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Chapter 1368: Questioning

A thought flashed across Chu Liuyue’s mind as she immediately summoned the pure gold armor!

A golden light dazzled, causing her skin to look like jade and her eyes to look like stars.

Following this, she took a step forward and held the Chi Xiao Sword in her hands!

These few movements were very simple, but Chu Liuyue still felt a heavy suppression.

She held the Chi Xiao Sword tightly.

I can now confirm that not only is this a certain strong warrior’s tomb, but it is also their God Realm! Hence, the flow of time here is vastly different from the outside. After I broke through as a stage-nine warrior, it can still pose a huge threat to me.

The surrounding force was rich, and it kept increasing—this created some threat to the human body. If she couldn’t leave here as soon as possible, even Chu Liuyue couldn’t guarantee how much longer she could stay here.

She turned and walked toward the door. As she moved, the surrounding air flowed as well, bringing along the floating black shards.

The air seemed to become sticky.

Chu Liuyue didn’t stop and walked until she was three steps away from the door. She then took a deep breath in, held the sword with both hands, and raised it up high!

Dense force rapidly surrounded the Chi Xiao Sword!

Without hesitation, she slashed her sword!


A straight opening suddenly appeared on the tightly locked door, and countless cracks spread!

Everyone looked over in shock. They saw a slim and long figure stepping out from within—it was a young man with a clear appearance, and he looked like he was about 16 or 17 years old!

At this moment, he held an extremely sharp longsword and was exuding a stunning aura as harsh combative intent flashed across his eyes. It was as if he wanted to smash everything here!

“Chu Yue?!” Elder Hua Feng said in elation, almost unable to believe his eyes.

Who could that cool young man who had stunned the crowd be if it weren’t Chu Yue?!

Hearing this, everyone was taken aback. Chu Yue? The one that previously went in?! He actually came out alive! Besides…

“You broke through?!” As he was too shocked, Elder Hua Feng’s voice trembled slightly. If I haven’t guessed wrongly, Chu Yue’s current cultivation level is clearly… stage-nine warrior?! When he went in, wasn’t he just a beginner stage-eight warrior? How has he now—

After Chu Liuyue broke open the door, she noticed that something was amiss and rapidly surveyed the surroundings. After taking a glance, she had basically already guessed what was going on. It seems like the previous commotion summoned all the top-tier families that were journeying in the Flood-Desert Northern Region. 

Hearing this voice, she looked at Elder Hua Feng with much focus. Her gaze flickered slightly, and she asked the question in her heart. “Elder, how long has it been?”

Elder Hua Feng immediately answered, “Three days. From when you were locked inside to now, it has been three days.”

It has only been three days… Chu Liuyue narrowed her eyes. I had clearly spent a very long time inside. I even felt that a few months or even a year had passed. But as I was focused on breaking through later on, I didn’t notice how long it had been. I didn’t expect that only a short three days had passed outside after experiencing so many changes inside.

Seeing her expression, Elder Hua Feng immediately realized something. It seems like the flow of time inside was greatly different from the outside world. Thus… Chu Yue directly broke through to become a stage-nine warrior in such a short amount of time! But no matter what, it is for the best that he could come out safely! 

He opened his mouth and had a ton of questions to ask, but when it hit his tongue, he didn’t know how to express it. In the end, he only waved toward Chu Liuyue. “Naughty kid, come back now!”

Does he know how worried we were during this period!? 

Chu Liuyue curved her eyes and moved her figure, about to go over.

“Wait a minute!” At the side, a low and powerful holler suddenly stopped Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue’s gaze turned.

The person talking was a muscular middle-aged man. That face was very unfamiliar, but at this point, he clearly looked like he was targeting Chu Liuyue.

The incoming person is an enemy! Chu Liuyue became alert. “May I know who Senior is—”

“Golden Wings Sect’s Jin Di!” He was filled with confidence, and his voice even had some faint hints of teasing.

His gaze swept across the Chi Xiao Sword in Chu Liuyue’s hands, and he sneered ambiguously. “It seems like you’re using this item rather nicely?”

Chu Liuyue held the Chi Xiao Sword tightly, but her gaze was calm. It’s normal for the Golden Wings Sect to have enmity against me. Anyway, now that the Chi Xiao Sword is mine, they can’t get it back no matter what. 

“Kid, you’re quite lucky. Not counting the rare treasure you got, but you’re even thinking of fighting for others… Chu Yue, on account of Ling Xiao Academy, I’ll give you a chance. Immediately hand over all the items you gained inside—they’re not things you can take!”

Chu Liuyue knitted her brows slightly and realized that those people at the side didn’t retort as if they agreed with his words. However… I only borrowed the tremendous force inside and broke through to become a stage-nine warrior. How am I supposed to return it? 

“Senior Jin Di, please forgive me for being stupid, but… What exactly are you referring to?” Even though Chu Liuyue didn’t understand it in her heart, she was still very polite on the surface.

In front of so many people, she didn’t want to attract trouble out of nowhere.

Jin Di sneered, and his tone became annoyed. “What, you’re denying it?”

Chu Liuyue calmly said, “If you don’t make yourself clear, I really don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Jin Di laughed. “You’re still putting on a pretense… We naturally want the Heavenly Square Cauldron!”

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