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Chapter 1418: Unreasonable

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A loud sound suddenly came from the mountain peak at the side!

Luo Yanlin and the rest looked over in shock. “What’s happening?”

As Luo Yanlin told them to relax, he quickly walked over and took a closer look. He saw that a cave had suddenly collapsed at the opposite mountain’s midway point.

A few large rocks rolled down, and dust flew everywhere, almost sealing the cave entrance.

“That’s… That’s Lin Zhifei’s residence.” Luo Yanming followed him and knitted his brows after taking a look. “He seems to have been cultivating in seclusion during this period of time. I wonder what happened to result in such a huge commotion.”

Lin Zhifei was one of the most outstanding students out of all those the academy had recruited during this half a year. Additionally, he was also a Xuan Master, so Luo Yanming paid more attention to him.

“Lin Zhifei?” Luo Yanlin raised his brows. “I haven’t seen him in a while.”

Previously, Lin Zhifei didn’t follow the rest of the academy to the Flood-Desert Northern Region and had been peacefully cultivating in the academy.

After he defeated Jiang Zhiyuan in public the previous time, he stayed in his own place and didn’t really come out. He was very discreet.

Many people didn’t know what Lin Zhifei was thinking, including Luo Yanming. Luo Yanming wanted to duel with the other party several times later on, but he couldn’t find a suitable time.

“Is he in trouble? Should we go over to take a look?” asked Luo Shishi rather worriedly. This commotion doesn’t look like nothing is wrong! 

Luo Yanlin was about to take action when he suddenly stopped. “No need.”

Once he said that, the pile of gigantic rocks was suddenly pushed away by someone! A slim and tall figure came out from within—it was Lin Zhifei, whom they hadn’t seen in a long time.

He had quite a lot of dust on his face, and there seemed to be bloodstains at the corner of his mouth. He looked rather disheveled.

Seemingly choked by the dust, he started coughing while walking. However, Luo Shishi and the rest were relieved.

“It seems like he’s fine…” Luo Shishi heaved a sigh of relief.

Even though they weren’t familiar with each other, they were all schoolmates. They naturally didn’t want to see the other party in an accident, especially when Lin Zhifei had such good talent as a Xuan Master.

Wouldn’t it be a pity if he was in trouble?

“Hm?” Suddenly, Lin Zhifei’s gaze focused. He stared at Lin Zhifei and squinted his eyes slightly.

“Fourth Brother, what’s the matter?” Luo Shishi and Luo Yanming detected that something was amiss and looked at him strangely.

“This Lin Zhifei…” Luo Yanlin spoke hesitantly as if he were guessing something, and there seemed to be ripples in the depths of his eyes. If I didn’t guess wrongly, the commotion that came from the cave seems to be… caused by building a transportation formation? Even though it was very tiny, my abilities are strong, and I have experience in building transportation formations with the elders in our clan. Hence, I could sensitively notice it. Was Lin Zhifei trying to build a transportation formation on his own inside that cave?!

This sudden thought caused Luo Yanlin to be uneasy. That was because building a transportation formation was a very complicated and difficult task.

Normally speaking, even ordinary King Xuan Masters would only know a thing or two. Lin Zhifei is actually trying this now… What exactly are his true abilities? Judging from the previous situation, Lin Zhifei should’ve failed. However… being able to cause such a commotion proves that he has at least found a way or two. Luo Yanlin was rather shocked. He had always known that Lin Zhifei was very talented and mature.

After entering the academy a few months ago, other than the monthly assessments at the beginning of each month and the duel with Jiang Zhiyuan where he had proven his existence… He seemed like he had completely disappeared at other times and focused on his own cultivation.

Such a person didn’t have to worry about not succeeding! Hence, Luo Yanlin always thought highly of him. But it was only today that Luo Yanlin then realized that perhaps… he had underestimated the other party!

As if detecting the few people’s gazes, Lin Zhifei stopped in his tracks and looked over.

After seeing their appearances clearly, Lin Zhifei was honest and nodded toward them politely and smiled slightly. It was like… everything was normal, and he didn’t feel embarrassed because he was discovered doing something secretly.

Luo Yanlin nodded and retracted his gaze. “It seems like he’s fine.”

Luo Yanming stared at that side and took a few more looks. As a Xuan Master, he instinctively felt that something was wrong, but he couldn’t pinpoint it.

“Alright, we’ll end here today. The two of you, go back and cultivate properly. When we go home after a while, we still have assessments.”

“I understand, Fourth Brother.”

Fangzhou City.

The two parties were still in a tug of war.

“So… you mean that you also don’t know who exactly took Chu Yue away? Then, at the end of the day, only Chu Yue knows himself?” Jin Di asked coldly.

Rong Xiu raised his brows slightly. “He doesn’t know either.”

Jin Di coldly grunted. “Who knows if that’s true or false!”

The corners of Rong Xiu’s lips were raised slightly, and it outlined an extremely cold smile. “If he knew, he would definitely tell me. Everyone, do you think that I’d still be talking here if I knew who that person is?”

His voice was originally low and cold. Now that he dragged his ending syllables a little longer, it was even colder and caused one’s heart to feel cold.


Quite a few people glanced at each other awkwardly.

Rong Xiu’s words did make sense. Everyone could tell how protective he was of Chu Yue.

If he knew Chu Yue was bullied by someone and knew the culprit behind it, with his unreasonable personality, he definitely wouldn’t hold it in until now.

It seems like he really doesn’t know… 

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