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Chapter 1567: Clan Leader!

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The first time Tuan Zi opened the barrier, they could still say that it was a coincidence. But now, the few people in the hall couldn’t say this at all when they saw this scene. If this isn’t even considered the purest bloodline power… 

“Si—” Elder Yi Yu tried hard to calm himself down, but it was to no avail after suppressing himself a few times.

He gasped. “This bloodline power should be the best out of the entire younger generation, right?”

His voice wasn’t loud, but the others could hear it clearly, and they had complicated expressions when they heard this. How is it only the younger generation? Even the few of us might not be able to control the barrier so easily at will! This red-gold heavenly phoenix is clearly young, yet it has such skills. 

Other than ‘talented,’ they couldn’t think of any other word to describe it.

“T-this is… ridiculous! What does it think of the clan’s barrier? It actually played with it like that—how disrespectful!” Elder Yi Gong hesitated for half a day and finally found words to scold it.

The others looked at one another. Others? They must have the ability to do so first! They want to do it, but they don’t have the talent, right?! 

The so-called disrespect… That red-gold heavenly phoenix probably didn’t even know what that barrier meant and just treated it as an interesting toy! How could it be disrespectful?

After Elder Yi Gong said that, he felt regret as well.

It was fine if it were other people, but everyone standing in the hall had the most distinguished statuses in the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan. Nobody knew better than them what the scene represented.

It was rather laughable that he said those words. However, he was too anxious.

The ancestral ceremony was imminent, and he had already prepared everything for Yi Ran. When the time came, the latter could ascend the position successfully.

But at this time, an extremely talented phoenix suddenly came out of nowhere, and there were too many variables! How could he not be worried?

It was fine if it was some ordinary talent, but this one clearly had the purest bloodline power that appeared once in a thousand years! That was absolute suppression!

If something happened, all his hard work in the past few years would be wasted!

Elder Yi Shang suddenly looked up, glanced at him, and said in a seemingly smiling manner, “Luckily, we didn’t directly kill them in the beginning. The purest bloodline is extremely precious. If we hurt it, it would be a major loss for our red-gold heavenly phoenix clan.”

Elder Yi Gong’s expression turned even uglier.

It was a pity that all of these were facts, and he couldn’t even refute them.

“It seems like quite a decent talent,” said Yi Zhao after the long silence in the hall. He stood at the front, and his back was facing the few of them.

Nobody could see his expression. From his voice and intonation alone, they also couldn’t discern anything.

“Even though it has made an agreement with a human, this bloodline power is rare. When it properly dissolves its agreement with the human, we can teach it properly again.” Then, he waved his sleeves.

The gigantic light ball silently turned into rays of light and disappeared.

Tuan Zi stood beside the barrier and played happily.

Before Tuan Zi came in, it instinctively felt that the barrier was dangerous, so it didn’t want Chu Liuyue to take the risk. However, Tuan Zi didn’t expect to come in so easily.

After it came in, the barrier seemed to have undergone an incredulous change. The feeling of danger disappeared and was replaced with an indescribable intimacy.

Not only was it not worried, but it even got addicted to playing with it.

As Chu Liuyue watched, she rubbed her brows. Even though I don’t know the exact situation, a barrier for Godly Phoenix Mountain clearly can’t be casually opened or closed. This time, the other party told me to come over with the intent of scolding me and testing me, so they naturally wouldn’t treat this as a joke. Then… there is only one possibility left—Tuan Zi is indeed different. 

She really hadn’t thought of this before. After all, in the very beginning, she also didn’t expect Tuan Zi to truly break through all the way to become a red-gold heavenly phoenix from a nine-colored heavenly pheasant.

Now that she saw this scene, she was instantly more confident.

She looked up.

This was a gigantic space under the red-golden barrier. At first glance, it had no edges or borders.

The many mountains overlapped with lush greenery.

The thick, ancient forest stood upright, and every tree seemed to have a long history, needing a few people to wrap around it.

It covered the skies, and the greenery was lush.

The Heaven and Earth Force was rich As long as one took a deep breath in, they would be rejuvenated.

The scene was filled with vitality.

Only on the peak of the highest mountain was there no hint of trees or flowers, and it was entirely black. It must’ve been burned by a fire.

At first glance, Chu Liuyue immediately felt that the mountain peak was their true destination for the journey.

She squinted her eyes slightly and looked at the top.

A magnificent hall stood upright. From such a far distance away, she could still feel its solemn aura.

The moment she looked over, there seemed to be a gaze that came from the distant hall and landed on her precisely!

Chu Liuyue’s heart shook! She instinctively became alert, and all her muscles tensed up.

As if detecting something, Tuan Zi leaned close to her and looked up. The next moment, the ground below Chu Liuyue’s feet shook!

She lowered her head to take a look.

Before she could react, she felt that her world was spinning! Then, her entire body seemed to be harshly dragged by some force!

Her surroundings instantly plunged into darkness!

Luckily, such a feeling didn’t last for too long. In no time, Chu Liuyue felt that her feet had landed on actual ground.

The darkness before her had rapidly disappeared.

She squinted her eyes. Before she could see her surroundings clearly, her body was wrapped in coldness.

She calmed herself down and immediately surveyed the surroundings.

This was a hall—it was magnificent, traditional, and solemn.

The ground beneath her feet had tidy and smooth black gems that clearly reflected her figure. The red-golden sparks on it seemed like a galaxy filled with stars as they dazzled.

She was dazed for a moment and looked up.

A giant, circular top was there. It was a clear white gem that had been engraved, there were numerous sparks on it that shone brightly.

The sparks on the floor actually reflected the scene in the circular ceiling.

Standing here, it was really easy for one to feel enchanted. However, Chu Liuyue didn’t think much about it.

She quickly retracted her gaze and looked forward.

Inside the hall were six people on the stairs, looking down at her from above.

The person at the front was an elder in a white robe. He had a straight face, and although he wasn’t angry, he looked formidable.

The most noticeable feature was that his hair was entirely red and gold.

Almost at that instant, Chu Liuyue reacted. That person must be the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan leader! 

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