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Chapter 1522: Retaliation!

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Miao Yao was in the middle and was instantly swallowed by the overwhelming fire!

Detecting the scorching burn, Miao Yao felt that something was amiss and flung his dragon tail, wanting to extinguish these fires.

However, this was fire formed from the cracking of Chu Liuyue’s God Realm, so what was burning wasn’t fire but shocking strength! Besides, the sparks scattered all around in a tight yet isolated manner, so Miao Yao couldn’t even avoid it!

A spark landed on his scales and rapidly left a burn mark!

Miao Yao was frustrated and enraged. Why is this God Realm so special!? It can even burn my scale! 

But very quickly, Miao Yao had no time to think about this. That was because he discovered that his entire body was already covered in that fire!

He couldn’t retreat!

As the fire jumped about, the crowd could forcefully see the scene within—Miao Yao crazily struggled as if he wanted to escape from within. It was a pity that the surroundings were sealed, and he was too late to escape.

And as time passed, the fire closed up bit by bit. It wanted to directly tie Miao Yao within—he couldn’t escape!

Chu Liuyue squinted her eyes and revealed a satisfied smile. She hadn’t used her God Realm in a long while and was afraid that she would be rusty. However, it seemed like she didn’t need to worry about it.

Additionally, she just crushed the golden tribulation and broke through to become a true god. Currently, her internal and external wounds were healing at a shocking speed.

She felt even better. After taking a walk on the brink of death… The sufferings were inhumane, but luckily, light was at the end of the tunnel.

Everything that belonged to her… had come back!

The crowd looked at this scene in a daze and hadn’t recovered their senses. Shangguan Yue… made a comeback from her losses?! Not only did she receive Miao Yao’s third move, but she even retaliated! 

Looking at the giant figure painfully struggling in the fire, quite a few people’s eyelids twitched slightly. They recalled that this person still wanted to take Shangguan Yue’s life in a domineering manner earlier.

But in the blink of an eye, Miao Yao ended up in this state… It was laughable just thinking about it!

At first, almost everyone thought that it was Shangguan Yue’s doomsday! But now, she was still there just fine, and… she even crazily broke through to become a true god warrior from an intermediate stage-nine one!

All in all, this entire incident was intriguing. Even if they saw it personally, quite a few people were still shocked and hadn’t recovered their senses.

Even Mu Hongyu, Lin Zhifei, and the others were dazed. Clearly. things had progressed beyond their expectations.

In the dead silence, someone muttered softly, “…Why does Shangguan Yue’s God Realm seem rather familiar?”

Luo Shishi turned around strangely. “Fourth Brother, what did you say?”

Luo Yanlin stared at the sea of silver and red fire in the sky and furrowed his brows tightly. Suddenly, he seemed to have recalled something and asked, “Shishi, she said her name is Shangguan Yue?”

Luo Shishi nodded. “Yeah! At that time, she personally admitted it in front of everyone at Fangzhou City. I heard that she’s a descendant that Senior Shangguan dotes on very much. And back at Flood-Desert Northern Region, she was—”

“Which ‘Yue’ is it?” asked Luo Yanlin again.

Luo Shishi found it strange but still shook her head. “We don’t know that.”

She only said that it was her name, but the outsiders didn’t know which character it was.

“Fourth Brother, is this very important?” Luo Shishi paused and asked hesitantly.

Luo Yanlin didn’t speak. He just turned around and looked up.

The black wall of Dong Huang Tower was dark.

He stared at the position at the top for quite a while before he retracted his gaze.

Chu Liuyue looked down.

Force was sent out of her palms.

Tuan Zi and Zi Chen—who were previously beaten and couldn’t stand up—were influenced by Chu Liuyue’s breakthrough in her cultivation level, and their injuries were rapidly healing. Then, with Chu Liuyue’s help, the two of them directly flew up and reached Chu Liuyue one after the other.

Tuan Zi looked up and flapped its wings, wanting to go over. But when it raised its wings halfway, it fell again.

Chu Liuyue then saw that half of Tuan Zi’s wing was broken. A long scar spread across it.

It was badly mangled and frightening to see.

The red-gold heavenly phoenix was an ancient legendary fiend, and its physical strength was extremely good. Other than a great phoenix dragon of the same cultivation level, others couldn’t even think of hurting it.

Coldness flashed across Chu Liuyue’s eyes. She raised her hand and gently covered Tuan Zi’s wound.

Warm and tremendous strength entered Tuan Zi’s body. It tilted its head and forcefully rubbed against the back of Chu Liuyue’s hands as its eyes shone.

Even if it were severely injured, it had always been lively.

At this point, it saw that Chu Liuyue had directly broken through to become a legendary warrior and was over the moon. Tuan Zi completely threw away its messy thoughts and didn’t care about its own injuries.

Seeing that Tuan Zi was still active and hyper even though its movements were restricted, Chu Liuyue heaved a sigh of relief.

After taking care of Tuan Zi’s wounds, Chu Liuyue looked at Zi Chen at the side.

Its wounds were more severe than Tuan Zi. Even though its current abilities were around the same as Tuan Zi, as it had the two great phoenix dragon wing bones in its body, Miao Yao used harsher methods when he dealt with Zi Chen. Besides, Zi Chen’s bloodline was weaker compared to an ancient legendary fiend, so it was at a disadvantage.

Its two wings were broken, and there were many wounds on the other parts of its body. It looked defeated and was hanging onto its last breath. If it weren’t for Chu Liuyue breaking through, it might not have lasted for long.

Chu Liuyue thought to herself silently, Luckily, the two great phoenix dragon wing bones in its body weren’t broken. If not, it would be troublesome to find another pair. 

After using the great phoenix dragon bones, others weren’t up to her liking.

Chu Liuyue raised her eyebrows slightly. Then, she treated Zi Chen’s wounds before similarly summoning it back.

With her strength as nourishment, the two of them recovered more quickly than before.

After taking care of them, Chu Liuyue’s gaze turned in a certain direction.


The Heavenly Square Cauldron drew a perfect angle in the sky and rapidly came back!

Chu Liuyue sized the item in her hand up before finally choosing to put it away. After doing this, she looked up at the sky.

At this point, Miao Yao was covered in wounds and was tortured beyond words.

The crowd could hear painful dragon moans from time to time.

Outside the barrier, the younger generation of the great phoenix dragon clan saw this scene and finally recovered their senses.

Shock, panic, and exasperation!

“Shangguan Yue! Do you really want to go against my great phoenix dragon clan?!”

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