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Chapter 1462: See Clearly!

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But before Jiang Zhiyuan could digest her shock, she saw an even more frightening scene!

After forcefully stealing the Heaven and Earth Force from the Green Sky Hot Sun Wheels, the Chi Xiao Sword actually started shaking the force in the wheel!

The two wheels—which had originally turned and merged perfectly—actually started shaking after meeting the terrifying suppression!



A section in the middle of the green-white wheel suddenly broke off and let out an ear-piercing sound!

The two forces instantly had a difference, and they started attacking each other!

Jiang Zhiyuan’s heart suddenly skipped a beat! The horror buried in the depths of her heart finally rose again at this moment, easily drowning her! How could this be… How is this possible? Before we officially started fighting, the other party just whipped out a sword! Yet, he actually stopped my attack directly! 

This was a trump card she had learned seriously from Baili Chun. Other than the two of them, nobody else knew about this. On the one hand, she didn’t want to expose her identity. On the other hand, she also wanted to settle Chu Yue directly, so she chose to do this. Who knew—


An idea popped up in Jiang Zhiyuan’s mind as she rapidly took out the second holy pearl and flung it out!


The holy pearl entered the middle!

Terrifying force started spreading out! In the blink of an eye, the bright-white holy force rapidly spread and enveloped the Green Sky Hot Sun Wheels!

White was still white, and the green became white.

The two wheels—which were about to fall into chaos—were finally controlled.

The green holy force was absorbed, and it completely formed one body with the small white wheel. Its aura seemed to be better than before!

It started going toward Chu Liuyue!

However, quite a few people knitted their brows and continuously shook their heads when they saw this scene.

“The balance between the two holy forces was broken by Chu Yue, and Xiao Liu can’t salvage it at all. He could only add another holy pearl and completely cover that green holy force to forcefully control it. But in that case… Won’t it be him not putting in any effort and just flinging out two holy pearls that belong to someone else to handle this competition?”

“Baili Chun is really nice to him. He could actually take out two pearls casually. I think that Xiao Liu might even be able to take out a few more to support himself later on!”

“Haha! If this is so, why don’t we directly let Baili Chun fight with Chu Yue? Won’t that be more direct and convenient!?”

The crowd partook in heated discussions, and they were filled with all sorts of mockery and ridicule. They were willing to give Baili Chun face, but it didn’t mean that they were actually afraid of him.

See how this competition has turned out! What a joke!

“Xiao Liu represents us in this fight; he’s really humiliating in such a manner! If I knew of this earlier, we should’ve sent someone else to go up!”

“Isn’t it late to talk about this now? I just hope that he won’t lose after using so many methods! That’s really—”

“You can’t be sure. Chu Yue hasn’t officially taken action yet!”

Upon seeing this scene, Baili Chun was also anxious.

How would he think that Chu Yue actually had a supreme Yuan instrument? But logically speaking, a mere stage-eight warrior wouldn’t even have the strength to lift a supreme Yuan instrument, so how could one even unleash such suppression and force?!

Regardless of the conflicts outside, Chu Liuyue breathed in and focused.

Everything happened in one moment.

The Chi Xiao Sword absorbed the Heaven and Earth Force very efficiently. Normally, she could wield the sword and take action in the blink of an eye, but she purposely slowed her actions down today.

The bright and piercing gigantic wheel was already in front of Chu Liuyue—it was only a few steps away from her!

Chu Liuyue’s eyes turned harsh!

The force in her limbs and bones seemed to be summoned and rushed out in unison! Then, she swiftly swung her sword!

“Chi Xiao Sword—Break!”


The longsword landed!


A soft yet crisp sound suddenly came from the wheel.

The smile on Jiang Zhiyuan’s lips suddenly stiffened as she stared at the tidy crack that appeared in the middle of the wheel in horror!

The next moment, the wheel broke! The force dissipated toward the surroundings!


With this frightening explosion, the wheel—which was originally tremendous—instantly turned into countless sparks and was hurled toward the surroundings!

Jiang Zhiyuan was the first to be hit! Her body flew back instantly!


She fell to the ground harshly and traveled quite a distance!

A long bloody mark was drawn on the ground.

Her back hurt with sharp pain, and her organs seemed to be crushed by something!


Jiang Zhiyuan suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood!

Her wounds hadn’t recovered in the first place. Now that she was even more injured, she was miserable and almost fainted.

Baili Chun suddenly stood up! He whipped his sleeves and was about to take action!

But at this moment, Rong Xiu suddenly looked over.

A hint of a smile appeared on his demonically handsome face, yet his eyes were as deep as the sea and as sharp as a blade! “Clan Leader, you seem to be… very concerned about this person? This competition hasn’t ended yet. It’d be too inappropriate if you take action, right?”

“You—” Baili Chun was stumped!

He was about to explode from anger, but he clenched his teeth tightly and finally sat back down again! “I know!”

Dead silence.

“Lord Yao!” Suddenly, Chu Liuyue tilted her head and glanced at Yao Bin at the side.

Yao Bin instinctively looked over, and his face still had shock that hadn’t subsided. Clearly, the skills Chu Liuyue showcased had long exceeded his expectations.

“Did you see what happened just now?” Chu Liuyue smiled. “This is how I won that day!”

Following this, she surveyed her surroundings, and her tone was still nonchalant. She smiled harmoniously. “Everyone, if you didn’t see it clearly, I can demonstrate again.”

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