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Chapter 1457: Interrogation!

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Anyone with a brain would guess that this Cosmic Ring was problematic!

A thought popped up in Chu Liuyue’s mind. Ever since I left the Sky-Cloud Empire, I’ve used this Cosmic Ring to disguise myself outside. On the surface, it looks like an ordinary, dusty Cosmic Ring. As long as one doesn’t inspect it closely, they won’t think that I’m wearing the Sky-Cloud Empire’s most distinguished ring. But now, this Cosmic Ring easily blocked Yao Bin’s force…

At this point, Yao Bin also detected something amiss as he directed a gaze filled with much suspicion at Chu Liuyue… Chu Yue’s Cosmic Ring doesn’t seem normal… 

He was furious. Suddenly, he raised his hand and flung out holy force!

That holy force was rapidly inserted into the purple jade thumb ring! At the same time, his aura strengthened!

The winds howled!

Chu Liuyue stood in the center of the vortex. Her clothes flowed with the wind, and she felt as if her entire body was going to be strangled by that violent force!

She acted swiftly!


A crisp sound was heard!

She silently lowered the Cosmic Ring’s defensive power and released the wooden plaque at the same time.


The crowd only saw something fly out suddenly!

Chu Liuyue staggered backward and silently escaped that energy vortex. At the same time, she locked the Cosmic Ring again!

It contained too many items that couldn’t be publicized…


Yao Bin’s figure moved. He rapidly went forward and held the wooden plaque tightly in his hands! Then, he waved his wrist lightly and recollected the purple jade thumb ring.

When the suppressive force disappeared, Chu Liuyue finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye.

To the surrounding spectators, that item was forced out as it couldn’t withstand the purple jade thumb ring’s suppression.

Didn’t they see that Chu Yue’s face had become much paler? Nobody doubted it much—except for Yao Bin.

He glanced at Chu Liuyue doubtfully. At that moment, my feelings shouldn’t be wrong. The thumb ring on Chu Yue’s hand is indeed different… However, that happened only for one moment. Now, it doesn’t really seem like it considering Chu Yue’s current state… Did I really think wrongly? 

Yao Bin was uncertain.

“Lord Yao, what are you holding?” A question interrupted Yao Bin’s thoughts.

Yao Bin returned to his senses, planning on suppressing these matters first and then asking later. Now, the most important thing was still Black Demon Hole!

He glanced at the item in his hand, and his gaze instantly turned sinister and cold.

Even if he had already guessed what this was previously… When he saw the disgusting and heartbreaking totem on the wooden plaque, endless vengeance and anger overwhelmed his heart.

He clutched the wooden plaque tightly and suddenly looked at Chu Liuyue. “Chu Yue, this is Black Demon Hole’s wooden plaque, and it’s of a very high level! If you really have nothing to do with Black Demon Hole, why would you have this with you?!”

Once he said this, the crowd burst into an uproar! Black Demon Hole’s wooden plaque? That’s something ordinary people can’t get their hands on, right? Doesn’t this prove the previous suspicions we had toward Chu Yue? 

Everyone looked at Chu Liuyue with a harsher and colder gaze than before. “Only the people from Black Demon Hole have this kind of wooden plaque, right?”

“That’s right! A few years ago, we once fought with Black Demon Hole and saw their people take out this wooden plaque. It’s definitely correct.”

“This wooden plaque is made from sebuckthorn wood, and it has Black Demon Hole’s totem printed on it. I heard that every plaque uses the owner’s own fresh blood as a guide to finish the entire engraving process—others can’t replicate it at all. And this wooden plaque is very important to them. Normally, it definitely won’t land in the hands of outsiders.”

The crowd partook in heated discussions, and they clearly started suspecting Chu Liuyue. It was as if they had already confirmed Chu Liuyue was in unspeakable cahoots with Black Demon Hole.

Elder Bo Yan and the rest were also dazed. Black Demon Hole’s wooden plaque? Why does the kid have such a thing? 

“This…” Elder Bo Yan was dazed for a moment and looked at Rong Xiu. Does Rong Xiu know that the two parties have this special relationship? 

It was a pity that Rong Xiu was as calm and nonchalant as usual, so one couldn’t see anything.

As if detecting Elder Bo Yan’s gaze, Rong Xiu looked at him from the corner of his eyes, and his lips curled up undetectably before he gave Elder Bo Yan a reassuring gaze.

Elder Bo Yan was a little relieved.

Seeing that Rong Xiu was confident, he wasn’t that worried.

He didn’t believe that Chu Yue was related to Black Demon Hole in the first place. Who didn’t know that Rong Xiu had deep grudges against Black Demon Hole? If Chu Yue was really related to Black Demon Hole, why would Rong Xiu protect him like this?

Speaking of this, Rong Xiu had a part to play in Black Demon Hole’s sudden lack of appearances in the last few years. However, not many people knew about this. Hence, everyone was filled with suspicions about Chu Yue once this wooden plaque appeared.

Chu Liuyue coughed.

Without the external suppression, her face looked much better. However, her lips—which were still slightly white—allowed one to realize how much pain she had just suffered.

Chu Liuyue looked at that wooden plaque and smiled helplessly. “So you’re talking about this…”

She rubbed her brows. “Did you forget? I previously said that I had dealt with them before. I got this wooden plaque from that time.”

However, Yao Bin didn’t believe her. “Is it that simple? I’m afraid not, right? Every single person from Black Demon Hole has such a wooden plaque. In other words, this is a symbol of their identity. The stronger one is, the higher its level, and the wooden plaque will be even more important to them. For the one in my hands… The owner must be an existence that can hold their name up high in Black Demon Hole. To be more direct, they’d at least be a true god warrior!”

“For such a person… As long as they still have one last breath, they won’t let this wooden plaque go to someone else, especially their enemies! You said that you obtained this item then… Doesn’t it mean that you killed a true god from the other party?!” Yao Bin tugged at the corner of his lips, and the lines on his slim face became cold and stiff. “Who would believe this?”

Dead silence.

It wasn’t hard to guess that Chu Yue should’ve gotten this wooden plaque before he went to the Flood-Desert Northern Region. That was because he stayed at Ling Xiao Academy the entire time after he came back, and it was impossible for him to obtain this item.

And when he entered the Flood-Desert Northern Region, he seemed to be a stage-eight warrior. Killing a true god with such a cultivation level… Wasn’t this daydreaming?!

But facing Yao Bin’s repeated questioning, Chu Liuyue didn’t panic at all. She laughed, and her tone was still peaceful. “Lord Yao, you seem to have forgotten something. Just now, I said that the person who had a conflict with me has already left Black Demon Hole. Hence, this item… shouldn’t be important to him, right?”

Yao Bin was dazed, and the remaining words were stuck in his throat.

Yes, Chu Yue did say this. However, he didn’t pay attention to it at that time.

If that person really was no longer part of Black Demon hole, this wooden plaque naturally became trash and worthless!

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