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Chapter 1503: Expose

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That scale flew around Shangguan Jing’s body as if it were checking something bit by bit.

Shangguan Jing could feel a strange energy scanning his body, but his expression was normal. He stood with one hand behind his back, raised his chin slightly, and looked open.

That corpse was indeed not with him, so he naturally couldn’t discover anything.

Miao Yao looked at the scale that didn’t have a reaction and slowly furrowed his brows. Could it be… he really doesn’t have it? But back then, Shangguan Jing had a grudge against us because of that corpse. How could he bear to give it up just like that?! 

Finally, that scale flew around Shangguan Jing and still couldn’t find anything.

Shangguan Jing laughed. “Well? Do you believe me now?”

Miao Yao’s brows were still tightly knitted. His face was covered in a layer of frost that was chilling to the bone. “Who knows what method you used to hide it!?”

This Shangguan Jing could even trick us about his death. Isn’t hiding a corpse just a small matter!? 

Shangguan Jing’s smile faded. “Miao Yao, it was my fault first back then, but I have also apologized to you sincerely. You guys were relentless and wanted to take my life no matter what. I was driven to a corner, so I chose to leave.”

“As for me faking my death to hide from you… Who in this world doesn’t want to live properly?! I feel that my sin doesn’t amount to a death sentence, so I naturally won’t allow myself to be bullied to death by you! Besides, during this thousand-year period, I’ve been hibernating and had no senses at all. There’s no difference between that and being dead. Even if it’s to atone for my sins, it’s enough!”

“Today, you directly rushed up to the entrance and attacked me without finding out what exactly happened. I endured it and even agreed to let you search my body! All this can express my sincerity, right? What else do you want?”

Previously, his attitude had been good. Now that he suddenly became more resilient, he turned into another person.

The few elders outside the barrier felt their hearts shudder when they heard this.

At this point, Shangguan Jing was still outside the barrier and only a short distance away from Miao Yao and the rest! If they wanted to take action, Shangguan Jing might not be able to escape successfully!

At this point, his words were sharp and even piercing. It caused the few elders to even sweat for him.

Miao Yao’s expression changed, and he stared at Shangguan Jing for quite some time. “You really don’t know?”

Shangguan Jing laughed out loud. “Believe me if you want. I’ve already finished what I wanted to say.”

After saying this, he actually turned around directly and walked back.

“Hey, you—”‘ The few young people that followed behind Miao Yao were indignant when they saw this. They wanted to say something more but were stopped by Miao Yao with a raise of his hand.

They had to give Ling Xiao Academy some face as they were in their territory. It wasn’t suitable to attack them directly.

He previously said so on purpose to test Shangguan Jing. He could kill him whenever, but it was more important to find the corpse.

If the corpse isn’t with him, did someone take it by some twist of fate? Miao Yao knitted his brows, and countless guesses flashed across his mind.

A thought surfaced in his mind, and that scale flew toward him. But just as that scale was about to return to his palm, it suddenly changed its direction and flew toward Ling Xiao Academy!


An air-piercing sound was heard.

The scale drew a straight purplish-golden line in mid-air!

One of Shangguan Jing’s feet had already stepped into the barrier. Hearing the commotion, all the muscles in his body instantly tensed up.

A strong sense of danger overwhelmed his heart! Without thinking, he hastened his steps and entered!

“Seal the barrier!” he hollered.

The two elders in charge of the barrier were taken aback when they heard this, but they instinctively took action.

They were fast, but the scale was faster! In the blink of an eye, it had already flown in!

Shangguan Jing immediately turned around and saw a spark of purplish-golden flash across his eyes. The next moment, that item brushed past his cheeks and flew straight to the academy!

Its speed was frighteningly fast, causing a tiny yet clear scraping sensation on Shangguan Jing’s face!

He looked in the direction the scale was flying, and his heart skipped a beat!

It was actually flying toward Million Wine Mountain!

“Senior Shangguan, this—” Elder Dan Qing was also stunned.

“Strengthen the academy barrier! Don’t let them in!” As Shangguan Jing spoke, his person had already disappeared from the spot and chased after that scale!

Behind him and outside the barrier, Miao Yao had already recovered his senses and clenched his teeth. “It’s indeed inside! Shangguan Jing… just you wait!”

Million Wine Mountain.

Facing Elder Bo Yan’s questioning, the hand in Chu Liuyue’s sleeves silently tightened.

Previously, the elders had suspected her and even summoned her to Million Wine Mountain to question her in detail.

She had denied it the entire way.

As they had no evidence, and it didn’t cause too much of a problem, the matter just ended.

However, this time was different. Even if she didn’t know what secret that fountain hid, she could roughly guess that this matter wasn’t simple.

“Even though the red-tailed phoenix has the red-gold heavenly phoenix’s bloodline, only one in a million can successfully break through. And yours completed the transformation in just a few months after you entered the academy. Is this… related to the fountain?” Elder Bo Yan’s words were asked very directly.

Chu Liuyue faltered. “I…”


The moment she spoke, a gush of cold wind attacked her from behind!

Danger! Her heart skipped a beat, and she immediately dodged to the side!

At the same time, Rong Xiu had already taken action! A golden barrier rapidly appeared around Chu Liuyue!

But the next moment, a crack appeared in the barrier!

Chu Liuyue turned around in shock and saw that a translucent, purplish-golden scale had already sharply pierced through the barrier Rong Xiu had set up.

That scale was half the size of an adult’s palm, and its edges were very thin and sharp! It contained a ferocious aura!

Chu Liuyue knew that aura very clearly. That is a great phoenix dragon’s scale! 


The barrier cracked!

That scale rushed toward Chu Liuyue’s dantian!

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