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Chapter 1562: Godly Phoenix Mountain

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Godly Phoenix Mountain didn’t have a transportation formation that connected to the outside world, so Chu Liuyue and the rest directly followed Tuan Zi and walked over.

The journey was far.

After being in a coma in the academy for a month, Chu Liuyue’s injuries had become much better, and she had basically recovered fully. Additionally, she had broken through to become a true god, and all her abilities were strengthened. Therefore, her speed was naturally much higher than before.

But even so, they walked for nearly ten days, and only half the journey was over.

The more they walked, the more deserted the surroundings. In the beginning, they could still meet a few people from time to time. But later on, there was basically nobody else.

After another eight days of such arduous journeying, they finally reached their destination.

Looking at the vast and borderless sea before them, Chu Liuyue and Shangguan Jing were stunned.

“This is… Godly Phoenix Mountain?” said Chu Liuyue with some uncertainty.

Behind them was a piece of deserted land, and in front of them were overwhelming waves.

It was noon at this point. The bright sun shone on the sea surface, and it rippled.

At first glance, it was light blue. However, there was no need to talk about any mountain as there wasn’t even an island.

It was empty, quiet, and cold.

They could only hear the sea breeze rustling in the surroundings. Other than this, they couldn’t hear anything at all.

The more important thing was that there didn’t seem to be any vitality here.

Tuan Zi squatted on her shoulders and forcefully nodded. Even though it hadn’t come here before, after it broke through to become a red-gold heavenly phoenix, the memory and strength from its bloodline allowed it to find this place naturally.

This was indeed Godly Phoenix Mountain.

Tuan Zi blinked, spread its wings, and flew up.


A clear scream spread far and wide!

“Quickly look!” Shangguan Jing suddenly gasped in shock.

Chu Liuyue immediately looked forward.

She saw the surface of the ocean rapidly gathering in front of her! In the blink of an eye, it formed an ice bridge!

This so-called ice bridge was actually very narrow and only allowed one person to walk across it.

The transparent ice layer continued to spread on the water surface. The surrounding seawater kept surging, but it couldn’t affect this icy bridge at all.

As the sun shone down, the surface seemed to be sparkling in a red-golden color.

At first glance, it seemed like the bright blue sky was filled with flickering stars. It seemed as intricate and pretty as glass.

However, Chu Liuyue’s heart immediately hung up high! That was because she clearly felt the strong suppression coming from the icy bridge!

Her sixth sense had always been sharp. Hence, her first thought when she saw the icy bridge wasn’t how beautiful it was, but… danger!

“I’ll go first.” Shangguan Jing clearly noticed this and spoke before walking forward.

His figure moved, and he flew up! He went straight for that icy bridge!

But just as he was about to land, a red-golden fire suddenly came out from the icy bridge! That fire was just the size of a fist, but it burned very intensely!

Shangguan Jing secretly felt that it was amiss, so he immediately set up a barrier and rapidly avoided it! However, the next scene caused his expression to change drastically.

When the fire was about to land on the barrier, it didn’t stop for a moment and burned the barrier entirely!

Instantly, the fire spread with the wind!

The terrifyingly hot temperature attacked them as sparks landed and caused quite a few scars on his hand!

Excruciating pain was felt!

Shangguan Jing clenched his teeth, and even more shock filled his heart.

He was a supreme Armory Refinement Master and had extremely high physical strength. This fire could actually burn him, which showed that it couldn’t be underestimated!

Right at this moment, a second spark suddenly zoomed in from the side! It instantly attacked Shangguan Jing from the front and back!

Helpless, Shangguan Jing could only turn around and return to the shore.

The moment he left, the fire rapidly stopped and silently returned to the icy bridge. If it weren’t because Shangguan Jing’s hand still had a few fresh burns, it really seemed like nothing had happened.

Chu Liuyue immediately walked over. “Ancestor, are you okay?”

Shangguan Jing shook his head. “I’m fine, it’s just some superficial injuries. However…”

He knitted his brows and looked forward. Even I can’t pass this bridge, let alone Chu Liuyue. 

At this point, an old and nonchalant voice sounded from afar. “Other than Shangguan Yue, nobody else is allowed into Godly Phoenix Mountain!”

That voice seemed to have traveled through time and space as it braved the weather!

Chu Liuyue’s chest became stuffy as her forehead and ears throbbed! All the blood in her body seemed to be overwhelmed at this moment, wanting to burn her alive!

She was shocked, but she hurriedly calmed herself down and bit the tip of her tongue!

The bloody taste spread across her mouth, and the strong pain finally woke her up.

She took a deep breath in and looked forward intensely! This is… the voice of the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan’s clan leader! 

Shangguan Jing’s expression also changed. We just came, and the other party did an opening gambit. It was clearly on purpose! 

Tuan Zi spread its wings and blocked Chu Liuyue. Its black eyes were filled with anger and combat intent.


The clear shriek had unconcealable enmity!

No matter who it is, if they want to make things difficult for her, I won’t let them off! 

“Someone who broke through halfway indeed lacks teaching!” That voice suddenly vibrated angrily. “You want to go against your bloodline power because of this mere human?”

Once the clan leader said this, heaven and earth changed, and the winds howled!

Above the water surface, gigantic waves were instantly triggered and came crashing down!

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