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Chapter 1556: I Won’t Lie to You Again

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The white wave crashed in the sky!

Upon seeing this commotion, the entire spectating crowd in Ling Xiao Academy had their eyes wide open in shock. That’s…

“Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed?!” Nan Suhuai first reacted and then looked at Chu Liuyue’s palm.

From here, they could forcefully see that it was a tiny object.

At this point, a small plant had sprouted, looking cute and small. However, it was this seemingly cute and harmless item that easily gathered the Heaven and Earth Force to form a tidal wave that overwhelmed the sky!


Following this, that white wave directly drowned the gigantic Heaven-Locking Formation!

Chu Liuyue took a step out and wanted to retreat. Suddenly, she saw the terrifying force attacking her side and splitting into two again.

The white waves passed by her side. They were clearly extremely strong with a harsh aura, but it felt like a light wind had brushed past her legs without any sense of ferociousness.

Chu Liuyue paused in her actions and blinked. She instinctively looked at the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed in her hands. It indeed caused the tidal waves of force! 

At that moment, the Heaven-Locking Formation had a rich amount of force seeping in!

The white tidal waves formed by the Heaven and Earth Force rapidly collapsed in the Heaven-Locking Formation!

At that moment, the Heaven-Locking Formation glowed brightly!


With a tiny sound spreading, the Heaven-Locking Formation actually spun slowly!

Chu Liuyue gasped. I-it’s activated just like that? 

Even though she hadn’t seen the previous scene, she could roughly guess that quite a few elders had worked together to activate the Heaven-Locking Formation.

The crowd had to work together to summon the Heaven-Locking Formation and activate it. However, the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed just waved its small leaf, and it…

It wasn’t just Chu Liuyue—the people present were all taken back and shocked speechless by the scene before them.

It wasn’t that they hadn’t heard of the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed before.

As a rumored precious item, Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seeds were very mysterious. Very few people had seen one. Normally, an average person would only hear some relevant rumors and know very little.

They never expected that not only did they see it, but they even witnessed its power!

The Heaven-Locking Formation spun and glowed brightly!

Whoosh! Whoosh!

A sharp cry came from that black hand again!

Chu Liuyue looked up, and her eyes shrunk slightly.

The bloody veins on that hand protruded in a contorted and terrifying manner, as if… it wanted to escape!

Suddenly, that black hand harshly slapped at Chu Liuyue! This time, the suppression and strength were scarier than all the previous times!

“Girlie! Retreat!” Big Baby immediately hollered.

Chu Liuyue was long prepared. She went on her toes and rapidly retreated.

The sharp nails on the black fingers scarcely swiped across her face!

Sharp pain came from Chu Liuyue’s face as wounds instantly appeared! However, she had no time to care about this as she tried her best to unleash her greatest speed and continuously moved back!


She heard a crisp shatter, and the Heaven-Locking Formation collapsed in the air!

The invisible barrier of suppression that protected Chu Liuyue shattered as well! Then, that black hand landed on the Heaven-Locking Formation heavily!

The two forces crazily collided with each other and caused the ground to shake! After a temporary silence, the terrifying forces hurled toward the surroundings!

Chu Liuyue was the first to take the hit! Her chest vibrated, and her body seemed to be harshly hit by something as she flew backward uncontrollably!

Suddenly, a warm force held her waist.

Chu Liuyue’s heart relaxed as she let herself fall back into the familiar embrace.

A familiar cold fragrance attacked her and instantly comforted her intense heartbeat.

Nan Suhuai’s expression became sharp. “Everyone, listen to my orders! Form a barrier!”

Once he said this, his figure moved as he ran over first! At the same time, thick and vigorous force rapidly surged out of his palm!

The elders were the first to react as they took action one after another!

The many forces intertwined. In the blink of an eye, it formed a gigantic barrier in midair!

Hong hong hong! 

The two forces fought intensely, and the ripples spread, harshly hitting the surrounding barrier!

The barrier immediately started shaking violently, and even a few nearby mountains were implicated. At that moment, the mountain bodies shook, and rocks fell.

Shangguan Jing and Elder Meng took action quickly!

The forces inside barged everywhere as they kept swallowing each other and caused repulsions. But with the elders’ help, the barrier—which was about to break—was finally stabilized forcefully.

Right at this moment, the Heaven-Locking Formation started spinning at greater speeds.

Countless rays of light shot to the sky as they restricted that black hand tightly! Then, they crazily attacked it!

The hand also started struggling violently, but it still couldn’t break free.

Scars appeared on that hand. Slowly, bright red blood flowed out.

The sharp and miserable cries almost pierced one’s eardrums! This time, even the many students spectating from far away heard this strange sound.

The expression on the crowd’s faces changed.

This item was indeed extremely weird! But luckily, the Heaven-Locking Formation was much stronger this time. Not only did it survive, but it even took the upper hand slowly and started to retaliate!

At this moment, every second became harder to endure than ever.

After some time—


A loud sound was heard!

That black hand was finally crushed!

The purple light and silver light of the Heaven-Locking Formation wrapped around it. Following this, the crowd saw that the gigantic black hand had split into many parts!

The strange thing was that no fresh red blood spurted out.

The black pieces of meat rapidly burned and finally turned into black fumes that disappeared! Only a fishy scent spread throughout the air and didn’t go away for a long time.

Chu Liuyue turned around and looked at Rong Xiu.

She was disheveled at this point, and there was even a wound on her face, looking very fragile. However, her eyes—which were as dark as black gems—were bright like the stars.

“Rong Xiu.” Her pale lips curled up slightly at a faint angle.

Rong Xiu’s heart tingled as he gazed at her deeply.

“I didn’t lie to you this time. I came back in one piece.”

Rong Xiu’s hand suddenly tightened, but he restrained himself, terrified that he would touch her wound.

She reached out, hugged his thin waist, and leaned against his chest. In her ears, she could clearly hear his heart beating.

Only a few layers of clothes were in between the two of them.

His warmth quickly transferred to her body. Her ice-cold body seemed to warm up.

After one moment, a low voice sounded above her head. “Yue’er, be good. In the future… stay beside me forever.”

She closed her eyes lightly, and the corner of her lips curled up. “Okay.”

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