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Chapter 1316: Breakthrough!

The golden spark was as bright as ever. The moment it appeared, it instantly illuminated the entire cave.

An indescribable and tremendous suppression spread from within!

Chu Liuyue’s heart skipped a beat, and the water droplet in her body unwittingly started moving even more quickly.

The force in her body started spinning at an extraordinary speed!

“Wuwu—” Soft whimpers could be heard, but they were from the surrounding fiends. At this point, they were already lying down and trembling as they watched the fire burn brightly.

That was the absolute suppression from the bloodline—it was completely unleashed!

Even Ah Qiong had difficulties getting up, and it brought Tao Tao back a few steps.

Within the cave, the light shone brightly like the horizon. In the middle were a human and a fiend.

Chu Liuyue stared at the speck of gold in the middle of the fire.

As time trickled past, the surrounding red fire gradually seemed to turn golden as well. The light shone even brighter!

Chu Liuyue said, “You can all go out first.”

Hearing her words, the many fiends hurriedly nodded like Russian dolls and quickly left.

“Ah Qiong, you and Tao Tao can go outside and guard the area.”

Ah Qiong glanced at her hesitantly, but it still listened to her in the end and left with Tao Tao.

Its injuries were serious, and its skin had broken as blood kept flowing down. Many of the wounds were badly mangled. This showed how terrifying the attack from the force was.

Everywhere Ah Qiong went, it left uneven bloodstains all over the ground.

When they all left, Chu Liuyue then retracted her gaze and looked at Tuan Zi.

As if detecting her gaze, Tuan Zi’s eyelids twitched.

Chu Liuyue softly chuckled. “You must properly repay the debt you owe when you go out later.”

Tuan Zi didn’t speak, but the fire in its body burned even brighter.

The two elders stared at the mountain peak intensely.

More and more fiends were walking out, but they didn’t leave after reaching the foot of the mountain. Instead, they all stopped and stared at the middle of the mountain in unison, as if they were waiting for something.

“What are they doing?” Elder Hua Feng was confused. “The previous few had all left on their own. Why did they come out and not leave?”

Elder Shu Yu didn’t speak, but his expression became even more serious. Perhaps my guess will come true…

On the mountain peak, increasingly more cracks started spreading. Trees fell one after another as mountain rocks rolled down.

The surrounding Heaven and Earth Force started surging over crazily. In the end, it formed a gigantic energy vortex and looked frightening.

The dark clouds tumbled, and the winds howled fiercely. Anyone could tell that this mountain couldn’t be saved.

Besides… There would definitely be more shocking things to happen!

The turbulent winds preceded the storm.

Elder Hua Feng gradually felt uneasy as he pressed his lips against each other tightly and did not speak.

The surroundings fell into silence. It was as if the water surface with harsh tides would explode at any moment!

A day quickly passed, and evening came in the blink of an eye.

Looking at the sky that slowly darkened, Zhuo Sheng paced back and forth in the house and looked very anxious.

Luo Yanming—who was sitting inside the house—finally couldn’t help but say, “Zhuo Sheng, you’re causing my head to spin. Can’t you sit down and wait?”

“I can’t sit!” Zhuo Sheng scratched his head and looked frustrated. “Where do you think Chu Yue and Elder Hua Feng went? It has been more than half a day, but we haven’t seen them! Sigh, if only we could chase after them in time then!”

Luo Yanming glanced at him doubtfully. “Do you have a misunderstanding about your own abilities, or do you think too highly of me? You actually think that the two of us can catch up with my mentor?”

Back then, the situation happened suddenly. After Chu Yue came out from Jiuheng Peak, he disappeared without a trace. Elder Hua Feng followed him closely and left without even saying anything.

Originally, Zhuo Sheng and Luo Yanming planned on following them, but they lost them after some time. Helpless, they could only choose to go back first. They planned on asking in detail about what happened after Elder Hua Feng and the rest came back.

Even though they were worried about Chu Yue, Elder Hua Feng was still a highly respected elder in the academy. With him around, they could be slightly more at ease.

Who knew that this wait would be close to a day? Yet, Elder Hua Feng and Chu Yue showed no signs of returning.

The both of them couldn’t casually go out to ask around, so they could only stay here, scratch their ears, and wait.

Hearing this, Zhuo Sheng was rather despondent. “It’s weird too! Look, it’s normal that we can’t catch up with Elder Hua Feng because he’s very strong, but why is Chu Yue so fast as well?”

Back then, I didn’t even see anything, and the person just disappeared! 

“He is a ninth-grade heavenly doctor, but his warrior level isn’t as high as mine. How is he faster than me?” Zhuo Sheng really didn’t understand. “Besides, I don’t know if it’s a hallucination, but when he rushed past me, I felt that his aura seemed… It seemed like it wasn’t any weaker than mine.”

He said this rather conservatively. In actual fact, he thought about it later and even felt that he was weaker than the other party.

But Chu Yue was indeed still a stage-seven warrior previously—everyone had seen it personally. No matter how talented he was, it was impossible for him to break through so many times in such a short amount of time, right?”

“What’s so strange about that?” Compared to Zhuo Sheng’s shock and doubts, Luo Yanming was much calmer.

He smiled. “Do you really think that he’s only talented as a heavenly doctor?”

Zhuo Sheng’s eyelids twitched. “W-what do you mean?”

Luo Yanming’s lips moved. In the end, he just said, “How can Senior Brother Rong Xiu think so highly of someone normal? I just feel that the things he’s showing now aren’t his true abilities.”

“That’s true. Chu Yue is a tough nut to crack, and he hid his abilities quite well.” Zhuo Sheng believed it and nodded. Then, he said, “But I still hope that he won’t get into trouble and that he’ll be fine.”

“Let’s wait and see,” said Luo Yanming.


Fiend Park.

Elder Hua Feng and Elder Shu Yu were still waiting.

The surroundings had already darkened, yet there was still bright light shining out from the cave. Additionally, as time passed, the light became increasingly brighter.

Suddenly, the gigantic energy vortex stopped turning, and the dark clouds faded away!


The clear sound of a mountain rock breaking could be heard. It was especially clear in the quiet forest!

The two elders exchanged a glance and saw the nervousness in each other’s eyes.


The mountain peak—which had long been shaking—suddenly exploded with a terrifying force from within!

A golden-red spark that seemed to be unable to split rose to the sky! Amidst it, a shocking aura that seemed to travel from ancient times came over and swept across the skies!


A pair of gigantic wings suddenly spread open!


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