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Chapter 1510: Killer Dragon Scale!

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Chu Liuyue didn’t see this scene.

Miao Yao’s move was too ferocious, causing her vision to turn black, and she almost couldn’t see anything.

Her organs seemed to be squeezed together by an invisible force—it was as if they would suddenly explode at some point!

It hurts! It hurts too much! Chu Liuyue clenched her teeth, and her ears whirred.

At one moment, her mind was a mess. However, her last bit of rationality made her hold onto that black shield tightly!

She knew that it was her saving grace! The surroundings seemed to be silenced for a moment.

Chu Liuyue couldn’t care so much. After she recovered slightly, she quickly looked at her left arm.

A few cracks appeared on the golden armor. A few tiny wounds opened on her arm, and fresh blood flowed out. This was caused by the overly terrifying force she had to endure just now.

The pure gold armor had already taken away most of the force, but the remaining force still wasn’t something Chu Liuyue’s physical body could handle.

Her bones seemed to be broken as well.

Chu Liuyue clenched her teeth and rapidly took out a pill from her Cosmic Ring to consume. At the same time, she changed to her other arm and took the Chi Xiao Sword over.

If it happened again, she might not be able to keep her arm.

A thick bloody aura overwhelmed her mouth, causing Chu Liuyue to be disgusted and nauseous.

She spat out a mouthful of bloody saliva as she looked up and said carefully, “I’ve endured the first move! Senior Miao Yao, please!”

Miao Yao looked at her doubtfully. To be more accurate, he was looking at the black shield in front of her.

Nobody knew clearer than him how strong the previous force was! The legendary three-eyed eagle and the red-gold heavenly phoenix were flung away continuously without any form of retaliation. Even if a portion of the strength had been exhausted at the front, killing Shangguan Yue was as easy as ABC!

She was just an intermediate stage-nine warrior, but not only did she not die, she even had the strength to continue standing there! She even asked for the second move!

Miao Yao first found it ridiculous, but he then felt deep shock and doubt.

That black shield was clearly problematic! At first glance, it was just an ordinary, old shield that was totally black and dark. There were no special patterns or lines on it and only messy bloodstains. They looked like they were left behind after intense fights.

It seemed rather old, but Miao Yao couldn’t tell the specifics after looking at it for a while. This made him slightly uneasy.

Even though he wasn’t an armory refinement master, he had seen countless precious treasures in the past thousand years. Hence, he could definitely be said to have sharp eyes. However, he couldn’t tell where this black shield came from.

The surrounding crowd broke into an uproar after a temporary silence.

“Did I see wrongly? Shangguan Yue actually endured the great phoenix dragon’s first move!”

“Even though she’s injured, she’s perfectly conscious and can talk properly. She definitely endured it!”

“Oh my god… Isn’t she an intermediate stage-nine warrior? Why is she so amazing?”

“…I think she’s not amazing, but her trump cards are amazing! That legendary three-eyed eagle and the red-gold heavenly phoenix blocked quite a bit of force earlier, and not much seemed to have landed on her, right…”

“Tsk! How sour! Who do you think is the one attacking? Miao Yao, a formidable existence in the great phoenix dragon clan! With his one move… If it were you or me, our souls would’ve long dissipated!”

“I-I was just saying… Besides, what I said isn’t wrong! Those two legendary fiends did help Shangguan Yue to endure that attack to a great extent, and her black shield didn’t even break. I’m sure it’s nothing ordinary…”

“No matter what, she did endure this attack. The key is what she is going to do for the remaining two moves!”

Anyone with eyes could tell that those two legendary fiends were severely injured and couldn’t battle again. Without their help, Shangguan Yue was probably…

“I couldn’t tell that you had such a precious item. No wonder you have so much confidence,” Miao Yao boomed. “It’s a pity that you’re just an intermediate stage-nine warrior. Without holy force and with your original force being restricted by my God Realm, you can only unleash less than 20% of the legendary weapon in your hands.”

Miao Yao felt that Chu Liuyue’s black shield wasn’t to be underestimated, but this didn’t influence the eventual outcome much.

Even if the black shield could withstand Miao Yao’s attack, Chu Liuyue—who was holding the shield—had no strength on her own. Hence, she couldn’t even endure the impact of the remaining force.

She couldn’t be attacked at all!

“Without anyone helping, let’s see how you can be arrogant this time!” Then, Miao Yao’s body suddenly exploded with a glaring light! “Killer Dragon Scale!”

Shua shua shua! 

Countless scales flew out in unison! They drew rays of light in midair and went straight for Chu Liuyue!

They overwhelmed the entire area and instantly covered her body!

At first glance, the purplish-golden stars in the skies were charming. However, the murderous intent hidden within made one falter and fearful.

Wherever the scales passed, the air broke! Their suppression was aggressive!

If one was hit by one of those sharp scales, a piece of one’s meat would be scraped off, let alone so many!

It was akin to being bullied!

The crowd watched on in shock. This time, Miao Yao is serious! 

Previously, Miao Yao disregarded Chu Liuyue, so he casually took action. Who knew that she would withstand it?

Miao Yao was humiliated, so he used his thoughts and methods in the second attack.

“It’s time for this to end!” Following Miao Yao’s roar, Chu Liuyue’s figure was completely covered by the overwhelming scales!

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