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Chapter 1469: Shangguan Yue!

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“H-how did this happen?!”

Baili Chun wasn’t a heavenly doctor, but he understood the Delusional Fragrance Pill very well. This was because Jiang Zhiyuan specifically asked him for this pill.

When she went to the Sky-Cloud Empire, she was poor and had nothing with her. She didn’t even have some basic items, let alone a precious, high-end pill like the Delusional Fragrance Pill!

However, luckily Baili Chun came out of seclusion. As the Sky-Cloud Empire’s clan leader, it was extremely simple for him to get such an item.

Of course, he had specifically asked around before this, so he knew that the post-ingestion side effects of the Delusional Fragrance Pill were severe and that one had to be treated in half an hour. If not, it would cause severe damage to the cultivator’s body.

However, he didn’t expect it to be so terrifying! Broken Yuan meridian?! Why would this happen out of nowhere? 

Jiang Zhiyuan cried painfully. Her entire body, from inside to out, felt like it was being bitten by something small.

Her blood, muscles, veins, and Yuan meridian!

The indescribable numbness and pain intertwined together, causing her to be in so much pain that she wanted to die!

“Clan Leader, save me! I’m begging you—save me!” Jiang Zhiyuan said something with much difficulty, and her syllables were all muddled together.

Now, she didn’t even have the strength to say a complete sentence.

Seeing this, Baili Chun felt terrible and hurriedly yelled, “Someone, quickly help!”

Nobody answered.

Ling Xiao Academy definitely wouldn’t help.

As for the other heavenly doctors present… They weren’t stupid.

Anyone could tell that Jiang Zhiyuan had been completely abandoned by Ling Xiao Academy. Once they helped, it would be pitting themselves against the academy.

If they had brains, they would know that it wasn’t necessary to offend Ling Xiao Academy for such a useless person.

As for Baili Chun’s face… Rong Xiu was still here. Even he didn’t take action, so why would the others?!

After yelling twice, there was no sound in the surroundings. Baili Chun then detected something amiss and looked up.

With just one glance, he understood the crowd’s attitude and couldn’t help but feel his heart turn cold.

Chu Liuyue stood at the side. Seeing this situation, the corner of her lips curled up, and she smiled. “Clan Leader Baili, to some extent, Tuan Zi and I did cause the injuries on her body. Why don’t I help—”

Before she could finish her sentence, Baili Chun looked over harshly, and his old eyes seemed to be burning with intense fire. “Haven’t you harmed her enough? What else do you want to do!? I didn’t expect you to be so ruthless at such a young age! Toxic, heartless—”

Elder Wan Zheng stood up, pointed over, and yelled, “Baili Chun! Watch your words!”

He is scolding our people on Ling Xiao Academy’s territory. Does this Baili Chun really think he’s a big shot? His abilities are quite good, but the many people here aren’t one to be trifled with! Ling Xiao Academy has been established in the God Residence Realm for thousands of years. How could we allow a brainless and blind Baili Chun to trample all over our heads?! 

Rong Xiu looked down slightly and hid the murderous intent in his eyes.

After being loudly warned, Baili Chun recovered his senses slightly. He almost crushed his metal teeth.

Jiang Zhiyuan struggled and whined painfully. Her voice gradually became weaker, and her face slowly turned from pale to greenish-black.

Chu Liuyue took a few steps back, crossed her arms, and watched on coldly from the side.

Actually, she didn’t really want to save Jiang Zhiyuan. But in Fangzhou City, she was the only one who fought two rounds with Jiang Zhiyuan previously. If she really died, Baili Chun would definitely push all the blame on her.

Anyway, with this Delusional Fragrance Pill, Jiang Zhiyuan will be handicapped, if not dead. She probably won’t be able to cultivate in the future, so it would be easier if she dies because everything will end. If she can still survive and experience herself turning into a good-for-nothing from a genius, that would be worth something. However, it seems like Baili Chun would rather Jiang Zhiyuan die than accept my help. It saves trouble! 

“Pain… hot…” Jiang Zhiyuan was in so much pain that her head became dizzy, and her vision became blurred. She also started muttering something softly.

Chu Liuyue looked up and threw away the mask before she tidied her loose strands of hair. The corner of her lips then curled up.

The side effects of the Delusional Fragrance Pill were detrimental, and she had to be treated within half an hour. But in actual fact, the Delusional Fragrance Pill wouldn’t cause such severe damage normally.

When Tuan Zi brought Jiang Zhiyuan around, it left fire in her body. Although this fire was small, it was enough to implode the force in Jiang Zhiyuan’s body and cause her Yuan meridian to break inch by inch.

In just one moment, she would totally become a good-for-nothing!

Chu Liuyue had long guessed that she was Jiang Zhiyuan. That was because the other party’s enmity and the way she targeted her were way too obvious.

After being challenged time and time again, even a person made of mud wouldn’t take it—let alone Chu Liuyue, who wouldn’t be disadvantaged.

Jiang Zhiyuan gripped Chu Liuyue and refused to let her go, but the latter didn’t have so much time and energy to waste on Jiang Zhiyuan.

This match today had concluded everything clearly—getting rid of it from the roots!

Jiang Zhiyuan felt that her consciousness started to become blurry. As time passed, she even felt numb from the pain.

She was like a drowning person, struggling to survive. She wanted to find a straw to clutch at.

Originally, she thought that Baili Chun could help her. But after much waiting, the pain in her body didn’t subside at all.

Intense hopelessness flowed out from the bottom of her heart, which slowly swallowed her whole.

“Yuan Yuan, hang in there! I’ll bring you back right away!” Baili Chun knew that there was no use in continuing to waste time here, so he swiftly decided to bring Jiang Zhiyuan away.

He moved carefully and wanted to help Jiang Zhiyuan up. However, Jiang Zhiyuan’s injuries were too severe, and many bones in her body were broken. Her entire body couldn’t even stand up.

A slight movement would be equivalent to the pain of ripping her heart and tearing her lungs.

Baili Chun could only put her down again and softly comforted, “Don’t worry. Grandpa will call someone over right now!”

As he spoke, he took out a pill and fed it to Jiang Zhiyuan.

“Dragon Aura Pill. That’s even more precious than the Delusional Fragrance Pill. Baili Chun really dotes on Jiang Zhiyuan…”

“So what if he does? Didn’t you see what color Jiang Zhiyuan’s face has become? I think her Yuan meridian should be broken. This Dragon Aura Pill is just to save her last breath.”

“In such a situation, she’s better dead than alive!”

At this moment, all of Baili Chun’s efforts and thoughts were on Jiang Zhiyuan. How could he listen to the conversations in the surroundings?

Chu Liuyue watched on and secretly shook her head. She found it quite laughable. Baili Chun really thinks that Jiang Zhiyuan’s damage isn’t enough. The Dragon Aura Pill can rejuvenate one’s body and nourish their health, but the condition is that one needs to have a healthy and complete body! Now that Jiang Zhiyuan’s Yuan meridian is broken, she can’t even control the force in her body. Is this not adding oil to the fire? 

She shook her head and was too lazy to watch on. She turned around and left.

At this moment, Jiang Zhiyuan’s weak voice came from behind. “Shang… Shangguan… Yue…”

Chu Liuyue’s heart skipped a beat!

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