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Chapter 1519: I Am the Master!

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A water current with silver and red combined suddenly surged out of Fengmin Mountain! That was the most precise color as if it had gathered all the dazzling holy light in the world, and it also seemed like it was the same color as the purest blood in the world.

The silver was icy cold, and the red was thriving! They clearly were vastly different, yet they merged with some indescribable harmony. It was as if they were born to be like this.

That water current seemed to flow down from the distant mountains, and it seemed to be able to cover thousands of miles in an instant. It drew a perfect curve in midair as it rushed toward Chu Liuyue with the winds!

Elder Meng stood at the top of the pagoda and held the wooden window frame tightly with one hand. His body was tense, and his eyes widened.

Inside the room, the originally tightly shut door was already open. The rays of light that slowly gathered on it were all taken away by that shocking aura!

Elder Meng stood there and personally saw the light on it dim gradually. The strange pattern on it also started disappearing at an observable speed.

The originally uneven pattern was gradually smoothened, and that door started to recover its initial appearance bit by bit. At first glance, it didn’t seem any different from the six doors on the first floor.

This door once had a secret. Now that the secret had returned, it naturally didn’t need to be special.

Elder Meng dazedly stared at that door for a while before he suddenly turned around and looked outside the window. When he saw the silver and red colors intertwining in the light in the skies, looking like river water rushing toward the young woman floating in midair, his heart stopped for that one moment. Shangguan Yue…

Shangguan Yue! As if he suddenly thought of something, deep shock instantly flashed across his old eyes! Could it…

There were no ifs and accidents.

The current, formed by rays of light, cut through the sky and silently pierced space. It brushed past the crowd’s heads, and it scraped past the sides of Dong Huang Clock Tower, flowing between the mountains.

The winds attacked Chu Liuyue in a ferocious manner!

The scene seemed to be frozen. All the sounds seemed to disappear at this moment.

It was dead quiet between heaven and earth. The dark clouds stopped moving, and the wild winds stopped howling. Even those people seemed to be frozen in the scene as they stood stunned on the ground.

It was a type of indescribable suppression and aura. Without additional words, it caused others to respect, fear, and submit to it the moment it arrived!

Almost everyone’s gazes seemed to be stuck to it and moved with it. Then, they saw the frightening current with a tremendous aura about to reach Chu Liuyue.

Suddenly, all the gleam and threat were hidden.

From afar, it seemed like a river current that passed through the skies. Then, it stopped before Chu Liuyue. Like tired birds returning to their nests, it was filled with deep reminiscence.

Chu Liuyue saw the dazzling light with silver and red intertwined. A ripple finally appeared in her calm and nonchalant eyes. I’ve not felt this aura… for too long! 

Her fingers trembled slightly as she reached forward.

It was a light point.


The sound of the water current rushed up! Millions of light rays instantly formed colorful lines that circled Chu Liuyue.

These lines intertwined and overlapped. It seemed to be without a pattern at first glance, but in actual fact, it contained a strange rhythm.

Chu Liuyue couldn’t help but curl her red lips slightly and smile. No wonder… It was no wonder I would always choose the same door when I went to the pagoda! And after I entered that door, I completely immersed myself within rapidly, and my cultivation speed was greatly enhanced. It was because… it was my own God Realm! 

Any cultivator would be the most comfortable and carefree in their own God Realm. In this world, what place could cause her to feel so comfortable and secure and have that warm, thick force naturally enter her body without much thought about cultivation? It could also nourish her bloodline, improve her physical strength, and elevate her skills.

Only her own God Realm!

Chu Liuyue raised her hand. The few rays of light encircled her palm in a lively fashion.

Chu Liuyue lightly heaved a sigh of relief.

In a blink of an eye, the injuries on her body started to recover at a shocking speed. Inside her God Realm, she was the master!

The next moment, Chu Liuyue looked up!

That golden tribulation was about to land!

“That’s… a God Realm?!” Elder Hua Feng’s gaze was dazed, and he couldn’t believe what was happening before his eyes.

He wasn’t so shocked because a God Realm was suppressed in Fengmin Mountain, but… because he had seen this God Realm before! No, to be more accurate, it was too familiar!

In actual fact, which elders in Ling Xiao Academy wouldn’t recognize this God Realm?!

Elder Hua Feng stared at the thin and straight figure wrapped by the God Realm, and his heart was overwhelmed. Shangguan Yue actually summoned this God Realm. What does this mean? 

“S-she’s really…” Elder Bo Yan finally spoke but stammered for once. After such a long time, he still didn’t say those words.

It was quite incredible for Elder Bo Yan—who was very experienced and didn’t show his emotions on his face—to actually have such a reaction.

He stared at Chu Liuyue as if he wanted to see something from that face. At the same time, he reached out and tugged Elder Hua Feng’s arm. ‘Hua Feng, s-she’s… her?”

His ending syllables even trembled ever so slightly.

It’s so obvious! Who can’t tell!? Elder Hua Feng was beyond annoyed. “Who can it be if it’s not her?!”

Elder Bo Yan seemed to realize that his behavior was inappropriate, so he coughed awkwardly. “Don’t misunderstand. I just thought that you understood the girl more and that you had more experience, so you could confirm it better…”

Elder Hua Feng’s face darkened. What experience? Experience of being lied to?! When speaking so sincerely, did you consider my feelings? 

Clearly, Elder Bo Yan didn’t really care about this.

Originally, Elder Hua Feng wanted to refute him. But after racking his brain and thinking about it, he hopelessly realized that he couldn’t defend himself.

He rubbed his face harshly and allowed his consciousness to return before he looked over. But this time, a smile couldn’t help but appear on his face as he watched on. These eyes and this temper are indeed the exact same as before, especially her ability to get into trouble and arrogant personality… I should’ve guessed it! Who else can be like her in this world? She is truly unique and peerless! 

Chu Liuyue closed her fingers.

The dazzling current in the sky rapidly gathered! In the blink of an eye, it formed a silver and red ball on her palm.

From the corner of her eyes, she glanced at Miao Yao. “Senior Miao Yao.”

Miao Yao was stunned and looked over in a daze. Then, he saw that woman smile brightly.

“You’ll know very quickly if I can endure this tribulation.” Once Chu Liuyue said this, she moved back and flicked her fingers!

Countless stars instantly dissipated—it covered the entire sky!

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