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Chapter 1552: My Life and Death Today is Completely in Your Hands!

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It was hard to imagine how much manpower and resources were needed to rebuild a Heaven-Locking Formation.

Even if it were back then, the crowd had to work together to build Ling Xiao Academy. Now, it was even harder to rebuild it efficiently and quickly with only Big Baby’s strength. Besides, he was holding himself back and couldn’t casually take action.

Repairing the Heaven-Locking Formation was undoubtedly the best choice.

Very quickly, the broken Heaven-Locking Formation started recovering its initial appearance. The purple light and silver light intertwined brightly.

That black hand reacted and immediately took action again, wanting to destroy the Heaven-Locking Formation! But before it could get near, a layer of invisible suppression blocked it outside—it was the shocking strength that came from the purple scale!

The black hand tried several times, but it couldn’t do anything.

Its aura started becoming agitated.

The Heaven-Locking Formation had suppressed it for thousands of years, and it had finally found an opportunity to break free! How could it possibly go back again?

However, things had started developing in an uncontrollable direction. It never expected that the Heaven-Locking Formation’s original owner would come back!

In the past, the Heaven-Locking Formation’s strength alone couldn’t completely suppress it. Hence, Ling Xiao Academy insisted on guiding lightning to the fountain all these years so as to increase the strength of the Heaven-Locking Formation.

The black hand finally waited until most of the lightning strength was depleted, and it finally got a chance to struggle free. It didn’t expect that he would come back again!

The most important thing was that he seemed much stronger than he was back then! Thus, even if he didn’t appear and unleash his full strength, he could still easily repair the Heaven-Locking Formation and make it become even stronger!

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The blood totem on the black hand overturned, accompanied by shrill and miserable whimpers, causing one’s heart to tremble.

Seeing that it couldn’t stop the Heaven-Locking Formation, the black hand swiftly changed direction and targeted Chu Liuyue!

It went forward without hesitation and grabbed Chu Liuyue!

But at this moment, a ray of purple light flew over and grabbed Chu Liuyue’s waist. With a light pull, Chu Liuyue’s figure floated with the wind and landed in the middle of the Heaven-Locking Formation in the blink of an eye!

Chu Liuyue looked down.

The giant Heaven-Locking Formation was now underneath her feet.

The rays of light intersected, slowly recovering its initial appearance.

Chu Liuyue hadn’t seen the Heaven-Locking Formation before. She only recalled that she had once suffered many attacks from the Heaven-Locking Formation when she was below it.

Rong Xiu was also injured as a result.

However, she didn’t expect to stand in the middle of the Heaven-Locking Formation not long later.

Her two feet felt like they were standing on real ground, feeling secure. The more reassuring thing was that this Heaven-Locking Formation vaguely had Big Baby’s aura.

She knew that he would never harm her.

After landing on the Heaven-Locking Formation, that black hand finally couldn’t approach Chu Liuyue.

Right at this point, a familiar voice landed in her ears. “Yue’er, look at the formation!”

Even though he had tried his best to sound harsh and cold, Dugu Mobao still couldn’t hide his soft and milky aura.

Chu Liuyue’s heart skipped a beat! Big Baby! 

Her lips moved slightly, and she almost screamed directly! However, she still held it in. Big Baby clearly has his own considerations for not appearing. The academy is in great danger, and he should be the one that is most worried. But even in such circumstances, he still hasn’t come out personally, which shows that there is another matter hidden within. 

Chu Liuyue suppressed her tumultuous emotions and silently nodded. Then, she looked down and stared at the Heaven-Locking Formation beneath her feet closely.

“The Heaven-Locking Formation has such a high level. It’s not convenient for me to appear, so I can’t help you much. If you want to completely repair the Heaven-Locking Formation, you need to do it yourself.”

Big Baby had always been a man of few words, but every time he talked, it was filled with power. It was even more so this time.

The simple sentence seemed to explode in Chu Liuyue’s mind like lightning!

“What?! Me?” Chu Liuyue almost thought that she had misheard him at one moment. I just recalled my God Realm and broke through to become a true god. Besides, I was even injured in the earlier ordeals. In such a situation, how can I repair the Heaven-Locking Formation?! 

“Since you’ve already become a true god again, you should’ve recovered your previous memories. You didn’t forget whatever I taught you before, right?” Big Baby’s voice was extremely calm as if he didn’t find anything wrong with it.

Chu Liuyue was stumped. “You’re saying…”

“The Heaven Scroll.” Big Baby was succinct. “Didn’t I ask you to memorize all of it back then?”

Chu Liuyue’s vision turned black. She felt her head ache when he mentioned it.

Back then, she was still in the Red Moon Desert. Not long after she got to know Big Baby, he threw a bunch of Xuan formations for her to memorize.

At that time, she just felt that each Xuan formation was more complicated than the other. With her photographic memory, she still had to study them for some time before she could forcefully memorize them.

Who knew that those were actually his prized possessions?!

It was only later that she entered Ling Xiao Academy and found out what they were when she chanced upon the elders carefully treasuring the precious scrolls.

Those kept in the library weren’t even as numerous as those she memorized in the Red Moon Desert! After all, Big Baby was the true owner of those Xuan formations. No matter how many the library had, how could it be compared to himself?!

“Even though the Heaven-Locking Formation’s level has exceeded your current abilities, it has the same mechanisms as quite a few Xuan formations in the Heaven Scroll. You can do it as long as you divide the Heaven-Locking Formation into small portions and treat them as individual Heaven Scrolls.”

This is asking me to break through them individually?! Chu Liuyue knitted her brows hesitantly. “Can this… really do?”

“Of course, you can’t do it alone. Every single force circulation in the Heaven-Locking Formation is extremely precise, and you can’t make a single mistake. Even if you solve them one by one, you have to merge them. I naturally will teach you this later.”

“The fate of yourself and the entire Ling Xiao Academy is in your hands today!”

Chu Liuyue’s heart jumped. She looked up, glanced at that black hand, and clenched her teeth harshly. “Okay!”

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