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Chapter 1473: Not to be Trifled With!

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This was admitting to her identity in public!

Upon seeing this scene, Jiang Hetian was instantly ecstatic. She admitted it! She indeed admitted it! 

“Shangguan Yue! At this point, what else do you have to say—”

Before Jiang Hetian could finish his sentence, Zi Chen’s third eye suddenly opened! That eye was purplish-gold in color, and it glowed with golden light in a domineering and distinguished manner!

It looked at that legendary three-eyed eagle being tightly constricted by the metal ropes.

Instantly, terrifying suppression loomed! The bloodstains on that legendary three-eyed eagle suddenly started burning crazily!

A purplish-gold fire instantly wrapped around it! The many metal ropes broke inch by inch!

The wounds and the blood on the legendary three-eyed eagle rapidly recovered under this intense fire! Its weak and defeated aura actually started recovering rapidly!

“That’s… the clan leader?!” Flying Star Sect’s Sect Leader Shi Feng was stunned and suddenly stood up! He looked at the scene before him in disbelief as he harshly rubbed his eyes. Being able to use its own force and suppression to heal its clansman’s injuries… Other than the rumored clan leader, who else could it be?! 

He had only seen such rumors in the ancient books; he hadn’t seen it in real life.

Back then, he unwittingly caught a legendary three-eyed eagle that was alone and was elated for a long time, so he studied it for quite some time after he came back.

The distinguished bloodline power in the clan leader’s body was the root of the legendary three-eyed eagle clan! With one command, it could cause thousands of legendary three-eyed eagles to follow it with its life!

Over thousands of years, even ordinary legendary three-eyed eagles were hard to be seen, let alone a rumored strong existence like the clan leader!

“W-what?” Hearing Shi Feng say this, the crowd was stunned. This Chu Yue —no, it’s Shangguan Yue! It isn’t enough that she has made an agreement with a legendary three-eyed eagle, but it is even a clan leader?! That is an existence that can be on par with us, yet it actually became Shangguan Yue’s legendary fiend?! 

“What background does this Shangguan Yue have? Not only does she have a red-gold heavenly phoenix, she even has the legendary three-eyed eagles’ clan leader…” In the deadly silence, someone muttered softly in a daze.

Normal people hadn’t even seen a top legendary fiend before, yet she easily had two!

“How is this possible!?” Someone recovered their senses and was still in disbelief. “The red-gold heavenly phoenix is an ancient legendary fiend, and the legendary three-eyed eagle clan leader also has a distinguished status! In terms of preciousness, it would be hard to determine a winner between the two of them! Logically speaking, these two legendary fiends are very arrogant, and it would be hard for them to even make an agreement with a human, let alone serve the same master!”

Ridiculous! If word got out, nobody would believe it! However… everything unfolded before their eyes genuinely, and it couldn’t be questioned!

Shi Rui’er also covered her red lips, and her pretty eyes were filled with shock. No wonder… No wonder! At the Flood-Desert Northern Region, those legendary three-eyed eagles had surrounded and attacked me back then. Later on, Chu Yue went up, and the matter was solved successfully. Almost everyone thought that Chu Yue would be in great danger when she entered the legendary three-eyed eagles’ barrier. But later on, Chu Yue still came out in one piece! 

At that time, I was solely focused on the legendary three-eyed eagle I had lost but gained back, so I didn’t even think about what was going on behind the scenes. Thinking about it carefully now, other than the clan leader, who else can make so many legendary three-eyed eagles compromise?! 

“This kid even has a clan leader?!” The corner of Elder Hua Feng’s eyes twitched. Back then, I thought that Chu Yue relied on the red-gold heavenly phoenix to solve the problem. Now, it seems like I was utterly wrong! He has many trump cards at hand, and he can even choose which one to use! To think I was still so nervous and worried back then! 

Elder Bo Yan took a deep breath in and slowly reminded them, “It’s girlie.”

Elder Hua Feng was stumped. “I know!”

Since she was willing to summon the legendary three-eyed eagle, it had already proved her identity!

“I…” Elder Hua Feng was about to say something when he saw Elder Wan Zheng, who was dazed at the side.

Elder Wan Zheng didn’t seem to react and understand what was going on. He was expressionless and slightly stiff.

Elder Hua Feng coughed and used his elbow to nudge him. “Hey, Wan Zheng, are you okay?”

The feeling of suddenly knowing that one’s disciple became a girl from a guy…

“Shangguan Yue?” muttered Elder Wan Zheng softly. “She’s Shangguan Yue?”

Has he gone silly from the shock? Elder Hua Feng glanced at him worriedly. “Don’t worry, don’t worry. No matter if she’s a boy or girl, she’s still equally outstanding, right!? No, she’s actually even better than before! Wan Zheng, you’ve earned big this time!”

Not to mention others, just these two legendary fiends alone could kill the crowd in a second. If one could accept such a cultivator as their disciple, anyone would be elated for a few days and be unable to sleep.

With an outstanding disciple, the mentor was also in the limelight, right?

But actually, Elder Wan Zheng wasn’t thinking about this now. He turned his neck and looked at Rong Xiu. Ever since Jiang Hetian appeared and announced that Chu Yue was Shangguan Yue, he didn’t move at all and just sat there as if it were unrelated to him. Why is he so calm?! 

Elder Wan Zheng swallowed a mouthful of saliva and couldn’t help but ask, “Rong Xiu, is my disciple really your princess consort?”

The people from Ling Xiao Academy immediately looked over in unison. We almost forgot! Since this matter is related to Rong Xiu, he naturally has long known about it! 


Elder Hua Feng suddenly slapped his forehead, clenched his teeth, and said, “I see! I see!”

If this wasn’t the case, why would Rong Xiu care so much about Chu Yue the whole time? She was simply his princess consort!! 

Upon hearing this, Rong Xiu turned around and smiled slightly. “Thank you, Elders, for taking care of her during this period of time.”

His voice was low with a hint of rare gentleness and love.

The few elders instantly felt like they were stabbed.

Luo Shishi and the others standing behind were long dumbfounded.

Hearing Rong Xiu say this, Luo Shishi recovered her senses. She glanced at Mu Hongyu dazedly and saw that the latter was staring at the venue nervously. Her fists were tightly clenched, and she wanted to rush up to help immediately. Mu Hongyu… has long known about it? 

“Shishi…” Luo Yanming looked at her worriedly.

Tears welled up in Luo Shishi’s eyes as she smiled and shook her head. Suddenly, she felt that a stone in her heart had been placed down. That’s… good. 

“You are quite capable…”

Jiang Hetian was also stunned by the clan leader incident. He only knew that Shangguan Yue had an agreement with a legendary three-eyed eagle, but he never expected it to be so powerful! However, this is fine. As long as I expose Shangguan Yue’s identity, everything can be talked about! 

“Shangguan Yue, you lied to everyone and hid your identity. What’s your motive!?” Jiang Hetian questioned with a boom! “You can even disguise your identity. Who knows if you’re doing something immoral?!”

Chu Liuyue smiled. “I only do respectable things.”

As she spoke, she flicked her wrist, went on her toes, and rushed to Jiang Hetian! Today, I have to let them clearly understand that I am not one to be trifled with! 

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