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Chapter 1551: Supplementary Formation

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That purple scale was palm-sized, and it seemed extremely unassuming under this ink-black sky. It seemed even more negligible when compared to that gigantic black hand.

However, this small scale flew to Chu Liuyue and directly scraped the black hand!


With a sharp shrill, more than half of the thumb on the black palm was shaven!

The suffocating and sinister aura covering Chu Liuyue was instantly cut!

Chu Liuyue loosened up. Then, she took a deep breath in.

The fresh air that entered her lungs finally allowed her to recover her senses.

At that moment, I almost thought I—

She immediately looked forward! When she saw the purple scale floating in front of her, she widened her eyes slightly.

After a moment, she suddenly recalled something. This is… Big Baby?! 

She almost instinctively turned around, but she could not see Big Baby’s figure. However, this scale… is indeed his. We’ve been interacting every day and night, and I definitely wouldn’t be mistaken! 

The sudden change caused everyone to be stunned.

They looked at the purple scale that suddenly appeared in a confused and dazed manner, and they couldn’t recover their senses for a time.

“What’s… that?”

“It seems rather similar to the great phoenix dragon clan’s scale, but it’s also different upon closer inspection…”

“Didn’t you see? Once it appeared, a piece of meat was shaved off that black hand! You need to know that when the director and the rest worked together, they couldn’t even harm that hand! What exactly… is that thing? It’s too powerful!”

“Anyway, I think it’s to help Shangguan Yue. Perhaps today’s situation… can be salvaged!”

The crowd discussed softly, and they were clearly filled with curiosity about this item.

When Nan Suhuai saw the purple scale, he was shocked, and confusion flashed across his eyes quickly. Why… Did that person come back? 

Similar to Chu Liuyue, he also surveyed his surroundings and looked far away as he continuously searched for something. But different from Chu Liuyue, his actions were very meticulous and not that big.

If one didn’t look carefully, they wouldn’t notice that he was searching for someone.

Other than them, there was also someone who was shocked after seeing the purple scale—Elder Bo Yan. He knitted his brows and looked confused.

When he first saw that item, he thought that he was hallucinating. Hence, he instinctively looked at Nan Suhuai.

When he saw Nan Suhuai’s expression, his heart seemed to be heavily suppressed as he increasingly confirmed his guess. At that moment, he felt overwhelmed and conflicted.

Doubt, surprise, expectation, horror…

He still clearly remembered the faint purple scale glowing on the top of the academy booklet.

Only the directors could touch this booklet, but his situation was rather special the past few years, so he temporarily guarded it. Hence, he knew a thing or two about it.

However, he didn’t expect to have the chance to see this scale when he was alive!

Doesn’t this mean that person—

“Bo Yan? Bo Yan, what’s wrong?” From the corner of his eyes, Elder Hua Feng saw that Elder Bo Yan’s expression was rather strange, so he couldn’t help but ask softly.

He knitted his brows suspiciously. “You know that thing?”

Elder Bo Yan’s heart skipped a beat as he shook his head reflexively. “I-I don’t! I-I was just wondering where that thing came from, and it’s actually so… strong.”

Elder Hua Feng didn’t doubt him. That was because he was also thinking about this problem at this point.

“It’s just a tiny scale, but it has such power. You can tell how extraordinary it is.” Elder Hua Feng squinted his eyes and stared at it for quite a while. “Did a master appear?”

Elder Bo Yan’s lips moved, but he didn’t speak further. If that person can just be described with the word ‘master,’ but… Tens of thousands of years have passed. Could he still be alive in this world? Besides, if he really has come back, why… did we not see him? 

After the purple scale appeared, that black hand suddenly stopped in its actions. It seemed to be fearful.

The two of them fell into a stalemate.

Chu Liuyue took out a red pill and ingested it.

The pill melted in her mouth, and warm energy spread across all her limbs. The originally cold body recovered quite a bit.

Chu Liuyue exhaled deeply.

She tried to produce this fire spirit pill when she was free and flipped through the Physician Medicinal Guide Elder Wan Zheng gave her. Originally, she planned to show him this pill when she had the time, to let him know that she had already broken through to become a Physician.

Yet, she took the pill at this moment to nourish and rejuvenate her body.

She had stayed in the fountain for too long previously, and her entire body was cold. Thus, her blood and force was frozen.

Although she had Rong Xiu’s help later on and most of the frost on her had melted, she still had a hint of coldness in her body.

The longer this coldness stayed in her body, the worse her situation would be.

Now, she finally had the time to dispel it and settle one of her worries.

She closed her eyes.

The water droplet in her dantian seemed to have broken free from the black hand’s control and recovered its normal circulation. Force kept spreading from within and healed her injuries.

Perhaps because she had become a true god again, but her recovery speed was much higher. In no time, her wounds had already formed scabs.

However, she still stared at the front closely and didn’t dare to let her guard down.

She suddenly recalled that when Big Baby accompanied her to the God Residence Realm, he didn’t seem to like taking action. It was as if something was holding him back, but she didn’t know the reason—even when she had recovered her memories.

In actual fact, she did know Big Baby and the rest in the Red Moon Desert.

Before that, they had never left the Red Moon Desert. Thus, she naturally didn’t know Big Baby had such troubles.

However, she didn’t know how Big Baby planned to deal with the current situation…


Suddenly, countless rays of purple light flew out from the scale! In the blink of an eye, they pounced forward!

Chu Liuyue immediately looked over.

Countless rays of light intersected and flew down. Then, the Heaven-Locking Formation—which the black hand had forcefully torn open—reformed again.

The broken places were reconnected again by the purple light, and the contorted places were fixed bit by bit.

Chu Liuyue suddenly realized something. Big Baby is actually… repairing the Heaven-Locking Formation?! 

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