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Chapter 1314: Summon

“Anti-sky sparrow! Rumor has it that this kind of fiend is very ferocious and competitive. Is this real?” Elder Hua Feng widened his eyes, stared at the rapidly approaching anti-sky sparrow closely, and asked hurriedly.

Elder Shu Yu pressed his lips against each other and calmly said, “Don’t worry. Although this anti-sky sparrow is a legendary fiend… With you and me around, dealing with this one isn’t a pro—”

His voice suddenly trailed off. That was because a few other anti-sky sparrows flew consecutively behind that one!

They moved rapidly! They flashed across in the blink of an eye and went toward the peak Chu Yue was at!

At a rough glance, there seemed to be five or six anti-sky sparrows!

Elder Hua Feng pulled Elder Shu Yu. “Do your words just now still count? They’re so small. The two of us against five or six of them should… be manageable, right?”

Even he said it rather weakly.

Anti-sky sparrows were small, but they were still legendary fiends after all! They were also famous for being fierce!

Being able to have such a reputation amongst all these fiends proved their strong combat skills!

Elder Shu Yu was actually also dazed. In this entire Fiend Park, there are only a total of about ten or so anti-sky sparrows. Yet, half of them came at once! Even when Chu Yue was preparing to break through that night, not so many of them had surrounded him! 

He furrowed his brows tightly, and his expression was solemn. “Don’t worry. We should—”

“Quickly, look!” Without waiting for him to finish, Elder Hua Feng gasped again and pointed below. “Is that… a silver-eared flower-patterned fiend?!”

Elder Shu Yu focused on it and indeed saw a silver-eared flower-pattern fiend with its ears cut off. “It…”

The ears looked like they were cut cleanly, so it didn’t seem like they were bitten or ripped off by other fiends. Instead, it looked like it was cut off by some sharp object.

“With its ears being cut off, its abilities will be greatly weakened. Why did it come to join in the commotion at this point?” Elder Shu Yu didn’t understand. But very quickly, he didn’t have the time to think about this. That was because there were still many fiends continuously approaching from behind the silver-eared flower-pattern fiend!

“Dream demon fiend… nine lightning werewolf… golden-eyed ice bat…” Looking at the figures that kept appearing one after another, even Elder Shu Yu’s voice started to tremble gradually. Why did so many legendary fiends suddenly come?! And it seems like they are all going for Chu Yue! 

“What sin did this kid commit!?” Elder Shu Yu—who could previously still be counted as calm—couldn’t help but explode. Chu Yue isn’t preparing to break through this time. We waited outside for so long, but we didn’t detect any commotion. Why did he attract so many legendary fiends?! 

Elder Hua Feng grabbed his collar. “Shu Yu, didn’t you previously say that there wasn’t a problem?! What exactly is going on now?!”

“I-I don’t know…”

“I shouldn’t have listened to you! I should’ve gone over directly!” Elder Hua Feng pushed him with much hatred. “With so many legendary fiends here, it’ll be hard to even go there!”

If they teamed up, perhaps they could handle a few. But this number had long exceeded their expectations! Even if they went up to stop these fiends, it would be to no avail.

“Wan Zheng only has this one precious disciple, and Chu Yue has an extraordinary relationship with Rong Xiu. If he gets into trouble…” Elder Hua Feng’s throat went dry. “In this current situation, what do you think we should do!?”

Elder Shu Yu seemed conflicted. At this moment, his gaze suddenly focused. “Wait a minute!”

After seeing that bunch of fiends, a familiar figure suddenly ran forward. It was the steel-ridged fiend cub that had previously left in a hurry!

At this moment, it had already run to the front of the fiends and rushed back to the cave at top speed. During the entire process, no fiends had stopped it. They even faintly seemed like they were running after it…

“What’s the matter?” Elder Hua Feng saw his amiss expression and felt even more worried.

“Look—” Elder Shu Yu raised his hand and said in disbelief, “They seem to follow that steel-ridged fiend cub over!”

“How could this be possible?” Elder Hua Feng instinctively rebutted. Even though he didn’t come to Fiend Park frequently, he also knew that steel-ridged fiends were ninth-grade fiends when they were a cub.

It was lucky that these legendary fiends didn’t bully it. Why did they follow it and run after it?

But right after, he realized that what Elder Shu Yu said was right.

These legendary fiends usually stayed in their own lanes and had their own territories; they didn’t interact much. But at this moment, they actually got together for once. Additionally, they didn’t fight and headed in the same direction.

His gaze turned, and he held his breath. They do seem to be following that steel-ridged fiend cub up to the cave in the middle of the mountain! 

“What exactly is Chu Yue doing…?” Elder Hua Feng couldn’t help but mutter, and his face was filled with shock.

He never ever dreamed that he would still see such a scene in his life.

Elder Shu Yu was speechless. His expression seemed frozen, and only his pair of eyes with secret waves coursing through them revealed that he wasn’t calm. Does Chu Yue really plan to break through again? But if it really is so, these legendary fiends definitely won’t have such a reaction. They are quietly heading in a direction in unison. It seems like… they are following some sort of command. 

Once this thought flashed across, Elder Shu Yu suppressed it. Ridiculous! How is that possible?! Only the two ancient legendary fiends can summon all the legendary fiends in the world! And Chu Yue—


An extraordinarily loud roar suddenly sounded from the cave!

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