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Chapter 1454: Argue

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The surroundings fell silent.

Chu Liuyue curved her eyes, retracted her gaze, and looked at the crowd. “Everyone, you’ve waited long enough. Whatever you want to ask, do ask. I’ll definitely answer honestly and tell you everything I know.”

Her straightforward and honest manner caused the crowd to be dazed for a moment. She’s really direct…

Quite a few people secretly exchanged glances. There are so many questions. Which one should we ask first, and… who should ask? 

Chu Liuyue was still smiling as if she were very patient. She didn’t plan on wasting her time with these people.

The hesitation at this moment was just because they had their own plans. But in actual fact, their targeting and doubts toward her wouldn’t lessen because of this.

“Chu Yue, I have something to ask you!” The first person to stand up was actually Liang Xiaoxiao.

Liang Yiye was also taken aback and hurriedly gave his daughter a look. However, Liang Xiaoxiao seemed to have spoken determinedly, and nobody could stop her.

Chu Liuyue nodded lightly. “Senior Sister Liang, please ask.”

Liang Xiaoxiao stared at Chu Liuyue closely as if she wanted to dissect her from inside to out. “Let me ask you this—in the Flood-Desert Northern Region, how did my Third Brother die!?”

“Xiaoxiao!” Liang Yiye couldn’t help but yell at her. She could ask such a question privately. Why must you ask it in public? There are people from Ling Xiao Academy present! Isn’t this purposely putting them in a spot? 

Everyone knows that Ling Xiao Academy has a neutral stance toward such matters. They definitely won’t reveal a single word about this! If the people from Ling Xiao Academy misunderstand—

Chu Liuyue shrugged her shoulders and looked helpless. “Sorry, Senior Sister Liang. You should know the academy’s rules.”

“Of course, I know them!” However, Liang Xiaoxiao didn’t look disappointed as she took half a step forward and continued questioning her fellow schoolmate. “I received news that my Third Brother asked you for help back then. The elders originally planned on helping, but you stopped it! Is this matter… true or false?!”

Once she said this, the crowd was stunned, and they all looked at Chu Liuyue in unison. If this is true, then… Chu Yue has an undeniable responsibility for Liang Shaokang’s death. 


Even Liang Yiye had a look of suspicion. This news… Where did Xiaoxiao hear it from? Why didn’t I know about it? But since she has already asked, then… There might be such a possibility! 

Jiang Zhiyuan—who was standing behind Baili Chun—still hung her head low, but she was very energized. She heard every single word clearly.

She pressed her lips against each other and squeezed the corner of her clothes with her hands, twisting them unintentionally. She asked… Liang Xiaoxiao really asked! It seems like it wasn’t useless to ask Father to send a secret message over! I knew that Liang Shaokang and Liang Xiaoxiao had a good relationship. Additionally, Liang Xiaoxiao is impulsive. Once she is agitated, she can do anything. Now, this cannon is finally pointed toward Chu Yue! 

Chu Liuyue smiled and had a calm expression, with no ripples in her eyes. “Senior Sister Liang, I’m just an ordinary student. What right do you have to command an elder? Isn’t this too much of an overestimation? Besides, I don’t know your Third Brother. Why would I do this?”

“Ordinary student?” Liang Xiaoxiao chuckled in disdain as if she had heard some joke. “You actually have the cheek to say that you’re an ordinary student? After entering the Flood-Desert Northern Region, you were trapped again and again. Didn’t you all manage to escape successfully because you helped to plan and strategize? Back then, even a few elders seemed rather dependent on you, and they listened to your plans, right?”

Quite a few people looked shocked. Even though they knew that Chu Liuyue received an opportunity in the Flood-Desert Northern Region, they didn’t know anything about what Liang Xiaoxiao said.

Now that they suddenly heard it, they were taken aback. The elders… all listened to a teen? This seems ridiculous! However, Liang Xiaoxiao’s strong questioning doesn’t seem like she is lying. 

As if detecting the doubts in the surroundings, Liang Xiaoxiao coldly grunted and said, “Everyone, you might not know, but Jiang Zhiyuan accidentally killed a nine-tailed green crow back then and caused the whole group of nine-tailed green crows to pursue them! In their panic, they had no other choice and no way to escape. Finally, they followed Chu Yue’s escape route. In the end, they successfully reached that gully and thus escaped safely!”

“And my Third Brother might’ve been killed in that gully!”

“Under such circumstances back then, Chu Yue, your opinion was definitely important and could even affect the elders’ decision! Do you dare to admit it?!” Liang Xiaoxiao was agitated, and her face was red. There seemed to be an angry fire burning intensely in her eyes.

However, the crowd was taken aback by her cannonball-like questioning and couldn’t recover their senses for a long time.

“Liang Xiaoxiao, you mean… Chu Yue brought them to the gully back then?” asked a middle-aged man suddenly.

Everyone’s hearts rose. If this is true, does that not mean that… Chu Yue knew the gully’s location from the start?! This involves too many matters!

Instantly, countless questioning gazes landed on Chu Liuyue!

Elder Hua Feng and the others looked tense.

In actual fact, they had been very curious about this. At that time, Chu Yue’s performance did seem like… she was very familiar with the Flood-Desert Northern Region. But as Chu Yue didn’t say much, they didn’t ask further.

Who knew that Liang Xiaoxiao would actually bring this up and point the arrow at Chu Yue!?

How would she know so much in detail?! Someone must have told her about it! 

Chu Liuyue was also thinking of this question.

Facing Liang Xiaoxiao’s furious interrogation, Chu Liuyue’s reaction was much calmer. She tilted her head and knitted her brows slightly as if she were in deep thought.

Liang Xiaoxiao sneered. “What? Are you guilty? You can’t make things up?”

Chu Liuyue shook her head and smiled. “No, I was just wondering—weren’t you chasing after Jiang Zhiyuan previously? Why do you believe in her words so much now?”

“W-what?” Liang Xiaoxiao’s expression froze, and she didn’t react in time.

Chu Liuyue blinked and smiled as she patiently explained, “Only a few people know about that situation, and even fewer would be willing to tell you about this. Senior Sister Liang, you might not know, but we were following what Jiang Zhiyuan said back at the Flood-Desert Northern Region.”

“We had just arrived at the Flood-Desert Northern Region back then, but we met trouble again and again. After much struggle, we had nowhere to go. Luckily, we met Jiang Zhiyuan later on. She had coincidentally just escaped from a perilous situation and had run for a very long time, so she knew which way was the safest. Hence, we directly chose to follow the path that she led.”

As she spoke, Chu Liuyue looked at Shi Rui’er. “Senior Sister Rui’er, what do you think?”

Shi Rui’er’s lips curled up. “That’s right. Even though I don’t like Jiang Zhiyuan normally, she was the most experienced one then, so we all chose to listen to her so that we could escape from the Flood-Desert Northern Region. Jiang Zhiyuan was basically the one who led us all the way. I don’t know how… the leader actually became Junior Brother Chu Yue?”

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