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Chapter 156: Go Home

Chu Mansion.

Chu Ning did not regain consciousness until the next morning. After opening his eyes, it took him a while to re-orientate himself. That’s not right! I was at Tian Lu Academy, talking about how I would head to Wan Ling Mountain to look for Yue’er. How did I get home?

He struggled to get up and toppled the teacup next to his bed.

After hearing the noise, the person waiting outside hurried in. “Lord Chu Ning, you’re awake?”

Chu Ning blankly stared at the man who entered. “You are?”

“I’m a teacher from Tian Lu Academy, Xin Shi. Elder Sun asked me to send you back. Now that you’re awake, I can return with peace of mind now.”

Due to standing guard outside for a night, Xin Shi looked a little haggard. However, his eyes were sincere. “You fainted because you were too agitated yesterday. It’s nothing grave. You’ll be fine after resting for a day or two.”

Chu Ning only returned to his senses then. “Thank you.”

Xin Shi shook his head. “Don’t worry about it. We’re all worried about your health. Please, take care. Since you’re fine, can I head off first?”

Chu Ning nodded.

Xin Shi put his mind at ease when he saw that Chu Ning seemed much calmer. He left some words of comfort before he left.

From inside his room, Chu Ning heard the door open and close. His eyes were empty; they were like bottomless pits. After a while, Chu Ning finally stood up, taking heavy and stiff strides outward.

Shortly after Xin Shi left, he heard footsteps coming from behind him. He turned and saw that it was Chu Ning.

Chu Ning’s face was expressionless, and he gave off a cold and hopeless aura.

Xin Shi hurried over. “Lord Chu Ning, why are you out here? You have to rest, considering your current state.”

Chu Ning pushed Xin Shi’s hand away and stiffly said, “I have to go find Yue’er. I’ve been delayed one night, and this can’t wait. I have to hurry over.”

Xin Shi did not know what to do. Considering Chu Ning’s current state, people might believe me if I say that Chu Ning has gone crazy. How can I possibly let Chu Ning go to Wan Ling Mountain alone when he’s like this?

Xin Shi tried to pull Chu Ning back a few times but failed. He could only run in front of Chu Ning and block his path. “Please, listen to me! Chu Ning, no matter what you want to do, you have to take care of yourself! What if something happens to you in your current state?”

Chu Ning walked around him and pressed on stubbornly. “I’ve got to go. I have to go…”

At this point, a young girl’s bright voice came from behind Chu Ning. “Father, where are you going?”

Chu Ning trembled. This is a voice that I’m very familiar with! However… Am I imagining things because of how much I miss her?


Chu Ning wanted more than anything to turn and look behind him, but his body was stiff.

Xin Shi looked up and saw a young girl coming from around the corner.

The young girl with a smile on her face was slender and pretty. Her eyes were bright and reflective, seeming to outshine everything around her.

Who else can this be besides the dead Chu Liuyue?! Xin Shi froze and opened his mouth. He could not help but raise his finger to point at her.”Y-yo-you’re Chu Liuyue?!”

“Don’t you recognize me, Teacher Xin Shi?” Chu Liuyue stared at him strangely. Although I don’t deal with him much, he should recognize me…

Xin Shi pinched himself hard. It hurt, but his heart was filled with joy!

“It’s you! It’s really you!” Xin Shi patted Chu Ning’s arm agitatedly. “Lord Chu Ning, look! Liuyue really is back! Look!”

Chu Ning’s ears rang.

Chu Liuyue finally sensed that something was amiss and hurried forward. “Father, what’s wrong?”

Xin Shi hurriedly explained the situation. “Don’t you know? Everyone thinks that you are… Lord Chu Ning insisted on going to Wan Ling Mountain to look for you! I didn’t expect you to come back! This is great!

Chu Liuyue suddenly realized what happened. Then again, given the situation, no one would have expected her to return alive.

The place Father wanted to head to was Wan Ling Mountain! Even when everyone thought that I was dead, Father still thought of going to look for me… Emotions welled up in Chu Liuyue, and she was filled with guilt. She reached out and hugged Chu Ning’s arms. “Father, Yue’er is back!”

Her touch seemed to bring life back into Chu Ning. The stiff and cold aura around Chu Ning instantly faded as warmth spread across his body.

It was only then that Chu Ning could move. He slowly turned and finally saw the face that he thought he would never see again.

Chu Liuyue was stunned by the way Chu Ning looked. In just a few days, the originally clean and dashing Chu Ning looked totally different.

His face was covered in stubble, and there were dark circles under his eyes. His eyes were also bloodshot as a sense of despair came from between his eyes. It was like he had become the walking dead.

Tears welled up in her eyes. “Father, I’m sorry I came back this late.”

Chu Ning stared at her without blinking. He gripped Chu Liuyue’s hand tightly as if afraid she would disappear. “Yue’er… Yue’er… my Yue’er…”

Chu Ning’s cries broke her heart.

She forced her tears back. “Father, let’s go home first.”

“Right, right! Go home!’ Chu Ning finally came back to life. “Let’s go home!”

Xin Shi, who was by their side, was ecstatic. “Lord Chu Ning, Chu Liuyue, you both should go home first. I’ll head back to the academy and tell Elder Sun and the others the news! They’ve been worried sick!”

With that, he turned and left.

Xin Shi really admired Chu Liuyue. Since he had seen Chu Liuyue return safely, his joy could not be hidden.

Back at the academy, many were intrigued by the joy written all over Xin Shi’s face.

Xin Shi bumped into Bai Chen along the way.

“Xin Shi, didn’t Elder Sun send you to look after Lord Chu Ning? Since you’re back, does it mean that he’s better?” Bai Chen asked curiously.

Xin Shi chuckled. “But of course! He’s not just feeling better; he’s all healed! Where is Elder Sun? I have something I need to tell him immediately!”

Bai Chen felt like Xin Shi’s behavior was rather strange. “Really? Lord Chu Ning was still heartbroken yesterday, yet he’s all better today? Elder Sun is still busy, so what important matter do you have to tell him?”

Xin Shi patted Bai Chen’s chest. “Haha! I won’t keep it from you since the entire Imperial City will find out about this sooner or later. Chu Liuyue is back, and she’s alive!”

Chu Xianmin—who had just walked in from outside—froze in her steps as she looked up in disbelief!

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