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Chapter 1565: Tuan Zi!

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There was a cold glow in Chu Liuyue’s hands as the Chi Xiao Sword stuck to the icy floor!

A crack quickly spread across.

Tuan Zi followed over worriedly, wanting to help.

Chu Liuyue lightly shook her head as she held the Chi Xiao Sword tightly and used it to support herself up slowly.

The other party was Tuan Zi, as well as her.

If she wanted to sit side-by-side with the other party and talk to them, this was something she had to overcome. If not, the other party wouldn’t even take a look at her, let alone anything else.

She took a deep breath in and looked forward.

The sea had no sides or borders, and nobody knew where this ice bridge led and how much further they had to walk.

Chu Liuyue pulled the Chi Xiao Sword out and continued walking forward.

With the Chi Xiao Sword as her walking stick, a crack appeared on the ice bridge with every step she took. But no matter how chaotic the surrounding waves were, this ice bridge was still as calm and steady as the beginning.

Tuan Zi was right behind her and followed her closely.

The human and fiend walked forward slowly with much difficulty.

“That Shangguan Yue knows a thing or two. If I didn’t see wrongly, the sword in her hand should be the supreme Yuan instrument they were talking about earlier, right?” Inside Godly Phoenix Hall, Elder Yi Shang couldn’t help but speak when he saw the petite figure walking forward continuously in the light ball.

“I heard that she has quite a few treasures with her, and even the Heavenly Square Cauldron—one of the top ten holy weapons—has long recognized her as its owner. Not to mention other things, but she does have a number of assets.”

Although the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan rarely interacted with the outside world, this didn’t mean that they were isolated from the news. On the contrary, they were usually the first few to know about many pieces of news in the God Residence Realm.

Elder Yi Shang stroked his chin. “It seems like the great phoenix dragon’s corpse was hidden with her, so it wasn’t found by that bunch of old fogies, right?”

Elder Yi Yu couldn’t help but laugh. “Haha, it’s so funny when I hear it! To help her own legendary three-eyed eagle reform its physical body, Shangguan Yue directly used that corpse’s two wing bones. Even now, that corpse should still be incomplete, right?!”

The two ancient legendary fiend clans had always had a competitive relationship. When they heard this news, they naturally couldn’t help but gloat.

“Hmph! Not only does it have an agreement with a human, but it even shares the same owner as a mere legendary three-eyed eagle. How humiliating! What’s so funny about this?” Elder Yi Gong’s face was cold as he scolded.

Elder Yi Yu’s laughter suddenly stopped, and he looked sheepish.

“That legendary three-eyed eagle’s identity isn’t ordinary; I think it’s the clan leader. Speaking of which, its status shouldn’t be considered too low. Besides, in this world, I’m afraid only this one would dare to use the great phoenix dragon’s bones to reform its own physical body, right?” Elder Yi Shang looked nonchalant. As he spoke, he even glanced at Elder Yi Yu.

Even though the five elders had similar statuses on the surface, their age difference was actually quite significant.

Yi Gong was the Fifth Elder and the youngest one. Compared to First Elder Yi Gong, he was younger than him by nearly 700 years. In addition to his active personality, he was sometimes too direct when speaking.

Elder Yi Yu shrunk his neck. Actually, what I said was the truth… I don’t believe that these people won’t secretly laugh about it when they hear it! 

Based on this point alone, it was humiliating enough if word got out. After all, even their red-gold heavenly phoenix clan wouldn’t do this.

Suddenly, he looked at the gigantic light ball, and his gaze focused. His eyes were filled with unconcealable shock. “She seems to be coming over!”

Chu Liuyue walked every step very slowly. However, she had never stopped in her tracks.

After some time, she gradually felt that the surrounding waves had calmed down. The heavy suppression also seemed to have suddenly disappeared at that moment.

A bright golden light suddenly shone toward her from the front.

The light was rather bright.

Chu Liuyue instinctively tilted her head and covered her eyes. After a brief moment, she then adjusted to the light and looked forward.

A completely red-golden, transparent barrier surged out from below the water surface at some point. At this moment, it loomed over the water surface and was a few steps away from her.

That barrier was semicircular in shape. At first glance, it seemed like a giant curved top that loomed over the sea.

Even though it was transparent, one couldn’t see a single thing inside. She could only see the heavy dark figures that seemed to be overlapping and intersecting.

Countless rays of light flashed before her on the barrier, forming a fire pattern.

Chu Liuyue was stunned. That’s… Godly Phoenix Mountain?!

“Come in directly.” That old and distant voice finally sounded again. Compared to before, this voice sounded much closer as if it was right next to her ear.

Chu Liuyue pressed her lips against each other. It is clearly not that easy to go through that barrier, but since the other party has requested it, I can only do it. 

Chu Liuyue stared at the barrier calmly.

At first glance, there was nothing special, and even the suppressive force silently disappeared. It was as if… she could easily step right in.

But just as she was about to go forward, Tuan Zi suddenly rushed over, directly blocking Chu Liuyue as it stared at the barrier alertly! It was as if there was something scary on it that was about to attack them.

Chu Liuyue’s brows moved slightly. Tuan Zi only shows such a state when it is extremely dangerous. 

“Tuan Zi?” Chu Liuyue called out to it.

Tuan Zi turned around and crazily shook its head, clearly not wanting her to take the risk.

She smiled and lightly patted Tuan Zi’s wings. “Then, shall we go in together?”

They had already come here, so they could not just turn back.

Tuan Zi was conflicted for a moment before it moved half a step back hesitantly.

Chu Liuyue looked at that barrier again. The next moment, her expression became slightly solemn as she stretched her hand in.

The moment her thin fingers touched that barrier, Chu Liuyue’s ears whirred! Following this, there seemed to be an extremely sharp blade that scraped her fingertips!

Her heart abruptly skipped a beat!

She almost instinctively wanted to retract her hand, but the moment her wrist moved, she thought of Tuan Zi next to her. I have to go in! 

Chu Liuyue gathered her thoughts, clenched her teeth, and continued forward.

Excruciating pain spread from her palms rapidly!

On the surface, it looked like nothing happened when she extended her hand into the red-golden transparent barrier. But in actual fact, she was currently experiencing indescribably terrifying pain!

Chu Liuyue’s hand started trembling uncontrollably. She almost suspected that she would turn into powder by the time she passed through this barrier!

But at this moment, half of Tuan Zi’s body had entered.

Detecting that something was amiss with Chu Liuyue, it turned around and saw Chu Liuyue’s gaze which looked like she was enduring the pain.

It was shocked and furious as it directly flapped its wings on the barrier! The next moment, that barrier actually opened silently like water!

Tuan Zi took the chance to bite onto Chu Liuyue’s sleeves and pulled her back!

At the same time, the faces of the few people in Godly Phoenix Hall changed!

“It opened the barrier?!”

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