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Chapter 1402: Bill

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It’s been very hard on me too… 

Chu Liuyue’s face seemed to be on fire, and it was so hot that it burned. Was it because I was in too deep a sleep the past few days, or were Rong Xiu’s actions so light that I didn’t even notice? 

“Rong Xiu!” Chu Liuyue felt embarrassed for once.

Seeing that he had teased her until her entire face flushed red, Rong Xiu didn’t continue any longer and reluctantly moved back.

He held her hand tightly, and their fingers intertwined. “We already have a marriage agreement, and we’re just missing a wedding, right? If you think it’s wrong, then… Why don’t you help?”

Chu Liuyue literally didn’t know how to continue this conversation. This man’s heart, lungs, liver, and other organs are completely black, and his skin is getting thicker by the day! 

She took a deep breath in, lightly snorted, and glared at him. “Dream on!”

Then, she finally could stand up.

At this point, she realized that the white inner garment wasn’t her clothes.

As if seeing through her doubts, Rong Xiu kindly explained, “I have some of your spare clothes here, but… They were from a few months ago. Now… It seems like they don’t fit you very well.”

Speaking of this, his gaze lightly swept across her body.

Even though this was done by fabricating men’s clothes, the inner garment was looser, and it was still hard to conceal the curvy young woman’s figure.

Her silent movements charmed his heart.

He faintly felt hot again as he moved his gaze on his own, and one of his hands unknowingly loosened his collar. “Just bear with it first. I’ll get them to send some new ones over in a few days.”

Chu Liuyue: ” …You have been preparing clothes for me the whole time?”

Even inner garments! 

Rong Xiu didn’t deny it and said in a straightforward manner, “You’re at a stage where your body is growing, so you naturally need to change your clothes often. Originally, I changed them once a month, but you have been in the academy the whole time recently. Hence, I temporarily didn’t get them to send it over.”

After all, she was around 16 or 17 years old, and shocking changes would happen during this short period of time.

Rong Xiu silently touched his fingers, and the tips of them still had the remaining fragrance of her warmth.

Chu Liuyue felt that she couldn’t stay in this room any longer!

She searched around and realized that her previous clothes were gone. Thinking about it, this would indeed be the case because those clothes were stained with blood. Thus, she couldn’t want them anymore.

She retrieved a red robe from her Cosmic Ring and changed into it, with a black jade belt around her waist.

In addition to her tied-up hair, she looked like a mature young man from afar—other than her overly good-looking appearance.

Chu Liuyue looked into the copper mirror and sized herself up.

“It’s not good if you keep wearing that mask, so I’ll only help you wear it for a while when Elder Wan Zheng comes,” said Rong Xiu as he lightly flung his wrist.

The thin mask flew before Chu Liuyue and gently landed.

Chu Liuyue stretched her hands out and grabbed it. She wanted to wear it on her face but stopped in her actions after some thinking.

She looked up again at herself in the copper mirror. She hadn’t seen this face so meticulously in a long time.

A few months had passed, and slight changes had taken place on her face again. Her eyes were even more intricate and brighter, and the outline of her cheeks was clearer. In other words… She was becoming increasingly similar to the previous Shangguan Yue.

She recalled that her face seemed to be 70% to 80% similar to this one when she was around this age in her previous life. Her stature was even more so.

A thought quickly flashed across Chu Liuyue’s mind. I wonder if I’ll be exactly the same as the previous me in a few years? But how could there be someone who looks exactly the same in the world? 

Chu Liuyue looked down slightly and hid the emotions in her eyes before she wore her mask properly. Whether it will be the case or not… I will find out myself by then. 

After checking her body once and ensuring that there was no problem, Chu Liuyue then turned to look at Rong Xiu. “Will you help me regarding what I said earlier?”

She was referring to Fengmin Mountain.

Rong Xiu’s aura focused slightly, and he smiled as he gazed at her. “Whatever you want, I will do my best to fulfill it.”

After Chu Liuyue tidied up, she directly went to find Elder Wan Zheng. After all, the latter was her mentor and had spent so much effort and time on her during this period, so she had to greet him first.

Elder Bo Yan also found out the news of her waking up at the same time. This was because Rong Xiu personally came forward to tell him.

“What? You want Chu Yue to go to Fengmin Mountain?” Elder Bo Yan paused in his actions and closed the thick book in confusion. “His body should still be very weak since he just woke up, right? Would it be rather inappropriate for him to go to Fengmin Mountain now? Besides… that place has always been where students who made mistakes would stay. He’s doing fine now, and there’s no reason—”

“You don’t have to worry about this. He has just broken through to become a stage-nine warrior—you know that. Also… it’s rather forceful to say that he didn’t make any mistakes at all. During this trip to the Flood-Desert Northern Region, he had no right to follow Elder Hua Feng, but in the end, he still went. And after he went, he got into quite a lot of trouble… It’s not a punishment to lock him up in Fengmin Mountain; it’s a warning.” Rong Xiu had long known that Elder Bo Yan wouldn’t easily agree to this, so he had long prepared a speech.

Elder Bo Yan fell into deep thought and was still rather hesitant. “But… At the end of the day, this should be considered Hua Feng’s fault. After all, without his permission, Chu Yue wouldn’t be able to go. As for the incidents that happened later on… Actually, Chu Yue wasn’t willing for it to happen…”

Elder Bo Yan didn’t really want to push all the blame on Chu Liuyue alone. He knitted his brows and looked at Rong Xiu with some uncertainty. “Rong Xiu, there should be another reason for him going there, right?”

According to how Rong Xiu treats Chu Yue, he definitely isn’t coming for a punishment. 

Rong Xiu paused for a moment. “Yes. Fengmin Mountain is dangerous, but… The most dangerous place is usually the safest place.”

A faint smile appeared on his face. “Just for… a period of time.”

On the other side, Elder Wan Zheng was overjoyed to see Chu Liuyue. He pulled her over and sized her up for a while.

After confirming that she had really recovered and that there was nothing wrong with her, he finally felt relieved. “Bad kid! Your sleep had scared me to death!”

Elder Wan Zheng was normally a rather stern person. Now that he said such words, it could be seen that Chu Liuyue had deeply frightened him.

There was no choice. Thinking of her pale and frail look when she lay in Rong Xiu’s arms, his heart tightened uncomfortably.

All these years, he had searched far and wide and finally found this disciple. When said disciple got into trouble, how could he not be worried?

Chu Liuyue’s heart felt warm. “Mentor, you don’t have to worry. I’m doing fine!”

“Wan Zheng!” At this point, a rather familiar voice sounded.

The two of them turned around.

A barefoot elder waving his fan came from midair—Elder Meng Ye!

Chu Liuyue’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. If I haven’t recalled it wrongly, Elder Meng Ye previously said that he would pass the bill to Elder Wan Zheng when he came back…

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