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Chapter 1459: Courting Death

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The crowd was confused. What kind of answer is this?! 

They had seen arrogant people, but not to this extent!

Yao Bin couldn’t help but laugh and was rather nonchalant. “Trump card? May I know what kind of trump card can allow a stage-eight warrior to defeat a demigod?”

Ever since ancient times, such incidents have been very rare! This Chu Yue actually gave such an answer. Nobody knows what he is thinking. Even if he has a trump card… When the other party is extremely strong, the weak ones won’t even have a chance to retaliate, let alone win! 

Chu Liuyue crossed her arms, held her chin with one hand, and looked like she was in a difficult spot. Trump card… Back then, I whipped out the Chi Xiao Sword and directly killed the other party. If I say it out loud, the crowd can definitely guess that I have a supreme Yuan instrument! At that time, I would attract another series of troubles again… But if I don’t say it, it’s clear that I won’t be able to solve the current situation. 

Chu Liuyue’s hesitant look was undoubtedly guilty in the crowd’s eyes. “What trump card! I think he just randomly made up an excuse!”

“That’s right. A stage-eight warrior fighting a demigod—isn’t this courting death? It’s already very hard to be able to escape alive. He actually said that he won… He really doesn’t know what’s good for him!”

“I think that either this wooden plaque has an amiss background, or… he used extraordinary methods!”

“Actually, nobody saw that person from Black Demon Hole. Who knows if they really fought, or…”

All sorts of discussions entered their ears.

Zhuo Sheng was anxious when he heard this, and he couldn’t help but yell, “What we said just now was all true! When Chu Yue came back that day, he was even injured—”

“Being injured doesn’t represent anything!” Yao Bin glanced at Zhuo Sheng coldly. A tremendous suppression instantly suffocated the latter, causing him to be unable to talk!

Zhuo Sheng’s face rapidly flushed red!

“Yao Bin!” Elder Bo Yan suddenly hollered!

Invisible force flew out!


A tiny impact sound was heard again!

Zhuo Sheng instantly felt the suppressive force on his body suddenly disappear!

He finally could relax, and he breathed heavily. However, his heart kept beating wildly, and he couldn’t appease it for a long time.

He knew that as long as the other party wanted, his life would be taken at any time! If it weren’t for Elder Bo Yan intervening—

“Yao Bin, don’t be too outrageous!” Elder Bo Yan’s face seemed to be covered in a layer of frost, and the coldness was oppressive. Zhuo Sheng is just standing here as a witness. What right does Yao Bin have to take action? The people from Ling Xiao Academy are still watching here! 

Yao Bin also felt that he had lost his composure. He knitted his brows, and his voice became much more polite and gentler. “I just feel that he’s a little noisy. After all, I was asking Chu Yue.”

“I know that Purple Light Prefecture and Black Demon Hole can’t stand each other and that it’s normal for you to lose your composure, Lord Yao. However, all of us are gathered here today to solve problems, not create them. Lord Yao, do watch yourself in the future.”

Ling Xiao Academy and Purple Light Prefecture had no grudges against each other, and Yao Bin didn’t have many problems as a person. Since the other party had lowered his attitude, Elder Bo Yan didn’t plan on being too pressurizing.

It was enough if he just warned him slightly.

Elder Bo Yan raised his chin toward Luo Yanming and Zhuo Sheng. “Both of you, come back.”

The duo looked at Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue knew that they were worried for her, and her heart felt slightly warm. “Don’t worry. I’m fine.”

The two people then left.

“Lord Yao.” Chu Liuyue looked at Yao Bin. “If we continue debating on this, I believe everyone won’t completely trust in what I say no matter how much I say. Why don’t we change to another method and settle this as soon as possible?”

Yao Bin knitted his brows slightly. “What do you want to do?”

Chu Liuyue’s lips curled up slightly, and she surveyed her surroundings. “Everyone should be thinking the same thing as Lord Yao, and you think that I’m just making things up. Since this is so… why don’t we have a match?”

“Every person here is a famous strong warrior in the God Residence Realm. Why don’t we all choose a demigod to fight against me!? We’ll see if I, Chu Yue, can win this match!”

After a temporary silence, the entire venue broke into an uproar! Does this Chu Yue know what he’s saying?! He’s fighting a demigod in public?! Isn’t this causing trouble for himself?! 

Chu Liuyue had long expected their reactions, so she didn’t mind this either. She raised her chin slightly and smiled with slightly deeper meaning. “To reenact what happened that day, I will also lower my abilities to that of a peak stage-eight warrior.”

In this way, even if these people wanted to pick out a flaw after the match, they couldn’t!

Yao Bin looked at Chu Liuyue in shock. Crazy! He’s really crazy! If Chu Yue uses his current cultivation level to fight, he might not lose so miserably. Yet, he wants to restrict his cultivation level to that of a stage-eight warrior? He’s tired of living! 

Elder Bo Yan was anxious and wanted to open his mouth to object to it.

But before he could say anything, a low and melodious voice sounded by his ears. “Elder, let her go first.”

Elder Bo Yan turned his head strangely. “Rong Xiu, you—”

Rong Xiu’s thin lips curled up slightly, and he revealed an extremely faint smile. “Since he dares to say so, he must be well-prepared.”

He understood her too well.

She wasn’t someone who liked to be taken advantage of. If someone stepped over her head, how could she just let it slide? Even if the other party wanted to let it go now, she wouldn’t agree to it.

Hearing him say this, Elder Bo Yan felt more secure. After some thinking, he could only nod. Oh well! If Chu Yue really can’t win against the other party, it won’t be too late for me to take action! Anyway, he’s from our Ling Xiao Academy, so nobody can bully him! 

Chu Liuyue had already taken the initiative to say this. How could the others disagree?

“Great! I like your courage!” Yao Bin took a deep breath in. An average person wouldn’t have such courage! I don’t know if Chu Yue is just a youth that knows no fear, or… whether he really has an ace in the hole! 

Chu Liuyue smiled and nodded. “Thank you for the compliment. Then, who do you want to send up here?”

The crowd surveyed the surroundings.

There were quite a few true gods here but not many demigods.

A slightly hoarse voice suddenly sounded. “I’ll do it.”

“…Xiao Liu, you—” Baili Chun turned around strangely. Her body hasn’t completely recovered yet! 

However, Jiang Zhiyuan was very determined. There aren’t many chances to beat Chu Yue up in public!

Chu Liuyue looked at the young man that stood up and squinted her eyes dangerously. After a moment, she smiled brightly. “Okay! I welcome you!”

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