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Chapter 1566: You’re Amazing!

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The person that yelled this out was Elder Yi Gong.

Even though the other elders didn’t speak, they were clearly stunned. Even Yi Zhao’s gaze suddenly became deep and mysterious.

They couldn’t be blamed for having such a huge reaction because this scene… was indeed too shocking!

One had to know that this barrier had always existed after the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan was born. Only people with the clan’s bloodline power could safely cross through that barrier. If outsiders wanted to come in without their permission, they had to suffer the bitter torture of their skin being ripped off.

It was extremely hard, and it was why Chu Liuyue found it so painful to come in previously. This was originally the ordeal they purposely set for them!

This move wouldn’t take her life or even leave any scars on her body. However, the painful feeling was especially genuine, and normal people wouldn’t even be able to endure it.

This was also torture in another form.

However, they didn’t expect that the moment Chu Liuyue stuck half her hand in, Tuan Zi directly opened the barrier and forcefully dragged her in!

In the clan, only the clan leader and the five elders could open the barrier!

Now, Tuan Zi had opened the barrier without hesitation. How could they not be shocked?!

After some time, Yi Zhao slowly spoke. “Red-gold heavenly phoenixes with the purest bloodline power can also open the barrier.”

His voice was extremely calm, but for the few people at the side… It sounded like thunder exploding beside their ears!

“…The purest bloodline power? A red-gold heavenly phoenix that came from a nine-colored heavenly pheasant breaking through? H-how is that possible?!”

Even Elder Yi Yu, who had a good impression of Chu Liuyue earlier on, was dazed.

He knew that this girl wasn’t simple. Being able to hide the great phoenix dragon’s corpse, use its wings to reform her own fiend’s physical body, and even escape from Miao Yao’s attacks… How could someone who did all of this be ordinary?

And the red-gold heavenly phoenix that had been following her the whole time should have decent potential. However, he also never expected that this red-gold heavenly phoenix could directly open the barrier!

The entire Godly Phoenix Hall fell into deadly silence. That was because other than this explanation, they couldn’t find a second possibility.

After some time, Elder Yi Shang then spoke solemnly. “Someone with the purest bloodline power hasn’t appeared in the clan for a thousand years. If this one really has it, then… it’s our clan’s luck.”

“Impossible!” A sharp retort came.

Elder Yi Gong’s expression was extremely ugly. He knew too well what the purest bloodline power entailed!

“It was born as a nine-colored heavenly pheasant only. It’s already extremely lucky to be able to break through to become a red-gold heavenly phoenix. How can it have the purest bloodline power?!”

There were so many talents in the clan, but even the most outstanding Yi Ran in the recent few years hadn’t reached such a level. How could it be possible for a lowly existence from outside?!

That was utterly ridiculous!

Yi Zhao squinted his eyes slightly. They were deep, and one couldn’t understand what he was thinking. “We’ll know if it is or not when it comes.”

Chu Liuyue felt a golden ray of light shine across, and it was white.

After some time, she slowly looked at the scene in front of her closely.

A furry head welcomed her. There was also a pair of circular and big eyes.

Chu Liuyue was dazed. “Tuan Zi?”

She suddenly thought of something and turned around!

A red-golden barrier was quietly shining behind them!

This is… I came in?! Chu Liuyue opened her mouth. “Tuan Zi, you… were the one who dragged me in just now?”

Tuan Zi nodded excitedly.

Chu Liuyue lifted her hands stiffly and muttered almost in disbelief, “You… opened this barrier?”

Tuan Zi blinked. Of course, it’s me! Who else could it be?! 

Seeing that Chu Liuyue didn’t seem to believe it, Tuan Zi raised its wings and waved lightly.


An extremely soft sound was heard. The next moment, Chu Liuyue saw an opening in the golden barrier.

Looking out from that crack, she could see the shiny ice bridge and the bright blue sea.

Chu Liuyue’s breathing stopped, and her mind was blank for a moment. Although she had always been intelligent, she was also dazed when she saw this scene.

Could it be… that this barrier can be controlled by any red-gold heavenly phoenix at will? But this seems too casual…


Tuan Zi’s wings flapped again.

That barrier quickly returned to its initial state. It shone with a golden light and was very clear—it was exactly the same as its initial appearance.

Chu Liuyue looked at Tuan Zi doubtfully.

Tuan Zi tilted its head to look at her. Is this fun? This thing doesn’t seem as scary as I thought! 

Chu Liuyue thought for a moment. “Try it again. Can you still open it?”


Upon hearing this, Tuan Zi immediately did it.

Its wings flapped slightly, and an opening immediately appeared on that barrier.

Tuan Zi’s eyes turned, and the barrier recovered its initial appearance.

Following this, it moved again, and a second opening was made.

Following its movement, the barrier closed and opened as the light rays shone brightly.

Tuan Zi looked at Chu Liuyue in a flattering manner as it stretched its head out. Is it pretty? Please pat me! 

Chu Liuyue took a deep breath in, stiffly stretched out her hand, and patted Tuan Zi lightly. After some thinking, she sincerely praised, “Tuan Zi, you’re amazing.”

Tuan Zi squinted its eyes in satisfaction.

At the same time, the few people’s faces had turned green in Godly Phoenix Hall.

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