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Chapter 1419: Do You Think I’m Dead

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Elder Bo Yan came out to ease the situation. “Everyone, regarding this, we also want to quickly find out the truth. After all, no matter if it’s us Ling Xiao Academy or the Sky-Cloud Empire, we have all suffered a loss. If you were to say that he obtained some twist of fate—yes, that’s right. However, it’s not like he wasn’t in trouble at all. If not, he wouldn’t have been taken away by those people, right?”

He sighed. “To be honest, actually when Rong Xiu saved Chu Yue, he was severely injured and unconscious. During this period of time, he was in a coma and woke up with much difficulty. If not, we wouldn’t have sent him to Fengmin Mountain only now, right?”

These words caused many people to waver. Could it… Chu Yue entered that place alone, so he was brought away by the mysterious people? If they put it this way, it does make sense…

“In my opinion, we should work together and find out the truth!”

After a series of intense debates, someone finally started to compromise. “Then… Since Elder Bo Yan has said so, let’s… wait and see first?”

“I think that works too. If not, we can wait for Chu Yue to come out and explain to us.”

“There’s not much use if we struggle here. Why don’t we go back first and find some clues…”

Since Elder Bo Yan had willingly given them an out, there were naturally people who wanted to come down.

Originally, some people wanted to haggle further. But seeing that the tides had turned, they chose to keep quiet.

At this point, Jin Di suddenly thought of something. He took a step forward and asked, “Wait! I still have one last question!”

The people in the surroundings fell silent, and all looked over.

Rong Xiu nodded. “You can just speak directly.”

Jin Di laughed, but there wasn’t much smiling intent in his eyes. “I want to ask… The sword that Chu Yue used—is it the one that he stole from Jin Lei?”

Once he said this, quite a few people revealed strange expressions.

The entire God Residence Realm knew about the incident that happened between Ling Xiao Academy and the Golden Wings Sect.

Logically speaking, the people from the Golden Wings Sect would really hate to bring up this matter in front of the public. After all, they had lost. Therefore, why did Jin Di suddenly talk about this now?

Elder Bo Yan’s heart tightened, and he silently glanced at Rong Xiu.

Rong Xiu’s expression didn’t change as he said nonchalantly, “So what if it is, and so what if it’s not? Anyway, that item is hers. There doesn’t seem to be a difference here, right?”

Jin Di laughed out loud. “Why wouldn’t there be?! There’s a huge difference! Rong Xiu, that sword should be… a true supreme Yuan instrument, right?!”

Once he said this, the entire surroundings fell into a deadly silence! Supreme Yuan instrument—even in the entire God Residence Realm, it is still a top treasure! It is a rare item that all the top-tier aristocratic families in the world would fight for! How many years has it been since a supreme Yuan instrument appeared in the God Residence Realm? What is Jin Di talking about? Chu Yue used a supreme Yuan instrument?! 

At that moment, everyone’s gazes toward Rong Xiu changed. Even though they had tried their best to hold it in, they still couldn’t conceal the curiosity and fire in their eyes.

In the beginning, they did not think so. But once Jin Di mentioned it, they found it weird.

In the Flood-Desert Northern Region, quite a few people had seen Chu Liuyue use a sword personally. At the very least, the mysterious region in the middle of the nine gullies and the door that seemingly could never be opened was slashed open by him!

Upon deeper thought, probably only a supreme Yuan instrument could do such a thing, right? 

Rong Xiu looked at Jin Di, and his phoenix-like eyes deepened slightly. This question really has bad intentions. 

In the silent atmosphere that seemed to be freezing, Rong Xiu finally spoke. “Won’t you know if she shows it to you personally the next time?”

Jin Di’s smile suddenly froze. “Are you threatening me?”

“Yeah.” Rong Xiu softly laughed. Since the other party is so harsh and mean, there is no need to be merciful. If it were the Golden Wings Sect sect master, I might still be polite. A mere Jin Di… What is he!? 

“You—” Jin Di’s face instantly flushed to the color of pig lungs.

“But you have to see if she’s willing,” said Rong Xiu with a faint smile. “If she finds it troublesome, then… I might have to do it for her.”

Every single word was nonchalant, but it had the aura of a thousand lightning bolts, which made one’s heart shudder!

Jin Di was furious and immediately went forward.


A ball of fire suddenly exploded before him! The terrifying heat wave came over, and the scorching hot temperature caused him pain!

Jin Di let out a miserable cry, and his body flew backward!


His body fell onto the floor harshly and let out a loud sound!

The sound of his bones being crushed could be clearly heard, and his face and body were covered in blood. He looked disheveled, and his aura was weak, looking very miserable.

Everyone was taken aback!

Nobody expected Rong Xiu to take action, and once he did, he did it so harshly!

The other party was the Golden Wings Sect’s second-in-charge—Jin Di!

Jin Di wanted to say something, yet blood kept coming out of his mouth, and he couldn’t stop coughing.

A terrifying and sinister suppression instantly overwhelmed him! It caused him to be unable to move!

At this point, Jin Di detected an extremely sharp murderous intent! Without a doubt, as long as he said another word, Rong Xiu would execute him on the spot without hesitation!

He shrunk his body, forcefully looked up, and glanced at Rong Xiu. However, he saw the demonically handsome young man—who looked like a spirit and yet a fairy—smile slightly. “You think of having ill intentions toward him in front of me… Do you think I’m dead?”

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