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Chapter 1309: Awakening

The night was silent.

Chu Liuyue’s figure was like a ghost puppet, and she quickly reached the opposite mountain.

Standing here, she could finally see the appearance of the medicinal garden that was surrounded by the mountains. What she saw made her hold her breath.

She didn’t blink at all, terrified that she would miss something.

This medicinal garden was actually a piece of low-lying land in the middle of many mountains. But for some reason, its altitude was higher, and it was basically around the height of the mountains’ midpoint.

It was spacious, big, and lively—this was Chu Liuyue’s first impression of it.

The mist-like barrier covered it completely.

When she stood on Yu Heng Mountain and looked over, Chu Liuyue could only see a blurred view as it was a distance away. Now that she was standing nearer, it was much clearer.

Chu Liuyue could even faintly see some of the herbs that were planted inside.

At first glance, she realized that the rumors she heard from Zhong Xun weren’t false. She could recognize those herbs and knew that they were all very rare and precious.

Even with the barrier in the middle, Chu Liuyue could still smell the fragrance emitting from within. It was similar to Medicinal Valley but still different.

Medicinal Valley’s herbal fragrance was mainly bitter, but the smell in the medicinal garden had a hint of sweetness.

Chu Liuyue suddenly focused her gaze. She looked over and saw many Dancing Lotuses blooming.

They swayed with the wind and looked beautiful.

Doubts flashed across Chu Liuyue’s mind. Did I… plant all of these? Even though I like Dancing Lotuses, these things are very troublesome to take care of, and their flowering period is very short. According to my personality, I don’t seem like I would have the patience and energy to do such things… 

She walked a distance forward and saw two rattan chairs beside the lake.

Chu Liuyue was slightly dazed. One of them should be mine. Then… What about the second one? 

Before she could figure it out, a ripple suddenly came from the medicinal garden’s barrier.

Chu Liuyue was stunned. This time, I didn’t touch that barrier, so why did it suddenly move? 

The next moment, she suddenly felt alert and rapidly looked in another direction of the medicinal garden!

Someone opened the barrier and walked in—it seemed like they came from Medicinal Valley.

Chu Liuyue immediately retreated and hid herself. She felt that she should’ve checked the calendar before coming out today.

She came at this time, yet she met so many people on the way.

She looked at that person and realized that his figure was rather familiar. Upon a closer look, she then realized that it was Elder Meng Ye!

At this point, he held a fan and walked into the medicinal garden bare-footed, with his belly protruding out slightly.

He walked over in a very well-versed manner and stood still before the large patch of herbs. He then pulled up his sleeves and pants.

Chu Liuyue suddenly guessed something, and her heart skipped a beat.

As expected—the next moment, she saw Elder Meng Ye going down personally to tidy the herbs!

Chu Liuyue gasped and watched the scene in disbelief. Elder Meng Ye… is helping me tidy the medicinal garden? Elder Meng Ye is a Xuan Master and also a heavenly doctor, so it is more convenient for him to do such things. And looking at the entire process, it doesn’t seem like it is his first time doing it either…

Staring at the bent figure that was seriously picking out the weeds and the dried plants, Chu Liuyue felt very complicated. She never expected to see such a scene when she came today. Elder Meng Ye is not only in charge of Medicinal Valley, but he is also taking care of the medicinal garden? According to what everyone said, ‘I’ had left for a few years, and even my name had almost become a taboo. I originally thought that I should’ve been intentionally forgotten. I didn’t expect…

“Hu…” Elder Meng Ye finally tidied up that large patch of herbs. He straightened his body, supported his waist, and sighed deeply. “…This girl ran off and is carefree on her own, leaving this mess to me!”

Yet, all the herbs planted here are very precious, and all of them require much care and effort. If it weren’t because of that girl, I would be too lazy to deal with this! 

Chu Liuyue felt her heart ache.

Elder Meng Ye grumbled for a while longer before walking to another region and repeating what he had done previously.

After doing all of this for another hour, he finally stopped and looked around in satisfaction. Then, he clapped his hands. “Hmph, see if I’ll make you pay for the debt you owe me these few years!”

Then, Elder Meng Ye finally turned around and left.

The barrier was closed, and everything went back to normal.

Just when Chu Liuyue was about to go forward, a ripple suddenly came from her dantian. She was shocked and realized that the noise came from Tuan Zi.

And… It was very abnormal!

“It has already started merging the lightning bolts it absorbed and is about to unleash its bloodline power!” The legendary three-eyed eagle’s voice sounded in time—it was powerful and calming. “The entire process might cause a huge commotion. It’ll be better if you go back as soon as possible!”

Once someone discovered it, Chu Liuyue’s whereabouts today would definitely be found out as well.

Chu Liuyue knitted her brows and rapidly nodded. “I understand.”

She moved back without hesitation.

After taking a few steps back, she couldn’t help but turn around to take a look. It was just for a moment; then, she retracted her gaze, moved, and quickly left!

The commotion coming from Tuan Zi became increasingly bigger. Gradually, even Chu Liuyue had a feeling of not being able to control it.

She returned to Jiuheng Peak at the fastest speed.

The moment she entered the room, she immediately summoned Tuan Zi. “Tuan Zi? Tuan Zi!”

Tuan Zi still had its eyes closed and didn’t show any signs of waking up.

“The awakening of bloodline power is a long and complicated process. If it can’t wake up in time, it will very possibly be affected by the eruption of the force and—”


A gigantic black figure appeared in the room. The legendary three-eyed eagle retracted its wings and stared at Tuan Zi with its sharp eyes. “We must get it to wake up as soon as possible so that it can awaken and control the bloodline power awakening process!”

This short sentence was enough to let Chu Liuyue understand the severity of the situation. She looked at Tuan Zi, and worry flashed across her eyes. “But it hasn’t moved much to this point, and I can’t wake it up no matter what…”

As she spoke, an even stronger and invisible ripple extended from Tuan Zi’s body!

Now, silver lightning bolts were no longer flashing across its body. Tuan Zi curled up into a red, furry ball and lay on the table quietly, looking very obedient.

If it were any other day, Chu Liuyue would be happy to see it like this. But now, she was just extra worried.

“Continue calling it. Before this, I’ll use my body to guide the bloodline power that is about to awaken. However… There is a limit to how much I can help. It still needs to do it itself in the end.”

Chu Liuyue clenched her teeth. “Okay!”

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