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Chapter 1511: I’ve Waited Very Long for This Day!

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The black shield could block an attack from one side, but it couldn’t completely cover her. Hence, Miao Yao directly flung out this move to take her life!

The first time, he was careless and didn’t settle her. For the second time, the same thing couldn’t happen again!

A low dragon roar came from Miao Yao’s throat. A pair of dragon eyes stared closely at the ball of light surrounding the many purplish-golden scales.

He couldn’t wait to see the ending!

The scales flew everywhere and intertwined with each other, piercing through at shocking speeds!

The crowd watched on with anxious hearts. With this attack, it will be hard for Shangguan Yue to survive. 

“Miao Yao is determined this time and wants to take Shangguan Yue’s life no matter what. I think she can’t withstand the second move…”

“Her two legendary fiends can’t even protect themselves, so they can’t help her. What else can she do?”

“At the end of the day, she can’t blame anyone else for this. Using the great phoenix dragon’s corpse to reform her own fiend’s physical body… How gutsy must she be to do such a thing? The key was that she did it and even admitted to it so openly! How could everyone let her off so easily?”

“If not, what could she do? This matter would be exposed sooner or later. The longer she hid it, the more dangerous it would be! She should just directly say it!”

“I think this Shangguan Yue is talented and broke through quickly, but she thinks too highly of herself. She thinks that she can go against the great phoenix dragon with her bit of talent? Think about it. How much trouble has she brought Ling Xiao Academy during this period of time? She’s young and arrogant; she’s bound to fail.”

Everyone partook in heated discussions in Qing Ming Square.

Mu Hongyu was so angry that her face flushed red, and her chest heaved heavily. “What do you know?! She’s not such a person!”

This furious holler caused the surroundings to quieten down instantly.

Quite a few people looked toward Mu Hongyu with various expressions. Finally, someone said, “If she isn’t like that, how can she do such things? Besides, there doesn’t seem to be much use talking about this now, right? It’s questionable if she can even survive!”

Mu Hongyu clenched her fists tightly. T-these people—

“Of course, she can survive.” A calm and nonchalant voice suddenly sounded.

Mu Hongyu was dazed, and the surrounding people also looked toward the source of the voice.

The person talking was a thin and tall young man. He was dressed in a light-green robe, and he had handsome features and a scholarly and cool aura.

“Lin Zhifei? You’re speaking up for Shangguan Yue too?” someone asked.

Lin Zhifei smiled slightly. “I was just… speaking the truth.”

Not to mention that Rong Xiu and the rest were here, so they definitely wouldn’t watch her get harmed. Even she herself wouldn’t do anything she wasn’t confident about.

“Tsk, what do you mean by telling the truth? In no time, I think that Shangguan Yue would-”

“Quickly look!” Before that person could finish his sarcastic remarks, he was suddenly interrupted.

The crowd instinctively looked over. The next moment, they were collectively taken aback.

They saw in the sky that a crack appeared within the light ball formed by the purplish-golden scales. A transparent fire suddenly surged out from within!

At that moment, the transparent fire spread over and swallowed those scales! Following this, the crowd saw the scales—which originally was a ferocious attack—had an observable decrease in their suppression.

And their sparkling light rapidly dimmed.

“That’s…” Elder Bo Yan and the rest were also stunned by this scene.

Elder Wan Zheng suddenly thought of something and lost his voice in shock. “Could it be…”


A crisp sound was heard! Then, the crowd saw the purplish-golden scales break with a sound!

After they were trapped by the transparent fire, the force in the scales was rapidly absorbed and later became very weak. They would shatter with just a light touch.

All the chaotic noises had totally disappeared at this moment. It was dead quiet between heaven and earth.

Miao Yao suddenly widened his eyes, and his nonchalant, ice-cold eyes were filled with disbelief. H-how could this—


Following the large explosion, the transparent fire flowed in all directions!

The scales that were intertwined together were as fragile as glass at this moment!

As if the floodgates had opened, everything started progressing in an unpredictable direction.

Everyone looked to the sky with wide eyes and mouths agape.

There, a tall and straight figure stood straight in the crazily surging transparent fire! Her clothes blew up with the wind, and her black hair flew everywhere—it was Chu Liuyue!

Her face and body were stained with patches of blood, and the golden armor was in pieces.

Her face was as pale as snow, but only her black gem-like eyes were as deep as the cold lake and were filled with shocking battle intent.

She clearly looked disheveled, but one couldn’t help but feel shocked and fearful.

Some people were still peerless even if they were covered in injuries.

A small transparent square cauldron floated quietly in front of her. That terrifying transparent fire clearly came out from within!

“Heavenly Square Cauldron!” Miao Yao lost his voice in shock.

He didn’t know anything about what had happened in Fangzhou City earlier. Hence, he was naturally very stunned to see it so suddenly.

The corner of Chu Liuyue’s lips suddenly curled up into an arrogant smile. “Senior Miao Yao, to be honest, I’ve waited for this day for too long! Finally—”

I can use this trump card openly! 

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