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Chapter 1471: Evidence

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Chu Liuyue looked at him and suddenly smiled faintly. “Master Jiang, what are you saying?”

Seeing that she didn’t admit it, Jiang Hetian wasn’t anxious. He surveyed his surroundings and cupped his fists toward the crowd.

Most of the people sitting here had more distinguished statuses than him.

“Everyone, do you know that the Chu Yue standing in front of you now is actually the Sky-Cloud Empire’s Princess Consort—Shangguan Yue!?”

The crowd went crazy.

Guessing was one thing, but personally hearing this was another feeling. It was false if they said they weren’t shocked or confused.

After all, they were rather curious about the sudden appearance of the legendary princess consort that came from outside the realm and had successfully gained the position.

Now, Jiang Hetian said that this Chu Yue—who had caused quite a bit of trouble and made the entire God Residence Realm restless—was actually Shangguan Yue. How could it not be shocking?

Jiang Hetian looked at Chu Liuyue with a mocking gaze. “Shangguan Yue, with such a fake identity, you played everyone at your fingertips. That seems… rather inappropriate, right?”

Chu Liuyue sneered in her heart. Old ginger is indeed spicier. In a mere few sentences, he pitted me against everyone else. Today, those present are all formidable characters in the God Residence Realm. If they discover that they were lied to and tricked left, right, and center, how could they not be furious? No matter what the reason is, they won’t let me off easily! 

Chu Liuyue’s expression was still calm, but her mind rapidly spun. Jiang Hetian suddenly daring to appear like this clearly means that he came prepared. What does he know, and what evidence does he have? If he didn’t have full confidence, he wouldn’t directly tear at my throat. 

“Master Jiang, since you said you have evidence, why don’t you show it to everyone first?” Chu Liuyue smiled and raised her brows.

Jiang Hetian chuckled. Let’s see how long you can smile! 

“Father—” When Jiang Zhiyuan saw Jiang Hetian appear, it was as if she saw her last savior. She hurriedly yelled and wanted to go over anxiously.

But at this moment, her voice was slightly weak, her face was bruised, and she was covered in bloodstains. She was a disheveled sight.

Jiang Hetian’s gaze turned. Upon seeing his daughter in this state, his heart felt a harsh pang!

Filled with vengeance, he immediately went over, helped Jiang Zhiyuan up, and felt his heart ache. “Zhiyuan, don’t worry. I won’t let anyone bully you like this again!”

I must take revenge for this! I’m going to make Shangguan Yue pay a thousand-fold for this! 

Previously, he had already received news that Jiang Zhiyuan was coming here with Baili Chun. Even though he felt rather uneasy back then… Thinking of how Baili Chun always protected Jiang Zhiyuan to the extreme, she definitely wouldn’t suffer.

Who knew—

Now wasn’t the time to pursue this, so he could only temporarily set this aside and clear this debt later on.

Jiang Hetian endured all sorts of emotions in his heart as he lightly patted Jiang Zhiyuan’s shoulders. “Zhiyuan, go to the side and rest. Leave the rest to me.”

Seeing how confident Jiang Hetian was, Jiang Zhiyuan was slightly relieved. Then, she nodded and went down with Baili Chun’s help.

Only Jiang Hetian and Chu Liuyue were left facing each other in the middle of the square.

“Shangguan Yue, don’t you want evidence? I’ll give you evidence!” Jiang Hetian said as he suddenly looked at Shi Rui’er at the side. “I heard that the Flying Star Sect’s Second Missy recently made an agreement with a legendary three-eyed eagle?”

Shi Rui’er instantly became alert. “So what if I did? That’s a present my father gave me.”

Jiang Hetian laughed. “Second Missy, don’t misunderstand. I just want to borrow your legendary three-eyed eagle for a while. I’ll return it to you in a moment.”

Shi Rui’er knitted her brows tightly. Why would he suddenly borrow my legendary three-eyed eagle out of nowhere? 

She instinctively felt that it wasn’t good and rejected it immediately. “That’s my fiend. How can I lend it to you just because you said so?”

Jiang Hetian wasn’t surprised that she had such a reaction and continued, “Second Missy, I know Shangguan Yue—oh no, Chu Yue had once saved you at the Flood-Desert Northern Region. It’s normal for you to be biased toward her, but the current matter is important. Second Missy, you’re upright and can see the big picture. I believe you won’t be this petty, right?”

Shi Rui’er knitted her brows even tighter. Using these people to pressure me? 

Her expression turned colder. “What if I disagree?”

Jiang Hetian suddenly laughed. “Second Missy, if you’re really her friend, you should agree to it even more. Won’t it be better if you can take this chance to clarify it?”

Shi Rui’er was rather uncertain. She turned her gaze and looked at Chu Liuyue.

Actually, she was still in deep shock. If Chu Yue is really Shangguan Yue, then—

Detecting her gaze, Chu Liuyue looked over.

Their eyes met.

The corner of Chu Liuyue’s lips curled up slightly as she smiled and nodded. “Senior Sister Rui’er, since he has already said so, I’m afraid… I have to trouble you.”

When Jiang Hetian mentioned the legendary three-eyed eagle, she vaguely guessed what he wanted to do. I have to admit that Jiang Hetian’s move is quite expected. If I don’t take it, the crowd will be doubtful. Hence, I have to pass this round!

Shi Rui’er was rather apprehensive, but after thinking for a moment, she still nodded.


Following a crisp and powerful shriek, a fit and large figure suddenly appeared above Shi Rui’er’s head! That was Shi Rui’er’s legendary three-eyed eagle—a legendary three-eyed eagle!

It was totally black with its wings spread, almost covering the entire sky. Its sharp shriek was frightening as if it could easily take one’s life! Its pair of cold and nonchalant eyes were even more like frozen blades, terrifyingly sharp.

It spread its wings and quickly flew to the middle of Chu Liuyue and Jiang Hetian.

The surroundings fell silent.

Everyone wanted to see what Jiang Hetian’s so-called evidence was!

Jiang Hetian waved his hands toward that legendary three-eyed eagle. “Please…”

The legendary three-eyed eagle hesitated for a moment and flew over.

The human and the fiend were three steps apart.

Jiang Hetian had a polite smile on his face. “Thank you—”

As he spoke, there was a cold gleam of light in his hands!


A hurried ear-piercing sound was heard for a short while. The next moment, it was the sound of a sharp weapon cutting into a body, making one’s hair stand on end!

A silver flying blade, which was as thin as a cicada’s wings, directly flew into that legendary three-eyed eagle’s chest!


The legendary three-eyed eagle let out a sharp and painful shriek!

Actually, it had already sharply detected danger, but they were so close. It couldn’t avoid the attack at all!

It instinctively flapped its wings, and a terrifying force hurled out!

Jiang Hetian felt stifled in his chest as he flew backward!

This sudden scene stunned everyone.

Shi Rui’er suddenly stood up and had a stern expression. “Jiang Hetian, you’re crazy!”

He said he wanted to invite my legendary three-eyed eagle over to kill it?!

But the next moment, a shocking scene occurred.

That dagger suddenly turned into countless pinkie-sized metal ropes that rapidly tied the legendary three-eyed eagle up! The metal ropes had many tiny sharp blades!

It seemed as though the legendary three-eyed eagle would be cut into minced meat in the next second!

Jiang Hetian wiped away the bloodstains from the corner of his mouth. He smiled devilishly and looked at Chu Liuyue. “Seeing its own clan member being tortured, can your legendary three-eyed eagle hold it in?!”

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