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Chapter 1324: Flood-Desert Northern Region

A ray of sword light cut through the air! The harsh sword aura was swift and decisive as it went straight for that man’s skull!

The Chi Xiao Sword was a rare supreme Yuan instrument in the world. It had an extremely good advantage—it could rapidly form its force and give the other party a fatal blow!

When Chu Liuyue executed the Jingshen Fist, she needed some time to prepare and use it. However, she didn’t need to do this at all when she used the Chi Xiao Sword!

The sword moved wherever she wanted, and it slew things right ahead!

In just one moment, the Chi Xiao Sword could gather shocking force and easily slash forward! It was even more so at this point!

“Supreme Yuan instrument?!” That man moved a few steps back due to the impact of the violent force. Before he could even stand stably, he felt an even harsher aura coming toward him!

He looked up, and shock flashed across his eyes.

Chu Liuyue’s eyes were filled with intense murderous intent.

Other than some elders in the academy, almost nobody knew that she had the supreme Yuan instrument. Due to various reasons, the academy elders wouldn’t tell the public about this, but others might.

Chu Liuyue knew too clearly what the news of her having a supreme Yuan instrument would attract. Hence… This man has to die today! 

Thinking of this, she went on her toes, flew forward, and struck a second time!

Inside Fangzhou City.

After Chu Liuyue left, Zhuo Sheng and Luo Yanming went to a relatively nearby restaurant, wanting to wait for her to come back before they toured around together. But after much waiting, as the duo’s teas became cold and were changed, Chu Liuyue still hadn’t come back.

“It won’t take that long to return that item, right?” Zhuo Sheng looked down from the window on the second floor.

There were many people walking on the streets, and it was bustling, but they didn’t see that familiar figure.

“Could it be that the person refused to return the item, and the two of them quarreled?”

Luo Yanming thought about it and shook his head. “I don’t think so. That wooden plaque isn’t something important, so there’s no reason to argue over this. The man is originally in the wrong for selling fake goods. If a commotion is made, he won’t be able to do his business.”

Zhuo Sheng thought about it and agreed.

Fangzhou City had a unique location. Normally, nobody would dare to cause trouble here, so she would come back in a while.

The two of them waited for a while again, but nobody came.

“No, we should just go and look!” Then, the two of them hurriedly returned to the previous street.

That vendor had long disappeared and even put away the stall.

Chu Liuyue had also disappeared.

After searching around, the two of them then realized that something had gone wrong!

“What happened? How did the two of them disappear?” Zhuo Sheng looked anxious. “The other vendors are clearly still here… That man definitely is amiss! Could it be that he brought Chu Yue away?”

Luo Yanming thought for a moment. “It doesn’t seem like it. Back then, Chu Yue said that the item was fake and that he wanted to return it… But as a heavenly doctor, how could he recognize it wrongly?”

They previously didn’t think of this, but now that they thought about it, the incident was filled with doubts! Chu Yue seems to have gone back on purpose! 

“T-then, why didn’t Chu Yue tell us about it?” Zhuo Sheng was a little annoyed. “Could it be that he’s afraid of us knowing something?!”

If there really is danger… With the two of us around, we might be able to help! Now, we don’t even know where he has gone! 

“Fangzhou City is too big. That man seemed to have come prepared. I’m afraid the two of us alone aren’t enough,” said Luo Yanming as he turned and walked in a certain direction.

“Hey! Yanming, where are you going?” Zhuo Sheng hurriedly followed him.

Luo Yanming said calmly, “Going into the city to find the elders on duty. Everything that happens in Fangzhou City is in their control. With their help, we’ll definitely be able to find Chu Yue as soon as possible.”

On the other side, after experiencing a harsh and long journey, the group from the academy had finally arrived at the Flood-Desert Northern Region.

Elder Bo Yan looked in front and boomed, “The place in front is the Flood-Desert Northern Region. The environment is very extreme, and it’s really dangerous. Everyone, you must be well-prepared!”

Behind him, the students answered in unison, “Yes!”

Many of the elders had stern expressions. Being influenced by them, the entire atmosphere was rather suppressed.

But even so, quite a few students still couldn’t contain the excitement and curiosity in their eyes.

Perhaps they were young and knew no fear. Anyway, they all clearly had desires to become stronger and hoped that they could improve their skills through this experience. They even wished to have some fateful encounter and rise all the way up!

The surroundings fell silent once again. But underneath this seemingly peaceful surface, there were secret waves crashing.

Everyone set up a barrier around themselves, and some even directly held Yuan instruments in their hands as if they were ready for battle at any time.

Elder Bo Yan exchanged glances with the other elders and nodded. “Activate!”

With his command, the elders raised their hands together! An extremely complicated Xuan formation suddenly appeared in the dark front!

Everyone was stunned.

That was the transportation formation’s exit! As long as they exited from there, it would be the legendary Flood-Desert Northern Region!

Very quickly, with all the elders’ hard work, a crack appeared in the middle of the Xuan formation.

A ray of bright light shot out from within!

Elder Bo Yan squinted his eyes and increased his strength.

The Xuan formation was totally split into two portions as they faded away toward their own sides, and the transportation formation’s exit finally opened slowly!

“Let’s go!” Elder Bo Yan moved and rushed out first!

The dozen-plus elders followed him closely behind!

Everyone started moving out slowly.

Elder Bo Yan was the first to come out. With his feet on hard ground, he finally felt a sense of stability.

Elder Bo Yan looked up and looked forward.

It was a vast snow land. The sky was pencil-gray and dark as large snowflakes fell.

Other than this, there was nothing else in sight.

This… Elder Bo Yan was slightly dazed. “This is the Flood-Desert Northern Region?”

Behind him, Elder Wen Xi came over and was also taken aback when he saw this scene.

It was all their first time here. Although they had heard quite a few rumors about it before, they still felt rather stunned when they saw it personally.

Behind, more and more people came out of the transportation formation.

“Will that thing really descend here?” Elder Wen Xi couldn’t help but mutter. Suddenly, his gaze focused as he pointed to the front. “What’s that?!”

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