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Chapter 1455: Scapegoat

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Shi Rui’er’s smile turned slightly cold, and her tone was filled with mockery. “I’m afraid someone is trying their best to push the responsibility to someone else!”

Even though Shi Rui’er didn’t report the person’s name, who couldn’t tell that they were talking about Jiang Zhiyuan?!

Liang Xiaoxiao was also dazed.

She coincidentally received this information a few days ago, but she didn’t know who sent it. Originally, she wanted to investigate, but the other party was very discreet. After not being able to find out anything after much work for a few days, she could only set it aside temporarily.

However, she believed in this information in her heart. That was because it was too detailed!

She knew that it was most likely someone traveling with them that revealed this information. However, she never expected it to be Jiang Zhiyuan!

After all, not long ago, she and her father had pursued Jiang Zhiyuan for thousands of miles and caused Jiang Zhiyuan to be like a homeless dog. Jiang Zhiyuan eventually took shelter in the Sky-Cloud Empire and didn’t dare to come out.

Jiang Zhiyuan must hate us, so why would she take the initiative to tell us this? But after listening to Shi Rui’er’s words, Liang Xiaoxiao then realized that she had thought wrongly! Not only does Jiang Zhiyuan hate us, but she also hates Chu Yue and the academy even more! If she could take this chance to harshly attack her own enemy, why not?! In the end, Jiang Zhiyuan just has to sit aside and enjoy the results! 

After recovering her senses, Liang Xiaoxiao’s face flashed white and green as she couldn’t help but scold angrily, “This b*tch!”

Most of the people present weren’t related to Jiang Zhiyuan, so they didn’t care when they heard this.

As for Rong Xiu, he always treated Jiang Zhiyuan nonchalantly and coldly, so he naturally wouldn’t take it to heart.

The only person who would feel upset upon hearing this was Baili Chun.

But at this point, Liang Xiaoxiao was about to explode out of anger. How could she still care about Baili Chun?

Besides, Jiang Zhiyuan was wrong at first. Even if Baili Chun was unhappy, he had no right to cause a scene!

She didn’t know that Jiang Zhiyuan, who was ridiculed by her, was present and heard everything clearly!


Jiang Zhiyuan’s heart beat crazily, and her blood seemed to want to rush out as her temples throbbed violently. If she didn’t have her last bit of rationality, she wouldn’t have held herself back and would’ve torn Liang Xiaoxiao’s mouth!

She clenched her fists tightly, and her knuckles turned white. She suppressed her emotions with much difficulty. Just wait for it… All these people, just wait for it! 

“So this means that my Third Brother’s death back then—” Liang Xiaoxiao grinded her teeth. “Is it indeed related to her?!”

That b*tch was the one who told the elders not to save him?! Right! Didn’t Jiang Zhiyuan personally say that Third Brother had once begged her and that she ignored it?! At that time, Jiang Zhiyuan said that she couldn’t argue against the academy elders, so she was helpless. However, it seems like she was clearly the person who initiated this matter! 

Chu Liuyue opened her mouth.

Before she could speak, Shi Rui’er said, “Actually, you can’t completely blame Jiang Zhiyuan for this. After all, at that time, we couldn’t even protect ourselves, so how would we have the energy to help others?”

Jiang Zhiyuan almost dug a hole in her palm!

Shi Rui’er seemed to be speaking for her, but in actual fact, she harshly pushed her! Shi Rui’er was determined to push Jiang Zhiyuan to death!

But even if Jiang Zhiyuan had many things to say in retaliation, she—who was using another face—couldn’t speak no matter what.

A gust of bloody aura surged up. Jiang Zhiyuan swallowed it whole!

Hearing Shi Rui’er say this, quite a few people were convinced. Even though the Flying Star Sect and Ling Xiao Academy were on good terms, they weren’t so close that they would spend so much effort on a student.

Although Shi Rui’er was young, she was very experienced in her way of dealing with things and was very charming. Now that she said this, it should be true.

Chu Liuyue glanced at Shi Rui’er, and the corner of her lips curled up slightly. The feeling of someone helping… is really not bad… It was worth convincing Zi Chen to release that legendary three-eyed eagle. 

“That gully is very dangerous, and anyone who goes in might not come out alive. When we went over then, we had suffered quite a bit.” Shi Rui’er pushed her loose strands of hair behind her ears, smiled, and said, “I hear that quite a few people present suspect that Chu Yue had a very good understanding of the Flood-Desert Northern Region beforehand, so he could gain a precious twist of fate whilst everyone else survived with much difficulty. However, may I know if anyone has any evidence to say this? We, the Flying Star Sect, including myself, were basically with them the entire journey. If Chu Yue was really problematic, would we not know about it at all?”

“Everyone… you underestimate my Flying Star Sect too much, am I right?” Nearing the end, Shi Rui’er’s words had a hint of displeasure and pride.

Liang Xiaoxiao’s arrogant anger was suppressed, and her expression became hesitant. Is this… true or fake? 

Liang Yiye took the chance to pull her. “Quickly sit down! How can you casually talk about something with no evidence?!”

Liang Xiaoxiao could only clench her teeth and sit back down. After one big round, the person in question is back to Jiang Zhiyuan! If I have the chance to see her, I will definitely show her who’s boss! 

“I’m afraid we won’t be able to conclude this in a short while. I think we should change the topic.” A man who seemed to be in his thirties suddenly spoke.

He was wearing a purple robe, and his cheeks were slim. His five features were ordinary, and only his pair of eyes seemed to have blades that were especially sharp and deep.

Chu Liuyue glanced at him and realized that she didn’t know him.

Rong Xiu’s voice coincidentally sounded. “Purple Light Prefecture Lord Yao Bin, more than 50 of them died or had severe injuries in the Flood-Desert Northern Region.”

He was originally close to Chu Liuyue. This low and deep voice was especially charming.

Chu Liuyue’s ears heated up slightly.

“Also, they have a deep grudge against Black Demon Hole.”

Chu Liuyue was immediately alerted as her fingers knocked against the chair armrest.

As expected, the other party directly went for the kill the next moment. He asked in a straightforward manner, “Chu Yue, there are rumors outside that you have a close relationship with Black Demon Hole. How do you explain this?”

Chu Liuyue straightened her body. Compared to her previous nonchalance and calmness, her expression became much more serious and solemn as she said carefully, “I have nothing to do with Black Demon Hole.”

However, Yao Bin knitted his brows, and his expression became dangerous. “If this is so, then why is there Black Demon Hole’s aura on you?!”

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