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Chapter 1323: Old Grudge and New Hate

That man stood still and turned around. “You’re still as smart as usual.”

At this point, the kind and flattering smile from before had disappeared, and it was replaced with a faint smile that sent chills down one’s spine.

His voice became lower and much hoarser. He was gloomy in an uneasy manner.

Chu Liuyue suddenly felt that his voice was rather familiar, as if she had heard it before. She knitted her brows slightly and stared at the other party closely. “It seems like we’ve met before.”

I’m currently wearing a mask, and the other party might be doing so as well. 

“You dare to follow me out directly. It seems like you’re rather confident in your abilities.” That man laughed, but there was no smiling intent in his eyes.

His eyes were ice-cold as he stared at Chu Liuyue. It was as if he were looking at meat on the chopping board.

It was as if victory was in his hands.

Chu Liuyue became alert, and an idea suddenly popped up in her head. “You’re… the person from Black Demon Hole!”

She had only heard such a dark and sinister voice from one person—the soul that lived in Shangguan Wan’s body back then!

On the day of Shangguan Wan’s wedding, Chu Liuyue wanted to kill him, but he escaped in the end. The key was that he seemed to be eyeing the water droplet in her body all along!

“Sh…” The man opposite her suddenly stuck his thumb out and laughed sinisterly. “That’s not right. Although the wooden plaque is engraved with Black Demon Hole’s totem… To be more accurate, I’m no longer from there, so you don’t have to associate me with them.”

“You should know very clearly why I’m here today.” As that man spoke, he raised his hand with his palm facing upward—as if he were tempting her—and commanded her, “Give me that item.”

“Pfft.” After a temporary silence, Chu Liuyue mercilessly chuckled.

She seemed to completely ignore the threat in the other party’s words. She raised her brows slightly and stared at him in a seemingly smiling manner as if she were watching some sort of joke. “I have to give it just because you want it? Nobody in the world has such a right with me. You think too highly of yourself.”

Hearing Chu Liuyue’s sarcasm, that man wasn’t angry. “What a pity… Originally, I thought that everyone could be happy. You give me the item, and I spare your life. How wonderful… It’s a pity you don’t seem to cherish your life very much.”

Once he said that, a dark-green ball of fire suddenly appeared in his palms! At the same time, his surrounding aura crazily strengthened!

“You really never go away…” said Chu Liuyue coldly. Previously, I always regretted that I couldn’t stop and kill him in the Tianling Dynasty. I didn’t expect him to send himself to me today. This has saved me quite a bit of trouble. 

The force in her body rapidly circulated and surged toward her hands!

A brilliant light appeared in Chu Liuyue’s palm!

At this point, the man suddenly pressed his hand down!

Instantly, Chu Liuyue’s water droplet suddenly started turning crazily, and it even had the signs of struggling free and rushing out!

Chu Liuyue forcefully suppressed it as she guided the holy force out and inserted it into her palms!

Very quickly, dark clouds in the sky gathered in this area, and the winds howled.

The Heaven and Earth Force kept rushing toward Chu Liuyue continuously!

The wind blew her long hair, and her sleeves floated with the wind. However, that man seemed to look down on Chu Liuyue as he laughed lightly with a face filled with contempt. “You don’t know your limits!”

He closed his eyes, and the surrounding space started freezing inch by inch.

He was a true legendary warrior!

Very quickly, with the duo in the center, the surrounding large space was controlled by this man!

Chu Liuyue’s force started circulating in her body at a slower rate, and her movements became slower as well. However, she still took action with much difficulty.

“Jingshen Fist!” Chu Liuyue sent a punch flying out!

A fist figure that shone with a brilliant light instantly pressed forward!

Wherever it went, the air shattered! Very quickly, a large black crack in space appeared!

Chu Liuyue had already broken through to become a stage-eight warrior. Together with the holy force within this fist, its suppression wasn’t to be underestimated!

She previously couldn’t retaliate when facing the other party’s attacks, but after a mere half a year, Chu Liuyue could already take him on!

“What?!” This scene clearly caused that man to be taken aback. I have already unleashed my God Realm. Logically speaking, Chu Liuyue should be unable to retaliate. The strength that can smash the God Realm… naturally has to be a holy force! 

He previously did expect Chu Liuyue to improve after entering Ling Xiao Academy, but he didn’t expect her to reach such a shocking stage!

The Jingshen Fist seemed to have entered no man’s land as it went straight for that person’s face!

At this point, that man finally realized that he had underestimated Chu Liuyue. The next moment, his expression turned cold as he rushed toward Chu Liuyue!

But the Jingshen Fist had already detected his movement and immediately changed its direction!

“F*ck!” That man exploded with vulgarities and increased his speed once again.

However, the Jingshen Fist’s strength wasn’t reduced at all—he couldn’t shake it off.

The man never thought that it would take so much effort to deal with a stage-eight warrior! This was clearly his own God Realm, but he was being chased around and beaten up!

Finally, he chose to face it head-on!

A dark-green fire rapidly gathered and later smashed against that fist harshly!


At that moment, the violent force exploded from within and spread toward the surroundings crazily!

That man’s God Realm felt the impact and actually started to break slowly!

The suppression around Chu Liuyue was reduced.

Without hesitation, she immediately summoned the Chi Xiao Sword! She then swung it down!

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