, it hadn’t forgotten about this. Tuan Zi was even filled with hope and expectation for a long period of time before this. It was a pity that the other party’s recent series of actions had directly caused it to lose its good impression of the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan.

Everything that puts Master in a difficult spot isn’t good! It’s fine if I don’t return to such a place! 

Chu Liuyue lightly rubbed Tuan Zi’s forehead as she comforted its emotions. Then, she stepped forward and respectfully greeted them. “I am Shanggguan Yue. Greetings, Elders.”

It wasn’t important that the other party didn’t care about her. She mainly came over to solve Tuan Zi’s problem, so she naturally had to be more sincere toward them.

Anyway, this wasn’t the first time she had been despised, so it was nothing new.

“Tuan Zi only broke through to become a red-gold heavenly phoenix a few months ago, so it doesn’t have its human form yet.” Chu Liuyue had once specifically asked Tuan Zi about this before. One’s skills and age had to reach a certain limit before one could turn into human form.

As for now, it could only appear in its original form.

Yi Gong knitted his brows and looked at Chu Liuyue. His gaze was like a knife. “Did I ask you? This is Godly Phoenix Hall. You don’t have a right to interrupt!”

Chu Liuyue’s lips curled up as if she disregarded the other party’s words. However, her black gem-like eyes were clean and clear as they shone with determination and stubbornness. “Tuan Zi is my legendary fiend in agreement. We have telepathy. Since it doesn’t want to speak, why can’t I speak for it?”

To the few people on the opposite end, this sounded like plain arrogance!

Legendary fiend in agreement! She isn’t worthy of it! 

Elder Yi Gong was about to say something more when he saw Yi Zhao raise his hand, so he swallowed his remaining words. However, his gaze toward Chu Liuyue was still very unkind.

Yi Zhao’s gaze was nonchalant, and his voice was calm, but it had an irrefutable distinguished aura. “I don’t want to hear such words again.”

“Godly Phoenix Mountain is my clan’s area, and we’ve never allowed humans to casually come in and out. We let you in today, firstly to hear your apology, and secondly for you to dissolve your agreement with it.” Yi Zhao raised his chin slightly.

“Originally, you were supposed to leave half your life here, but… Considering that it has followed you for so many years, we’ll ignore your sins. As long as you complete these two things, you can leave safely.”

When Chu Liuyue heard this, she raised her brows slightly.

On the other hand, Tuan Zi suddenly became agitated as it glared at Yi Zhao angrily. I don’t want to dissolve my agreement! I will never do it! I finally became stronger with much difficulty and could protect her by her side. How could I just leave?! 

Yi Zhao’s gaze finally became serious as he glanced at Tuan Zi sternly. “Don’t forget that you’re a red-gold heavenly phoenix! Do you really want to go against your clansmen because of her?!”

What does it look like to flatter a human and listen to her every command!? 


Tuan Zi’s body suddenly burned with a red-golden fire! So what if I’m a red-gold heavenly phoenix? These so-called clansmen have nothing to do with me at all. Why must I dissolve my agreement with Master because of them? When I was injured, Chu Liuyue was the one who treated my wounds. When I was on the brink of death, Chu Liuyue was the one who blocked the Heavenly Tribulation. She gave me my life, and I’m willing to follow her even if I die! I will never betray her! 

“Rebel! It’s a rebellion!” Elder Yi Gong sneered and pointed at Tuan Zi. “Clan Leader, you can see it. It now wants to go against our entire clan because of a human! We can’t keep such a rebellious bloodline!”

If we keep it, won’t it be akin to burying a bomb next to us? 

“Tuan Zi.” Chu Liuyue patted its wings gently. “That’s your clan leader and elder. You can’t be this rude.”

Tuan Zi widened its eyes and stared at her. Is she standing on the same side as them? Does she not want me anymore? 

Detecting Tuan Zi’s thoughts, Chu Liuyue couldn’t help but laugh. Her voice was gentle but especially determined. “Don’t worry. I brought you here, so I’ll definitely bring you back.”

Then, she looked at Yi Zhao and said carefully, “Actually, I came here because I have two things to do. Firstly, it’s to apologize. Previously, Tuan Zi had indeed suffered quite a bit by following me. I’m guilty, so I naturally have to come here to apologize.”

“Secondly, Tuan Zi should return to its clan and have the status it deserves. Then… it will follow me home.”

“No matter what, I won’t dissolve my agreement with Tuan Zi. Even if you personally object to it, I, Shangguan Yue, will not change my decision!”

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