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Chapter 1553: Heaven-Defying

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Outside the Heaven-Locking Formation, there was an invisible suppression that blocked all the threats.

Big Baby did this to give Chu Liuyue sufficient time.

He could not appear and publicly take action, but Chu Liuyue and Ling Xiao Academy were in trouble. He couldn’t just sit and watch, so on the way here, he thought of this method.

As for whether it would work, it all depended on Chu Liuyue!

To the spectating crowd, the current Chu Liuyue was rather weird.

She was standing in the center of the Heaven-Locking Formation and had her head lowered while in deep thought.

Her expression was serious, and her attitude was solemn. It was as if… she were looking at the Heaven-Locking Formation.

But what was so nice to see about the Heaven-Locking Formation?

Not to mention others, even the low-level Xuan Masters didn’t dare to stare at the Heaven-Locking Formation. The suppression was too heavy. If they looked at it for extended periods of time, not only would they not understand it, it might even affect their consciousness and recognition.

Only Elder Hua Feng and the rest could forcefully stare at it for a while, but not for long.

However, the crowd quickly realized that something was amiss. That was because Chu Liuyue had been staring at the Heaven-Locking Formation for a rather long time!

“What exactly is Yue’er doing?” Elder Bo Yan couldn’t help but ask softly.

Ever since he knew that it was quite possible that that person returned, he felt much more secure. However, he didn’t look too different from the others on the surface.

Elder Hua Feng knitted his brows. “She’s looking at the Heaven-Locking Formation, but… I recall that she was a King Xuan Master when she left the academy back then, right? Did she improve again?”

If not, how could she inspect the Heaven-Locking Formation for so long without any abnormalities?

King Xuan Masters were comparable to true gods amongst warriors. In the talented Ling Xiao Academy, this wasn’t considered top.

The reason why Chu Liuyue could get a good ranking on the Xuan Master ranking list was just that she knew many Xuan formations and had strong combat power, so she was stably better than the other Xuan Masters in the same level.

But even so, her level was right there. There was quite a bit of distance from a Great King Xuan Master.

“She has just come back. After summoning her God Realm, she broke through to become a true god. As for the other aspects… She doesn’t seem to have broken through and is the same as before,” said Elder Bo Yan with some uncertainty.

Elder Hua Feng was dazed. “T-then, how can she…”

Before he finished his sentence, Elder Hua Feng’s expression suddenly changed!

Seeing his expression, Elder Bo Yan looked over strangely.

With this look, he was also stunned. That was because Chu Liuyue, who was standing in the middle of the Heaven-Locking Formation, suddenly took action!

A bright ray of light flew out from her thin fingers and floated in the wind. The next moment, that ray of light actually connected two broken lines in the Heaven-Locking Formation!

It merged perfectly!

This scene was taken in by the surrounding elders.

The surroundings were completely silent!

Even if many of them weren’t Xuan Masters, they had some understanding of Xuan formations.

What level is the Heaven-Locking Formation, and what standard is she as a Xuan Master? 

What is she doing now? 

She’s using her own strength to repair the Heaven-Locking Formation?! 

Chu Liuyue didn’t notice the surrounding people’s reactions.

This matter was extremely hard to complete for her, so she had to gather all her focus and couldn’t be careless.

When she saw that force successfully merging into the Heaven-Locking Formation, Chu Liuyue heaved a sigh of relief.

Even though it had been a few years, she luckily still remembered the Xuan formation drawings in the heavenly scroll.

Following this, the second ray of light flew out from her fingers.

Elder Hua Feng finally gasped in shock. “She’s… using her own force to repair the Heaven-Locking Formation?!”

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