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Chapter 1417: Younger Brother

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This holy force was snatched from Beiming Ancestor. All along, Chu Liuyue thought that she wouldn’t be able to completely merge it before she broke through and reached the Apotheosis Realm. But now, such a shocking scene actually happened, and… it seemed like it was done so easily!

Chu Liuyue instinctively held her breath. She could feel that the holy force had already merged into her Yuan meridian, bones, and blood, and it was with the addition of this force that Chu Liuyue’s aura intensified!

She was just a step away from becoming an intermediate stage-nine warrior!

She closed her eyes, yet the tumultuous feelings in her heart could hardly relax. What kind of place is this, and where does this terrifying suppression come from?! The key is, why is everything here helping me so naturally? 

Countless thoughts flashed across Chu Liuyue’s mind.

The arrival of the top-tier aristocratic families and clans made the entire academy’s atmosphere very nerve-wracking.

Many students had gathered at Qing Ming Square on their own, while some chose to stay in their own places and waited quietly for the matter to develop.

On some mountain peak, Luo Yanming and Luo Yanlin were standing opposite each other. In the middle of both of them was a gigantic, translucent chessboard.

The rays of silver light had an outline as they shone with an iridescent light.

Xing Luo Chessboard—it seemed like half was already complete.

Luo Yanming crossed his arms and knitted his brows as he stared closely at the chessboard in front of him, looking like he was in a difficult spot.

He had maintained this posture for 15 minutes already.

On the opposite end, Luo Yanlin looked much more relaxed as he waited patiently and relaxingly.

Time slowly trickled past. Tiny beads of sweat slowly appeared on Luo Yanming’s forehead.

Luo Yanming raised his arm and tried to take action, but every time he hit a crucial point, he hesitated and moved back.

He was indecisive.

Finally, after another eight minutes or so, he laughed bitterly in defeat. “Fourth Brother, I’ve lost.”

Luo Yanlin waved his wrist, and the chessboard rapidly shrunk. Finally, it became a translucent, palm-sized, and thin piece of paper.

It then flew to Luo Yanming.

Luo Yanming was dazed for a moment and accepted it with both hands.

“Study it properly when you go back.” Luo Yanlin walked past and patted his shoulders. “Your understanding isn’t bad. You should be able to solve it in half a month’s time.”

Luo Yanming’s lips moved, and he smiled rather helplessly. “I am useless and have disappointed you, Fourth Brother.”

Compared to an average person or even most Xuan Master cultivators, he was considered a top elite. But compared to a true elite, he knew that he was much weaker.

This talent was something he could never catch up with.

Luo Yanlin laughed out loud. “My cultivation level is originally higher than yours. If you win, won’t I be embarrassed? Besides, if you want to become a strong warrior, it won’t do if you just have talent. Yanming, you must remember this—hard work prevails!”

Luo Yanming took a deep breath in and nodded forcefully. “Thank you, Fourth Brother.”

As he spoke, he put away the item in his hand carefully.

“Fourth Brother, are you guys done with your chess?” A gentle and curt voice sounded—it was Luo Shishi.

She originally came to spectate today, but she left when she heard that there was a commotion outside the academy.

“It just ended.” Luo Yanlin walked over. “How’s the situation outside?”

Luo Shishi saw that Luo Yanming’s face was slightly pale, and she knew that he had definitely lost in the previous chess game. But luckily, Luo Yanming had experienced too many such situations before and was used to it, so he returned to normal after being disappointed for a moment.

Luo Shishi retracted her gaze and knitted her sharp brows slightly. “The situation… isn’t very good.”

Following this, she briefly explained what had happened outside.

Actually, her knowledge was limited as she wasn’t present after all. She only heard a little.

“…Anyway, both parties are in a stalemate now, and it’s hard to say what will happen later.” Luo Shishi was very worried and confused. Why would these people want to cause trouble for Chu Yue out of nowhere? It is his luck to be able to gain a twist of fate, so what does it have to do with other people? These people are important people in top-tier aristocratic families after all. Are they not embarrassed to force a young man like this? 

After hearing this, Luo Yanlin could not help but laugh. “Don’t worry. This commotion will definitely be loud thunder but small raindrops in the end. The big matter will be reduced to a small one, and a small one will turn into nothing. Nothing will happen to that kid.”

Luo Shishi was dazed and hurriedly asked, “Fourth Brother, how do you know? I saw that those people’s formation is really huge…”

Seeing her reaction, Luo Yanlin was instantly upset. Even though he already knew that his sister liked that kid, seeing her so worried over this, he still had some thoughts as her elder brother.

He lightly grunted, walked to the stone bench at the side, and sat down. Then, he poured himself a cup of tea and muttered to himself, “That kid has such a tough life. Who can do anything to him?!”

In the few months Chu Yue has been in the academy, has he gotten into any less trouble? It felt like his life was at risk those few times, and he was in a very dangerous situation. What happened in the end? Isn’t he living well?! Also, he has even strengthened himself at a terrifying speed! 

If it were someone else, they wouldn’t have done it. Yet, this kid could endure it every time. Now, I can finally say that one cannot use a normal gaze to look at Chu Yue. 

“Besides, now that both Elder Bo Yan and Rong Xiu are speaking for him, they are clearly backing him up. With Ling Xiao Academy and the Sky-Cloud Empire as his backers… These people won’t dare to do anything casually.”

No matter if it were Ling Xiao Academy or the Sky-Cloud Empire, they weren’t one to be trifled with, let alone when they worked together and stood on the same side! As long as those people weren’t crazy, they wouldn’t completely offend these two powers for one Chu Yue!

Upon hearing this, Luo Shishi also felt that it made sense. “Fourth Brother, you’re right…”

“All these people are just jealous of Chu Yue because they didn’t obtain anything from the Flood-Desert Northern Region. If I had to say anything… It’s the people who started this incident who have ill intentions, and the people who foolishly went because of them are even more stupid!”

It really wasn’t worth it to offend Ling Xiao Academy and the Sky-Cloud Empire over a matter without evidence.

They thought that they could absolve themselves of responsibility just because they joined hands, yet they didn’t realize that it was never too late for a gentleman to take revenge!

After knowing Rong Xiu for so long, he had never seen Rong Xiu stand up for anyone. He would probably remember this grudge for life!

“Oh right, what did Rong Xiu say about his relationship with Chu Yue?” Luo Yanlin had always been very curious about this. Now that Rong Xiu has personally admitted to it, we naturally have to check it. 

Luo Shishi’s expression was rather strange. “He said… direct kin… but he didn’t say the specifics.”

Luo Yanlin stroked his chin and thought for a long time. When he spoke again, his voice was a little hazy. “I didn’t hear that Rong Xiu’s mother had given birth to a younger brother for him back then…”

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