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Chapter 1370: Attack

All the colors and lights in the world seemed to be occupied by that one square cauldron. A tremendous and holy aura exuded from within, shocking everyone!

“Heavenly Square Cauldron!” Someone suddenly gasped.

People rapidly changed their directions and rushed toward that side!

Jin Di glanced at Chu Liuyue doubtfully. So the large commotion that previously occurred wasn’t the Heavenly Square Cauldron appearing? 

He sneered, “Chu Yue, we’re not over!”

Then, his figure flashed across and followed the crowd to that side!

“Chu Yue, are you okay?” Elder Hua Feng went forward and nervously sized her up.

Chu Liuyue slightly smiled. “Elder, don’t worry. I’m doing great.”

Elder Hua Feng then heaved a sigh of relief and looked at Chu Liuyue with unconcealable admiration and exclamation. “I didn’t expect you… to have such a twist of fate!”

In such a short amount of days, Chu Yue broke through from a stage-eight warrior to become a stage-nine warrior. If word got out, many people would be envious!

Chu Liuyue raised her chin toward that side. “Elder, everyone went to fight for that Heavenly Square Cauldron. Are you… not going?”

“That item is a treasure, but we didn’t come for it this time. Besides, so many people have gone to take a first look at it. It won’t be easy.”

It would be another intense bloodbath again.

Now, he could only try his best to find Bo Yan, the other elders, and the hundreds of students from the academy as soon as possible. As for other things, he wasn’t interested in them at all.

Chu Liuyue nodded. “That… Heavenly Square Cauldron’s appearance is indeed strange. Let’s just silently observe the changes.”

Then, she glanced toward the side and realized that the group of people from Lingyun Mountain had gone over.

Yet, Shi Rui’er flew toward her. “It’s great that Junior Brother Chu Yue is fine.”

Hearing the duo’s conversation, she seemed to heave a sigh of relief.

The elder with white brows urged her from behind. “Second Miss, we have to hurry up! If this drags on, the Heavenly Square Cauldron will be snatched by other people!”

Different from Ling Xiao Academy, they came for that treasure this time. Now that it finally appeared before them, how could they not fight for it?

Shi Rui’er nodded toward Elder Hua Feng and Chu Liuyue. “Elder, Chu Yue, we’ll go over first—”

“Senior Sister,” said Chu Liuyue suddenly as she tried to advise her. “If such a holy weapon wants to appear, it would definitely cause a huge commotion. But that item appeared silently just now, so it’s really strange. I think… there’s no need to be so anxious first. Perhaps you should watch and examine it more carefully.”

Shi Rui’er was dazed. “That makes sense…”

She was born from a distinguished family and had seen a holy weapon before. If one wanted to obtain a treasure of such a level, it normally depended on fate.

Even if one rushed over first, they might not be able to get the treasure’s recognition, not to mention that so many people had already rushed forward first.

She hesitated for a moment before nodding. “Then, we’ll go over first and see what exactly is going on.”

Chu Liuyue’s heart tingled, and she nodded lightly. Coincidentally, I also want to go over and see what exactly it is.

“Second Miss—” The elder furrowed his white brows as if he wanted to convince her otherwise.

However, Shi Rui’er lightly shook her head toward him.

The elder with white brows finally swallowed his remaining words and glanced at Chu Liuyue in confusion. This young man comes from an unknown background, and Second Miss seems to think very highly of him. She even chose to listen to his suggestion at such a time. This… 

He suppressed his doubts and followed Shi Rui’er and the rest to go forward.

“There has always been one Heavenly Square Cauldron from last time until now.” The legendary three-eyed eagle’s voice sounded deeply. “The one in front must be fake.”

Chu Liuyue gave an imperceptible nod. “But that aura is indeed rather similar to the real Heavenly Square Cauldron.”

If it weren’t because the true item was in her hands, she would’ve also been tricked by the scene before her. Even she could mistake this, let alone the others.

The legendary three-eyed eagle sounded annoyed. “If it’s fake, it’s fake. It will never be real.”

As they spoke, Chu Liuyue and the rest had already reached the area and stopped about 300 feet before the Heavenly Square Cauldron.

The group of people that first arrived was relatively nearer and had already surrounded the gigantic, transparent square cauldron.

Perhaps it was because of the shocking suppression or they were afraid of the other competitors present, but after they came, nobody took action first.

It was silent. Only the pairs of eyes that glowed with excitement and greed revealed their inner thoughts clearly.

Chu Liuyue looked over.

A ball of fire burned in mid-air in a hot and intense manner.

The gigantic transparent square cauldron floated quietly within. From the outside, it seemed exactly the same as the one in her body—even the patterns engraved on it were exactly the same.

Except for one aspect—the aura was different. Previously, she didn’t realize it. But now that she was closer, she immediately realized that this item was indeed a fake.

No matter how similar their appearances were, the aura inside was still different, so they couldn’t be compared.

It was a pity that these people who hadn’t seen the true Heavenly Square Cauldron wouldn’t be able to differentiate it.

Chu Liuyue surveyed her surroundings and quickly found a deep trench on the ground below the transparent square cauldron.

The thick ice had already melted, and even the surface of the ground had flown away. The dark edges of the deep trench faintly exuded a scorched smell.

It seemed like it rushed out from underneath. Chu Liuyue squinted her eyes and fell into deep thought. Someone clearly had set this up in advance, but… I wonder why exactly the other party did this? 

Suddenly, the transparent square cauldron spun in mid-air!

Everyone waited strictly! Then, the transparent fire suddenly exploded!


The terrifying heat wave spread in all directions!

Chu Liuyue didn’t directly face it head-on and chose to move backward directly. But at this moment, a painful groan was heard.

She rapidly turned around and saw that Shi Rui’er’s shoulder was harshly whipped by a fire whip! Her muscles and skin flipped!


A black figure appeared before Shi Rui’er and protected her tightly. It was her fiend—the legendary three-eyed eagle!

However, the legendary three-eyed eagle’s appearance didn’t allow Shi Rui’er to escape safely. It even attracted even bigger trouble! This was because after it appeared, that transparent square cauldron suddenly rushed toward Shi Rui’er!

The fire burned intensely and brightly as it immediately formed two fire whips and wrapped her from the right and left sides, easily trapping Shi Rui’er within!

Everyone was stunned by this scene. “Did this Heavenly Square Cauldron choose Shi Rui’er?”

But the next moment, their guess was shattered. That was because the surrounding transparent fire had relentlessly attacked Shi Rui’er!

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