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Chapter 1521: Give You Fire Trees and Silver Flowers!

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Miao Yao’s sudden movement took everyone by surprise! They never expected him to be so shameless and ruthless in achieving his goals!

Elder Meng’s face sank, and he was about to go forward! “Miao Yao!”

However, Miao Yao suddenly snorted. “Meng Xian, if you intervene, Shangguan Yue will automatically lose this gamble!”

We previously said clearly that Shangguan Yue had to endure these three moves! Previously, I only executed my third move halfway. If I want to take action now, other people can’t stop him!

“You—” Elder Meng was stumped, and he was so angry that his face turned pale. However, he still hesitated in his actions.

He naturally didn’t want Miao Yao to disturb Yue’er like that. However… he knew how much effort she had put in to win this battle. If he took action now, all the torture she experienced earlier would be for nothing!

“Elder Meng.” A calm and clear voice suddenly came from behind.

Elder Meng turned around. He saw that Chu Liuyue had opened her eyes at some point.

Her eyes were dark and unaffected. It was as if they contained everything in the world—spacious yet peaceful.

Elder Meng’s terrified heart suddenly seemed to be comforted.

“This is between Senior Miao Yao and I. I’ll handle everything.” As Chu Liuyue spoke, the corner of her lips curled up, and she smiled.

“Okay!” Elder Meng was hesitant in his words, but he finally nodded. Since she has said so, it proves that she has her own plans. 

He moved his feet and retreated.

Chu Liuyue’s gaze turned.

An icicle was right before her! Her expression was nonchalant and calm as if she didn’t detect the danger! Or perhaps, this attack wasn’t worth a mention in her eyes!

Chu Liuyue suddenly raised her hands.

The silver and red galaxy moved. The next moment, the sparks in front of her started forming rapidly!

The lights became tight, and the surrounding space became sticky.

Once that icicle went close, its speed started decreasing at an observable speed. Finally, it seemed to have sunk into mud and couldn’t move!

At this point, it was only a few steps away from Chu Liuyue. However, this small distance became a wide gap that it couldn’t cross no matter what!

Shock flashed across Miao Yao’s eyes. “How…”

Previously, he had already guessed that Shangguan Yue’s God Realm couldn’t be underestimated and that it might be better than his God Realm. However, he didn’t expect it to be a crushing defeat!

The two God Realms clashed, and he was the losing one!

The icicle was filled with rich force, yet it couldn’t even barge into the other party’s God Realm!

Miao Yao was humiliated, and he hated it so much that his teeth felt itchy.

Right at this moment, Chu Liuyue’s gaze brushed past Miao Yao through the icicle.

Miao Yao never thought that he would be sized up with such a nonchalant gaze!

“Senior Miao Yao.” Chu Liuyue suddenly spoke in a very sincere and genuine manner. “You’re delaying my breakthrough.”

A breeze blew past her and curled up the corner of her sleeves.

Chu Liuyue looked up slightly. Her originally white and pretty face was covered in bloodstains, but the corner of her lips was still smiling, like the break of dawn and fresh flowers that bloomed naturally.

For some reason, Miao Yao’s heart suddenly skipped a beat.

He was clearly much stronger than the other party. Even if Shangguan Yue successfully broke through to become a true god, she might not be his match. The one that could fight with him had to be a legendary warrior at the very least, but at this point, he suddenly felt a chill run down his spine when he saw Chu Liuyue’s slight smile.

It was cold to the bones!

Chu Liuyue’s fingertips swiped across lightly. The remaining half of the golden tribulation suddenly landed in her hands!

Chu Liuyue held it tightly!

“I hate this type of thing.” She tilted her head and said every word carefully.

Every word seemed to come out of ice-cold water—it was freezing to the bones!

Miao Yao was alarmed. “What do you want to do?!”

“I don’t want to do anything. But you—didn’t you want to end this as soon as possible?” Chu Liuyue was slow.

Her white fingers held the golden tribulation tightly! One could even see sparks flying around at its edges.

The crowd was frightened and dumbfounded. Crazy! Shangguan Yue actually held the tribulation in her hands?! Does she care about that tribulation at all?

Chu Liuyue suddenly looked up and hollered, “I’ll grant your wish!”

Then, Chu Liuyue used force in her hands.


The golden tribulation actually dissipated in Chu Liuyue’s hands!

Countless golden sparks spread around. The next moment, they seemed to be summoned by something as they rushed toward Chu Liuyue’s body!

A ray of light quickly flashed across Chu Liuyue’s brows before it instantly faded! But at this point, her body was covered in the blinding light. Others could only see her figure forcefully but not the slight movement.

At one moment, Chu Liuyue felt that a fire burned across her face with scorching heat. But the moment this feeling appeared, it went away.

At this point, she was busy absorbing the force in the golden tribulation and converting it into her own strength so that she could prepare for her breakthrough. Hence, she didn’t take this incident to heart.

The God Realm seemed to feel the changes in her body, and it started to falter.


With a crisp sound, Miao Yao’s icicle was strangled by the surrounding force after being trapped by Chu Liuyue’s God Realm!

From start to end, Chu Liuyue didn’t even take action at all!

Miao Yao’s expression changed. Half of my aura was reduced! 

The icicle had gathered his strength. Now that it was suddenly destroyed, he naturally felt the repulsion.

The uneasiness in Miao Yao’s heart overwhelmed him! At that moment, he even wanted to retreat.

However, he quickly dismissed this idea. If I retreat now, I will be humiliated! The great phoenix dragon clan’s reputation would be destroyed! 

Miao Yao made up his mind as he rapidly appeased the chaotic force in his body and stared at Chu Liuyue. I don’t believe she can really cause trouble with her skills! With this hard scale around my body, she can’t attack me at all! 

At this point, the last golden spark merged with Chu Liuyue’s body.


A slight and crisp sound came from her body!

The water droplet in her dantian suddenly stopped turning, and the nine bright lines instantly disappeared!

A bright color spread across the water droplet rapidly! Finally, it formed a familiar totem in the center of the water droplet.

Almost at the same time, Chu Liuyue raised her hands—her God Realm gathered in the skies!

The scene froze for a moment.

Chu Liuyue’s lips curled up. “Senior Miao Yao, I can’t express my immense gratitude for you today! Therefore, I’ll send you fire trees and silver flowers!”

Then, she flicked her wrist, and the God Realm in the sky crazily rushed toward Miao Yao!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

At that moment, those sparks suddenly exploded and became fire! They burned everywhere!

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