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Chapter 1460: Bullying

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The crowd looked over in unison and shot Jiang Zhiyuan—who had disguised herself meticulously—all sorts of gazes.

On the surface, he looked like an ordinary young man, and his aura was indeed that of a demigod.

Originally, everyone was still rather hesitant about this candidate choice. Now that they saw someone stand up, they didn’t have to worry about it.

Besides, Baili Chun brought this person over, so they had to give him some face to a certain extent.

To some people, perhaps Baili Chun wanted to support the young man he had his eyes on. After all, if he could perform well in front of so many mighty figures in the God Residence Realm, it would definitely boost his reputation!

Nobody objected to it, so this matter was naturally completed.

Jiang Zhiyuan took a deep breath in and walked forward.

When she passed by Baili Chun, Baili Chun didn’t forget to remind softly, “Xiao Liu, be… careful.”

Jiang Zhiyuan smiled and nodded. “Thank you, Clan Leader.”

As she spoke, she continued walking forward and reached a spot on the square, where she stared into Chu Liuyue’s eyes.

Yao Bin glanced at the duo. I don’t know the person called Xiao Liu, but since Baili Chun thinks highly of him, he must be rather capable. 

An idea popped up in his mind, and he said, “This competition is important. I hope you two can do your best and not have any reservations. As long as you don’t harm the other party’s life… you can do anything!”

Quite a few people were stunned! They all understood that this would be a fierce battle!

Baili Chun stared at the square, and there was no expression on his old face. Only his pair of slightly murky yet very intelligent eyes revealed that he wasn’t as nonchalant as he seemed.

In actual fact, he had his own plans for agreeing to Jiang Zhiyuan’s request.

Jiang Zhiyuan was previously expelled by Ling Xiao Academy, and her reputation was tarnished. In the God Residence Realm, she couldn’t even lift her head up again. If she could win this match beautifully, the people present would definitely have another impression of her.

At that time, he could naturally reveal her identity as Jiang Zhiyuan.

By that time, Elder Bo Yan and the rest would realize it was a pity to give Jiang Zhiyuan up and that it was a grave mistake to fully support Chu Yue!

Baili Chun had a very sound plan, so he directly ignored the fact that Jiang Zhiyuan was going against a stage-eight warrior with her demigod cultivation level in this battle.

This was originally an unfair competition.

Jiang Zhiyuan should win, and it would be normal for her to win!

If she lost, she would really lose everything!

Chu Liuyue looked at the young man before her and raised her brows slightly. “Brother, may I know your name?”

Jiang Zhiyuan lightly said, “I’m just here to fight against you. You don’t have to know my name.”

Her identity was originally fake. It was fine if they said a vague name, but the more detailed it was, the easier it was for other people to figure out who she was.

Rong Xiu was still here. If he wanted to check, she didn’t feel that she could hide from it.

Chu Liuyue shrugged her shoulders and smiled slightly. “Don’t misunderstand. I just feel that… you look rather similar to someone I know.”

Jiang Zhiyuan’s heart skipped a beat, and annoyance appeared on her face. “Time is tight. Let’s quickly end this!”

Chu Liuyue smiled and acknowledged it. “Okay.”

Before Chu Liuyue could finish, Jiang Zhiyuan had already taken action on the other end! Her feet crossed each other, and her kneecaps sank slightly as she gathered the force around her body!

Her aura was ferocious!

Chu Liuyue squinted her eyes slightly. This aura… It is rather different from what I expected. Every cultivator has a special aura. Once they take action, those familiar with the aura would directly be able to guess the person’s identity. Originally, I thought—

Seeing Chu Liuyue’s expression, Jiang Zhiyuan sneered in her heart. Since I decided to come, I naturally have to make full preparations. 

Before she came, Baili Chun had already used a Yuan instrument to hide and change her aura. Even if she circulated her force and took action, she needn’t worry that others would detect anything.

Besides, with the Yuan instrument helping her, her combat skills were much stronger than before.

Anyway, I’m bound to win today’s match! 

The emerald-green force surged out of her palm and rapidly formed a gigantic wheel in front of her body. Jiang Zhiyuan then flicked her other finger, and a bright pearl flew out!


A crisp sound was heard. The white pearl—the size of a dragon eye—coincidentally bumped into the middle of the emerald-green wheel.

The sound of the objects hitting each other was very crisp.

The next moment, that pearl seemed to be ink that landed in water as it rapidly spread across.

Very quickly, that ball of bright light rapidly expanded, almost taking over half of that emerald wheel and forming a small wheel.

The emerald green and the bright white intertwined in a shining manner.

The suppression was formidable!

When the crowd saw this, they were slightly shocked. “Two holy forces?! This Xiao Liu has such terrifying capabilities?”

“No way! A cultivator can only have one holy force in their body. Didn’t you see that he took out a pearl and threw it out just now? That bright white force should’ve long been hidden inside, right? As long as it’s activated, the holy force can be used on its own!”

“It’s very convenient to use this pearl, but the production process is very complicated and messy. Many people might not even be able to produce a holy pearl of their own even if they break through to become a legendary warrior. I wonder how this Xiao Liu got it…”

“Are you stupid!? Baili Chun thinks so highly of him. What does this pearl count for?”

“Hey, now that you’ve said it, Baili Chun’s force seems to be bright white, right? Could this holy pearl be—”

This was naturally Baili Chun’s holy pearl.

This time, he thought long and hard and felt that bringing Jiang Zhiyuan over was very unsafe. Just in case, he gave Jiang Zhiyuan quite a few things to defend herself. In comparison, such a pearl wasn’t worth a mention.

However, other people already felt that this was outrageous.

“This isn’t fair!”

Low discussions could be heard from the crowd.

“What standard does Baili Chun have? The holy pearl he produced with his own force is much stronger than ordinary legendary warriors! That Xiao Liu took out this kind of thing at the very start. Isn’t he bullying Chu Yue?”

“That’s right! This is already a fight between a demigod and a stage-eight warrior. Now, he even used external forces… Hah, is he afraid he can’t win?”

“Actually, this isn’t as severe as what you mentioned, right… This is a match on its own, and nobody said they couldn’t do this, right?”

“That is true, but I want my face! Fighting with a stage-eight warrior using his demigod cultivation level isn’t enough, and he even wants more advantages… Hah.”

Even though the crowd present was here to cause trouble for Chu Liuyue, they all had distinguished statuses.

People who were high and mighty wanted their face the most. When they worked together to interrogate a teen, it could be seen as them finding out the truth.

But the match in front of their eyes? Wasn’t this bullying?

Bits and pieces of conversations entered Jiang Zhiyuan’s ears, causing her to feel very irritated. She made up her mind and urged the force in her body at a higher speed! “Green Sky Hot Sun Wheels!”

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