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Chapter 1564: Kneel

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Yi Zhao kept quiet for a moment and then lightly said, “Whoever has the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan’s bloodline must acknowledge our ancestors. These are the rules set and left behind by our ancestors. Nobody can go against them.”

Once he said this, the elders behind him exchanged glances.

“Besides, in recent years, our clan numbers have gradually decreased. Even though this one broke through from a nine-colored heavenly pheasant, it still has the bloodline power. As long as its bloodline power is pure enough, there are more benefits than losses if we acknowledge it.”

The hall fell silent for a moment.

“Clan Leader, you’re right.” Elder Yi Shang nodded in approval. “Even though its background is mediocre, it’s considered rare for it to be able to successfully break through from a nine-colored heavenly pheasant. Judging from the skills it just executed, its bloodline power isn’t as weak as we expected. As long as it’s decent, we can ignore the past.”

The person that initially objected, the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan’s First Elder Yi Gong, couldn’t help but snort coldly. “My red-gold heavenly phoenix clan has a distinguished status. Why would we make an agreement with humans!? No matter what, its actions are a grave mistake!”

Elder Yi Shang smiled, and his expression was nonchalant. “You can’t say that. I heard that it followed Shangguan Yue beforehand and coincidentally met with a miracle in Ling Xiao Academy, thus breaking through. When it made an agreement with Shangguan Yue initially, it shouldn’t have expected that it could break through to become a red-gold heavenly phoenix. Strictly speaking, we can’t say that it’s completely its fault.”

These simple sentences seemed like blades gleaming, and there were secret waves of conflict.

The remaining three elders exchanged glances and became increasingly silent. At such times, it was better for them to keep quiet.

In the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan, the person with the highest status was the clan leader, Yi Zhao.

The five ‘Gong Shang Jiao Wei Yu’ elders under him held power in the clan respectively. However, the people with the most authority were still Yi Shang and Yi Gong.

In the clan, the people had been secretly divided into two factions and fought openly and secretly for a long time. Now, they had a conflict again.

Actually, the three elders already had their own teams. But in front of the clan leader, they had to be more restrained. Hence, this fight just became a lone argument between the two of them.

The atmosphere in the hall became cold.

After a moment, Yi Zhao lightly said, “That human’s life is unimportant. Let’s see the child’s potential first.”

As the clan leader with the highest status in the clan, he had the most speaking right. Since he had already expressed his attitude so directly, the others naturally could not say anything more.

The few of them continued looking at the light ball.

At the same time, outside Godly Phoenix Hall, the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan had long gathered and waited curiously.

They already knew that a red-gold heavenly phoenix who had an agreement with a human would come. Such a thing hadn’t happened in hundreds of years, and it was inevitable that they would be curious.

Even though they couldn’t enter Godly Phoenix Hall and see the rough situation, they could still instantly receive the news by waiting outside.

As the crowd waited, they discussed something softly.

“Hey, did you hear? I heard that the red-gold heavenly phoenix broke through from a nine-colored heavenly pheasant!”

“Really?! That’s really rare… A nine-colored heavenly pheasant seems to be a ninth-grade fiend, right? Even such a person can directly break through to become an ancient legendary fiend… Tsk.”

“I wonder what skills it has? If I have the chance, I want to see if it’s any different from us.”

Suddenly, a cold voice came over. “It just got lucky. What’s there to be curious about a lowly existence that luckily crossed the barrier?”

The surroundings quietened down silently, and they all looked toward the person that talked.

It was a man, who seemed like he was 28 or 29 years old. He was tall and strong, and he had cold and stern features.

After a moment, someone laughed. “Yi Ran, you seem to look down on the incoming person?”

Yi Ran slightly knitted his brows and seemed dissatisfied with this. “It hasn’t acknowledged the clan yet, so how is it ‘incoming?’ Perhaps it and its lowly owner can’t even cross the Skyless Sea.”

It was too much of an overestimation to think of dueling with the other party now.

“If you have the time, why don’t you go back, cultivate properly, and enhance your skills?”

Another laugh sounded. “Why don’t you go back then? You’re just wasting your time here.”

Yi Ran tugged at the corner of his lips. In his words, he had the arrogance of looking down at everyone from above. “I’m waiting for the First Elder here.”

This time, nobody else spoke again.

Everyone knew that Yi Ran was First Elder Yi Gong’s top disciple, and Yi Gong liked him very much. This was especially so when the ancestral ceremony—which happened once in a hundred years—was about to begin in no time.

The most important thing in the ancestral ceremony was to choose the young master.

Yi Ran was an elite amongst the younger generation, and he was definitely a popular candidate this time.

They heard that Yi Gong had been giving him special training recently, and his skills had also improved greatly. He was determined to be the young master.

Such a Yi Ran naturally wouldn’t care about anything or anyone else.

Some people secretly exchanged glances and had various expressions.

‘He’s not the young master yet, and he’s already so domineering. I’m afraid it’ll be worse in the future.’ 

‘He’s too strong, and the First Elder is specifically nurturing him. You can’t envy him!’ 

‘Hmph, perhaps he won’t even be the young master in the end. I want to see how he’ll react when he’s completely humiliated.’ 

‘Ahem. Even though I don’t really like him, I have to admit that among those of the same generation as him, I don’t think anybody can fight with him, right? I heard that Yi Xuan has been cultivating with the Second Elder recently, but he’s still young, and his cultivation time isn’t as long as Yi Ran. I’m afraid he can’t fight with him.’ 

‘Just let him be arrogant. In the future, there will definitely be someone who will teach him a lesson and show him who’s boss! Besides, there’s still some time until the ancestral ceremony. I’m still more interested in the new person now. Sigh, I wonder what kind of person its owner is. How can it follow the person so devotedly and wholeheartedly?’

Even if it followed this owner when it wasn’t a red-gold heavenly phoenix, it would know that this was a major taboo after it broke through. However, not only did it not cause a commotion, but it was even so protective of its owner… It really made one curious.

Skyless Sea.

The ice bridge was straight and spread toward the front. It seemed like there was no end.

Chu Liuyue walked across it step by step, and her force was crazily depleting.

Even with Tuan Zi’s help and even if she could endure the burning fire below the ice layer… The further she advanced, the stronger the invisible suppression.

She endured the terrifying suppression in her surroundings. Her every bone and muscle seemed to be harshly crushed by something heavy.

Gradually, her legs started to tremble slightly, and every step became more excruciating than ever!

The waves tumbled as white water came over.

At one moment, Chu Liuyue’s knees finally went weak as she kneeled on the ice surface!

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