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Chapter 1508: First Move!

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After Chu Liuyue said this, the surroundings instantly fell silent.

Even Miao Yao’s eyes were dazed for a moment. “You rejected the first of the two conditions, but you accepted the second? Are you sure?”

Chu Liuyue nodded. “This is my bottomline; I will not compromise. If you feel that it’s inappropriate, then… I don’t have a choice either.”

Miao Yao stared at Chu Liuyue with a strange expression.

Actually, he randomly suggested the two conditions. That was because he thought that Chu Liuyue definitely wouldn’t accept the second one because how was that different from having a death wish?

However, he didn’t expect her to reject the first one.

A ripple suddenly came from the dantian.

Zi Chen’s voice was much lower and harsher than usual as if it were suppressing something. “If he wants this pair of wing bones, I’ll return it to him! Why must you pay with your life!?”

“Don’t fool around,” said Chu Liuyue lightly. “I spent a lot of effort to reform your physical body back then. How can you not want it so casually? Besides, the great phoenix dragon’s bones aren’t that easy to find. If you miss such a chance once, you can’t get it again in the future.”

She couldn’t bear it.

“But… With your current abilities, you can’t endure three moves from him!” Zi Chen’s voice had a hint of panic.

It was a legendary fiend, and it had merged two great phoenix dragon wing bones. It knew too clearly how strong this clan was!

Yes, Chu Liuyue was much stronger than cultivators of the same level, and she could even challenge warriors stronger than her. Even though she was an intermediate stage-nine warrior, she had the skills to even fight with a demigod or even a true god warrior!

But Miao Yao… Even a legendary warrior might not be his match!

If Chu Liuyue agreed, she would be gambling with her life!

“I’m not fighting with him alone,” said Chu Liuyue with a smile. “Others might not know, but don’t you understand? I have a few trump cards, so I might be able to endure three moves.”

Anyway, she just had to endure it. When all the grievances were settled, everything would be fine.

“But it’s still too dangerous! If he exerts his full force, you might not even have the chance or time to use your trump card!” Zi Chen still objected to it intensely. “I’m just a stupid soul that is on the brink of death. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to see the light of day again. You’ve already helped me too much. I can’t—”

“Zi Chen, do you think that he really just wants that corpse back?” Chu Liuyue suddenly asked softly.

Zi Chen was stumped.

“A thousand years ago, Ancestor didn’t do anything to the corpse and even expressed that he would return it. However, they said that they wanted his life no matter what. If it were me, it would be the same. Even if I sacrifice you and return the corpse to them, this matter won’t end.”

“They want the great phoenix dragons to forever be high and mighty, and everyone else should just be small in front of them. At this point, there’s no use in whatever we say or do. We can only exchange blows with them to have a chance of surviving!”

She was willing to agree to Miao Yao’s unreasonable request because he personally said it in front of so many people. No matter the outcome, he would have to admit it!

This was her only chance of making a comeback!

Zi Chen was silent for a long time. “I will live and die with my master!”

Chu Liuyue lightly heaved a sigh of relief.

Something suddenly came over to her cheeks.

Chu Liuyue turned around and smiled as she touched Tuan Zi’s forehead. “With me around, you will only live and not die this time!”

Perhaps the smile on her face had triggered Miao Yao. His head heated up as he clenched his teeth and allowed it. “Okay! If you can really endure my three moves, we won’t pursue the matter of the corpse. The new and old grudges will just end here!”

Chu Liuyue raised her brows. “That’s a deal.”

Crazy! She is insane! After Chu Liuyue’s voice landed, almost everyone widened their eyes in shock and couldn’t believe their ears. Accepting three moves from a great phoenix dragon as punishment as an intermediate stage-nine warrior… Is she determined to kill herself, or does she think too highly of herself? 

Everyone found out quite a bit about the incidents in Fangzhou City, so they knew that she was indeed quite strong. However, she had to see who she was competing with!

She was facing a great phoenix dragon… the famous Miao Yao no less! Wouldn’t that be courting death?!

Elder Wan Zheng and the others’ faces flushed white slightly. They wanted to stop her, but seeing Chu Liuyue’s persistent expression, they thought that she had made up her mind.

With that, they did not know what to say. This matter… was too ridiculous!

Chu Liuyue disregarded the crowd’s objections.

She glanced left and right, moved her body, and chose a rather spacious area. “Please don’t harm the others when you take action later.”

Miao Yao was so furious that he wanted to laugh. “You should take care of yourself first!”

Chu Liuyue’s lips curved up slightly. “Thank you for your concern.”

Miao Yao was stumped. He could finally tell that this Shangguan Yue had to be taught a lesson!

At this moment, her tongue is extremely sharp. I want to see if she can still be this carefree later on!

His figure moved, and he flew to Chu Liuyue.

A human and a dragon faced each other.

Chu Liuyue cupped her fists. “Go ahead.”

Arrogant! Miao Yao sneered in his heart.

The next moment, his dragon tail flung straight toward Chu Liuyue!

Wherever the purplish-golden dragon tail passed, the air shattered inch by inch!


Chu Liuyue held the Chi Xiao Sword with one hand and summoned the black shield at the same time to block herself!

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