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Chapter 1467: Identity

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Baili Chun had never felt so embarrassed.

Facing Rong Xiu’s strong attitude with reasoning and evidence, he didn’t know how to retort him in such a short period of time. The more shocking thing was that Rong Xiu’s skills seemed to be stronger than he expected!

Even though his attack only used about 50% of his force, Rong Xiu still blocked it so easily… This showed many problems on its own!

After calming down for a moment, he took a deep breath in and suppressed the vengeance and anger in his heart. This cannot go on. Jiang Zhiyuan’s body can’t last for so long! 

Thinking of this, Baili Chun took a deep breath in and looked at Chu Liuyue. “Since this is so, I’ll represent him and surrender! Now… the competition can finally end, right?!”

The crowd exchanged glances. Toward that Xiao Liu person, Baili Chun is really…

“Since you’ve already said so, there’s naturally no problem.” Chu Liuyue smiled.

Baili Chun grunted coldly and sat back down on his chair.

After waiting for a moment, that red-gold heavenly phoenix didn’t bring Jiang Zhiyuan back.

Baili Chun knitted his brows again and questioned, “Chu Yue, your red-gold heavenly phoenix… Why is it still turning there?”

There isn’t much time left. 

Chu Liuyue smiled and said, “Oh, you’re talking about that? Tuan Zi hasn’t come out to play in a while. Now that it finally got to come out, it has become wild. I think it’ll take a while to come back.”

Baili Chun instantly felt anxious. Take a while? Then, I willingly compromised for nothing? 

“Y-you—get it to come back immediately! Xiao Liu is injured. He needs to be treated as soon as possible!”

Chu Liuyue seemed to be in a difficult spot. “But… Tuan Zi is active and sometimes doesn’t really listen to me. You see—”

Baili Chun was so angry that he was about to explode! “What nonsense are you saying!? Since it’s your fiend, it naturally listens to you! If you ask it to come back, how will it dare not listen to you?”

“It dares!” Chu Liuyue immediately replied.

She blinked and smiled rather apologetically before saying, “Oh, you might not know, but Tuan Zi is an ancient legendary fiend. It has quite the temper. Sometimes, even I can’t deal with it.”

The crowd heard this, and the corners of their lips twitched. Might not know… Who would know such a thing!? We don’t have ancient legendary fiends! This Chu Yue’s mouth is really vicious. 

“Clan Leader.” Rong Xiu suddenly tilted his head and smiled faintly. “That Xiao Liu should’ve thought of the current ending when he swallowed the Delusional Fragrance Pill previously. We have to take responsibility for our own actions, right?”

Baili Chun couldn’t say anything, but he felt anxious and regretful. However, he did not dare to say Jiang Zhiyuan’s true identity. If he did, she would be totally humiliated!

In the future, Jiang Zhiyuan wouldn’t even be able to return to the Sky-Cloud Empire!

He could protect her and stand up for her in all sorts of ways. But if it concerned the Sky-Cloud Empire’s benefits… Not only Rong Xiu, but even 36 Respected Elder Ming and the rest wouldn’t let it go.

Hence… he could only resign himself to his fate!

Time passed bit by bit.

Seeing that half an hour was about to be up, Baili Chun couldn’t help but say, “Chu Yue, I’ll say it for the last time! If anything happens to Xiao Liu, you won’t get off scot-free!”

This Chu Yue clearly did it on purpose! He stood up. “I’ll go myself!”

That red-gold heavenly phoenix hasn’t come back, but I can chase it myself! 

But just when Baili Chun thought that Chu Liuyue would still delay for a while longer, the latter suddenly smiled brightly. “Clan Leader Baili, why are you so anxious? Look… Isn’t it here?”

“What?” Baili Chun was stumped and followed Chu Liuyue’s line of sight. Indeed, he saw a spark of red-gold quickly flash across the sky.

It was the red-gold heavenly phoenix, which had left for quite some time!

Chu Liuyue seemed to heave a sigh of relief and waved toward Tuan Zi. “Tuan Zi, you’re finally back! Don’t you see how panicky Clan Leader Baili is? You’re not allowed to do this in the future!”

Tuan Zi flung its claws and directly threw Jiang Zhiyuan to the side. Then, it retracted its wings and turned palm-sized as it squatted on Chu Liuyue’s shoulders.

Chu Liuyue patted its forehead. Mm, you did great. 

Tuan Zi went forward obediently and happily, wanting to snuggle against her face.

Before Tuan Zi touched her, it detected a wave of coldness attacking it. Its body stiffened as it turned around obediently and glanced at Rong Xiu with grievances. She’s clearly my master, yet I’m not allowed to kiss her! Pfft! How unreasonable! I must get Master to avenge me sooner or later! 

Chu Liuyue didn’t detect this secret commotion as she glanced at the motionless Jiang Zhiyuan lying on the ground.

At this point, Jiang Zhiyuan was covered in blood and injuries. Her face was also as pale as a ghost.

If not for her weak breathing, the crowd would’ve thought that she was dead.

Baili Chun moved his feet and wanted to walk over.

However, Chu Liuyue walked to Jiang Zhiyuan first.

“Don’t touch her!” Baili Chun’s heart skipped a beat as he harshly yelled!

Chu Liuyue looked up strangely, and confusion flashed across her eyes. “I just wanted to help check on his injuries. Don’t worry—I’m a heavenly doctor too.”

Besides, even if I really want to do something, I won’t take action in front of so many people. This Clan Leader Baili is overly concerned. 

Chu Liuyue looked down slightly, and deep thoughts flashed across her mind. If I haven’t recalled wrongly, this Clan Leader Baili has never married in his life and has no descendants. Besides, his personality is harsh and ruthless. Someone that he really cares about only seems to be…

At this thought, Chu Liuyue had an idea. She stretched her hand toward the other party.

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