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Chapter 1472: Protect You till the End

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The legendary three-eyed eagle clan had always lived in groups, and they had very close relationships. Once any of them were in danger, they would live and die together. Seeing their own clansmen being tortured, they wouldn’t just stand at the side and watch.

Besides, Zi Chen was once the legendary three-eyed eagles’ clan leader!

Chu Liuyue’s eyes narrowed. She never expected Jiang Hetian would use such a despicable method!

Shi Rui’er’s expression changed greatly, and she was about to rush over.

However, Jiang Hetian suddenly yelled, “Second Missy, stay there! If you continue coming forward, I can’t guarantee that your legendary three-eyed eagle can continue living!”

“You—” Shi Rui’er’s chest heaved violently, and her face turned pale. This Jiang Hetian is really crazy! Does he know what he’s doing?! 

Jiang Hetian naturally knew that doing so would offend the Flying Star Sect. However, he couldn’t care so much.

This was the only way he could deal with Shangguan Yue! Hence, even if he had to bear terrifying consequences, he didn’t care!

When he saw Jiang Zhiyuan’s identity being exposed and that her Yuan meridian was damaged, he knew that his efforts for many years were for naught!

Now, he could only drag everyone down! What else was he afraid of?

“Shangguan Yue!” Jiang Hetian smiled sinisterly. “If you can, just watch on!”

Once he said this, the metal ropes around the legendary three-eyed eagle tightened again!

The sharp blades pierced its body. One slight movement could tear a huge piece of meat!

“You mustn’t go.” Zi Chen’s cold and deep voice came from the bottom of her heart.

Chu Liuyue could tell that it was suppressing something with his words. After all, that was someone from the same clan with the same bloodline, and it was its descendant! How could its heart not ache?

But at this moment, he still chose Chu Liuyue. However, this didn’t make Chu Liuyue feel good. On the contrary, it made her heart feel even heavier.

Every single word was like a heavy sandbag pressing her shoulders, causing her to be unable to breathe.

On the opposite side, bloody wounds appeared on that legendary three-eyed eagle.

The sticky blood kept flowing down, and it spread into red roses when it met the white and black marble floor.

It was miserable and cold.

The scene seemed to be frozen.

Everyone fell silent and watched this scene quietly. Even if Jiang Hetian’s methods were despicable, they couldn’t deny that they also wanted to know the eventual answer!

The venue fell silent.

“Zi Chen.” Chu Liuyue let out a murky breath. “That’s your clansman. I can’t let you watch it die.”

“But…” Zi Chen was still hesitant. “You can let the red-gold heavenly phoenix go out.”

Although Tuan Zi had just broken through not long ago, its abilities weren’t much weaker than it.

Chu Liuyue laughed. “Zi Chen, I know that only you can save it now.”

Tuan Zi was fast, but it wasn’t faster than Jiang Hetian.

At this point, only Zi Chen—who was also a legendary three-eyed eagle—could save that legendary three-eyed eagle. This was one of the reasons why Jiang Hetian was so confident.

“I can’t let you be a traitor,” said Chu Liuyue lightly.

Even if Zi Chen had been locked up for thousands of years and had almost no connections to the legendary three-eyed eagle clan other than the previous time at the Flood-Desert Northern Region, it was still their clan leader.

It still bore the responsibility of the entire clan. If word got out, Zi Chen would never be able to return to its clan.

That wasn’t what she wanted to see.

“Since you have an agreement with me, I must protect you.” Chu Liuyue’s voice was light yet heavy.

Zi Chen’s heart trembled, and the fiend didn’t speak for a while.

Chu Liuyue reminded, “I will divert Jiang Hetian’s attention. Take the chance and save it.”

This time, Zi Chen finally replied, “Okay.”

The metal ropes pierced into its body, and that legendary three-eyed eagle fell to the floor, struggling with its life. However, those metal ropes constricted it even more tightly.

Slowly, its shrieks became softer, and it didn’t really move. Only the bloodstains on the ground that became thicker and thicker stunned one’s heart.

In the almost suffocating silence, a clear and nonchalant voice suddenly sounded. “Master Jiang, you have prepared very long for this day, right?”

Jiang Hetian shot Chu Liuyue a dark gaze, with hints of excitement of finally taking his revenge.

“No. How can it be compared to your ability to hide from everyone?” he said with mockery.

Chu Liuyue didn’t care either as she smiled slightly and suddenly said, “Master Jiang, I have always repaid others with confidence. I feel that I have never offended you nor targeted Big Missy Jiang willingly. May I know why you must go after me so relentlessly?”

Jiang Hetian sneered. “You know it yourself!”

Why? Of course, it was because she stole the princess consort position that originally belonged to Jiang Zhiyuan! Is this alone not enough? Originally, we had planned everything properly, yet such a person came out of nowhere and disrupted our plans that had been in the making for many years! How could I not feel hatred? 

Chu Liuyue suddenly took a step forward. “I’m not sure, but it seems like it’s not important anymore.”

Jiang Hetian instantly felt alarmed! “What else do you want?!”

He felt that Chu Liuyue’s body had another hint of threat for some reason, which made him uneasy.

Chu Liuyue smiled.”I don’t want to do anything. I just feel that I have to tell you something in advance.”

“Tell me what? Just stand there and talk about it!” Jiang Hetian yelled sharply!

His gaze swept past Tuan Zi on Chu Liuyue’s shoulders fearfully.

The person in front of him wasn’t very scary, but that red-gold heavenly phoenix wasn’t easy to deal with!

Chu Liuyue stopped in her tracks, and her expression was relaxed.

The crowd couldn’t tell which party was being restrained.

“I want to say… I hate being threatened the most in my life.” She spoke slowly and dragged her last syllable in an ice-cold manner. “Especially… with everything I care about on the line!”

Every single word and sentence was filled with icicles that pierced into one’s bones! The murderous aura was apparent!

Meeting that pair of dark eyes, Jiang Hetian’s heart suddenly trembled.


A sword light flashed in Chu Liuyue’s palm.

She held the Chi Xiao Sword in her hand.


At this moment, a gigantic figure suddenly appeared above her head! It was entirely black and had a shocking aura!

It flapped its wings lightly and stirred up a huge wave! That pair of eyes were high and mighty, causing one to bow down to it instinctively!

That was… a legendary three-eyed eagle!

This was Chu Liuyue’s first time summoning her second legendary fiend in front of these people!

Everyone was taken aback. They were filled with disbelief! “Legendary three-eyed eagle! It’s really a legendary three-eyed eagle!”

“Chu Yue is really Shangguan Yue?”

“It’s definitely her! The God Residence Realm has rumors that the Sky-Cloud Empire’s Princess Consort, Shangguan Yue, has two legendary fiends—one being a red-tailed phoenix and the other being a legendary three-eyed eagle! There’s only one such person in the entire world!”

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