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Chapter 1416: Strong!

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“Hm?” Elder Meng—who was sitting cross-legged on the highest floor—suddenly widened his eyes, and his face had a strange expression. “Why is that kid… cultivating at such a high speed?!”

He hasn’t come in for a long time, but why is his surrounding aura strengthening by so much? 

Elder Meng faintly felt that something was amiss, so he retracted the ashes floating in front of him. Then, he walked down and wanted to personally see what was going on.

The moment he took two steps out, he paused in his tracks and turned around to take a look.

In that empty room, that door floated quietly. It seemed no different from before, and the uneasy commotion didn’t occur again.

There shouldn’t be… any more problems, right… he silently thought.

Suppressing his tumultuous uneasiness, Elder Meng went downstairs.

His figure quickly disappeared.

A strange pattern quickly flashed across the door that was floating alone! Then, it immediately disappeared!

The pagoda at Fengmin Mountain had a total of seven floors.

Normally, Elder Meng would stay on the top floor. He would only come down when there was a special situation. However, there weren’t many such situations, especially… because of a student.

Elder Meng followed the stairs down, and his steps made no sound. Without incurring any commotion, he silently came down.

When he reached the second floor, he finally stopped for a moment and looked down at the young man sitting cross-legged in the middle of the room.

That young man had his eyes shut, and his appearance was calm and motionless.

Compared to before, he didn’t seem to have changed. However… his surroundings faintly had rich force moving about—it was about to overwhelm him!

This was the movement that would only occur when a cultivator was crazily absorbing force and when their capabilities were rapidly strengthening!

Elder Meng knitted his brows slightly. Although the Heaven and Earth Force in this pagoda can be considered rich… it doesn’t seem to be to this extent… 

He stared at Chu Yue for quite a while and finally noticed something amiss. A portion of the force moving in Chu Yue’s body seems to be coming from within his body! As he absorbs the force from outside, he is digging the force within his body and completely merging it with himself! With attacks from both inside and out, he can improve his skills rapidly! 

Elder Meng squinted his eyes. It seems like this kid has some abilities… Previously, I felt that Chu Yue was definitely not as simple as he seemed. Now, it is truly the case!

Suddenly, a ray of brilliant light flew out of Chu Liuyue’s left palm!

The strong suppression spread toward the surroundings!


That is… Elder Meng widened his eyes slightly. “Holy force?!”

I’ve long known that Chu Yue has a holy force in his body, but in this situation… Chu Yue wants to merge this holy force? Elder Meng was caught between laughter and tears. During these few months that Chu Yue has been in Ling Xiao Academy, even though his abilities have strengthened rapidly, and he even directly broke through to become a stage-nine warrior after he came back from the Flood-Desert Northern Region… A stage-nine warrior is still a stage-nine warrior. Only a legendary warrior can merge holy force. Chu Yue is still far away from this step! 

Elder Meng could not help but shake his head. It seems like this kid is very ambitious. It’s right for him to want to become stronger, but he has to be reasonable, right? At the end of the day, he’s still a young and ambitious kid… 

Elder Meng watched Chu Yue for a while and felt that his previous worry and uneasiness were unnecessary.

He thought for a moment and didn’t disturb Chu Yue. Young people have to suffer first before they will grow! I should just do my own things! 

Thinking of this, Elder Meng turned back. Like the way he came, he still left without a sound.

That ray of brilliant light encircled Chu Liuyue’s palm.

The bright light shone on her face and made her white porcelain-like skin look even clearer.

Within her body, an immeasurable amount of force rushed around in her Yuan meridian, almost becoming the wind!

Her body seemed to be surrounded by warm spring water. The warmth and her force passed through every part of her body and silently rejuvenated it. Every inch of her bones and muscles was undergoing a shocking change silently!

At one moment, she ‘opened’ her eyes.

When she saw that she was still in the squarish and strange space, Chu Liuyue knew that she wasn’t seeing this with her physical eye.

A ray of bright light flashed before her—it looked very charming. That seemed to be the holy force hidden in her body.

Chu Liuyue felt rather strange because she didn’t know how it came out by itself. However…

A thought suddenly surfaced in her mind. If I can completely merge this holy force, it will definitely be very beneficial to my cultivation. 

Chu Liuyue faintly felt that she was guided by something as she raised her hands and grabbed that ball of light.

The ray of light was like flowing sand as it flowed between her fingers.

It’s naturally impossible for a stage-nine warrior to absorb holy force. Chu Liuyue recovered her senses and laughed at herself in self-mockery, wanting to retract her hand. But right at this moment, something changed on the wall in front of her.

She felt something and looked up. She saw that the strange lines suddenly moved!

The lines gathered together. In the blink of an eye, a strange pattern was formed.

Chu Liuyue looked at it, knitted her brows, and felt that this pattern was rather familiar. The next moment, that ball of holy force suddenly floated toward that pattern.

That pattern moved lightly, and every line was intricate, elegant, charming, and agile. During this process, that ball of holy force was actually silently crushed—it formed many stars!


A light breeze blew over, and these stars moved like the tide, flying toward Chu Liuyue and merging with every part of her body.

Chu Liuyue was dazed for a moment, and deep shock filled her eyes. T-this space… actually wiped away that holy force’s holy consciousness so easily, and it became mine?! 

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