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Chapter 1554: Can Do It

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Even though Chu Liuyue was injured, her energy wasn’t affected. Hence, it wasn’t too hard for her to gather her force at this point and repair the Heaven-Locking Formation bit by bit.

In her mind, she had already divided the large Heaven-Locking Formation into many small Xuan formations.

This Heaven-Locking Formation and those Xuan formations in the Heaven Scrolls were all created by Big Baby, so they naturally had the same mechanisms. This point alone made it convenient for Chu Liuyue.

While she recalled the Heaven Scroll she had memorized, she carefully sent out force to repair the incomplete Heaven-Locking Formation bit by bit!

The crowd had their eyes open and mouths agape. W-what situation is this? Fifteen minutes ago, Chu Liuyue was still on the brink of death. She was like a piece of meat on the chopping board, letting anyone butcher her. In such a short time, how did the whole situation overturn? 

She stood on the Heaven-Locking Formation, and the black hand could no longer easily approach her. It would be hard if it even wanted to pluck out another strand of her hair, let alone kill her!

The key was that Chu Liuyue herself started repairing the Heaven-Locking Formation without saying anything…

Elder Hua Feng couldn’t hold himself back and rubbed his eyes. “How exactly… did Yue’er do it….?”

After a temporary shock, Elder Hua Feng was even more confused and curious.

He was also a Xuan Master. Amongst all the elders in Ling Xiao Academy, he was considered one of the top. However, even he didn’t dare to guarantee that he had the skills to repair the Heaven-Locking Formation.

But not only did Chu Liuyue do it… she even did it stably!

Elder Bo Yan didn’t speak.

He faintly guessed something in his heart, but he wasn’t certain.

The other elders fell silent gradually.

Shangguan Jing wiped away the bloodstains from the corner of his mouth as he stared at Chu Liuyue on the gigantic broken Xuan formation with furrowed brows.

He wasn’t a Xuan Master but an armory refinement master. He knew a little about how difficult it was to repair the Heaven-Locking Formation, but this scene looked too strange.

“Senior Shangguan, how are you?” A voice came from the side.

Shangguan Jing turned around to take a look. “Director Nan, you’re too kind. I’m fine.”

Nan Suhuai heaved a sigh of relief. “That’s great.”

Not to mention others, but Shangguan Jing’s seniority was higher than everyone here. Additionally, he was Chu Liuyue’s ancestor, so he naturally had to be more polite.

“But Yue’er…” Shangguan Jing was hesitant in his words.

How could Nan Suhuai not know what he was worried about? He immediately comforted, “Senior Shangguan, don’t worry. Yue’er has always known what she’s doing. Since she has chosen to do this, let’s quietly observe the changes. Perhaps… she can really solve the problem?”

When Shangguan Jing heard this, his expression changed slightly as he paused on Nan Suhuai’s face for a while longer.

Nan Suhuai’s expression was sincere, and he allowed him to size him up.

Compared to him being filled with worry and nervousness previously, he was… indeed different.

A thought popped up in Shangguan Jing’s mind. He suppressed his uneasiness and nodded. “I hope so.”

Not long after talking to Nan Suhuai, his figure moved and went toward Rong Xiu.

At this point, Rong Xiu was looking at Chu Liuyue solemnly. His eyes were deep, and one couldn’t understand him.

Detecting Nan Suhuai’s arrival, Rong Xiu’s gaze moved slightly, and he looked at the director. “Greetings, Director.”

Nan Suhuai raised his hand, indicating that Rong Xiu didn’t have to stand on ceremony.

“How… are you?” As he spoke, Nan Suhuai had already quickly sized Rong Xiu up.

He had always worn pure white robes. At this point, they were already torn, tattered, and covered with bloodstains.

Anybody who saw it would know that he had previously experienced a tough battle.

Nan Suhuai sighed silently in his heart again. Truly only Yue’er can cause him to be in this state…

“Director, don’t worry. I am fine,” Rong Xiu lightly said.

Nan Suhuai nodded. He knew that his thoughts were all on Chu Liuyue, so he didn’t ask further. “Yue’er can definitely turn the situation around. As for you, your injuries aren’t minor…”

Rong Xiu paused and then nodded lightly. “Thank you, Director. I know what I’m doing.”

Some people in the surroundings had already started looking over.

Nan Suhuai’s lips moved as he turned to look at Chu Liuyue.

Time slowly trickled past.

That black hand gradually became restless. In the middle, it had tried to attack Chu Liuyue several times, but it was of no use.

Even if there were some small energy ripples, Chu Liuyue ignored them totally. At this point, all her focus was on repairing the Heaven-Locking Formation.

She was originally quite familiar with the Xuan formations within the Heaven Scrolls, so the Heaven-Locking Formation wasn’t considered too hard for her. And with Big Baby’s help, everything progressed even more smoothly.

In the beginning, the crowd was still worried that Chu Liuyue’s force couldn’t persist for long. But very quickly, they realized that this was unnecessary.

Even after a long time had passed, Chu Liuyue’s expression didn’t really change.

She just had to raise her hand to have unconditional strength. Of course, this was mainly because she was absorbing the surrounding Heaven and Earth Force at an even faster speed.

The water droplet in Chu Liuyue’s dantian originally hid tremendous force. As it turned into her own strength at an extreme efficiency and speed, Chu Liuyue naturally didn’t have to worry about exhausting her force.

With Big Baby’s help, the black hand’s strange force was now blocked outside. The feeling of the water droplet being stolen didn’t appear again.

Chu Liuyue entered her optimum state as she slowly and precisely repaired the Heaven-Locking Formation.

A white horizon appeared in the skies.

The sun rose and shone brightly.

A new day came just like this.

Quite a few people looked at the slowly rising sun and were filled with emotions.

On this night, nobody in Ling Xiao Academy had a good sleep. Everyone was awake as they waited and suffered. Even at this point, they still persisted and didn’t dare to take it easy.

Million Wine Mountain had already become a barren piece of land.

In midair, a gigantic Xuan formation floated quietly.

The purple light and silver light intersected and glowed brightly—it was the Heaven-Locking Formation!

A night had passed. The originally incomplete Heaven-Locking Formation had already been restored by more than half.

The crowd gradually accepted it from their initial shock. Even if this incident seemed too incredulous… the truth was right in front of them!

Chu Liuyue’s eyes were bloodshot, and her face was pale.

If one stood nearby, they could see her slightly trembling body. However, her gaze was very determined and solemn.

In actual fact, she had long exhausted all her energy and force. Now, she was just forcefully holding on through her water droplet.

Only a small damaged part of the Heaven-Locking Formation had to be fixed now. Once it was complete, it could suppress that hand again!

Chu Liuyue took a deep breath in, clenched her teeth, and whipped out the last ray of light!

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