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Chapter 1306: King Xuan Master!

She had tried many times previously, but every attempt had failed. However, she hadn’t given up. Even if she was only a little more accurate than the previous attempt, she still wasn’t tired.

As she was always in a highly focused state and studying Xuan formations used up a large amount of energy and strength, the current Chu Liuyue was already very exhausted, and her eyes were becoming bloodshot. Yet, the signs and urge of breaking through kept supporting her!

The surroundings were completely quiet, and Chu Liuyue could even clearly hear her heart beating, the sound of the pulse in her ears, and her blood flowing.

Her hands started to tremble slightly. This was because crafting a Xuan formation of this standard was actually a stretch for her at this cultivation level.

The force in her body was crazily used up, and her vision kept turning black as if she was going to faint at the next moment. But she was very determined, and her black, gem-like eyes seemed to have fire burning in them!

Finally, she finished the last stroke with her hand.

The Xuan formation before her was finally complete!


Light ripples spread from her small Xuan formation!

Chu Liuyue’s chest was shocked, and the fishy scent of blood filled her mouth.

She forcefully swallowed her blood, rapidly circulated her aura, and urged the movement of her bodily force.

Only half of the Xuan formation was complete. If she wanted to solve the Xuan formation completely, she couldn’t make a mistake in the later important steps.

Chu Liuyue gathered her focus and gathered the force in her limbs and bones all in her palms before transferring all of it to the Xuan formation in front.

The light on its surface gradually became brighter, and the ripples became increasingly larger!

But soon, the force in her body rapidly depleted.

As she had kept trying previously, she had already used up a large portion of her strength. Now, she was really at the end of her wits.

Chu Liuyue hesitated for a moment and finally used the holy force contained in the water droplet.

A harsh aura instantly coursed around her body!

Chu Liuyue’s palm glowed brightly!

As the holy force kept depleting, the Xuan formation before her had finally expanded to the height of half a person!

This was an octagonal Xuan formation. Rays of lights intersected, and the pattern was complicated.

An average person would probably feel dizzy just looking at it. If they looked at it for too long, they might even faint.

Chu Liuyue held her breath in, stretched out her right hand, and lightly covered the middle of the Xuan formation.


At this moment, the brightly glowing Xuan formation seemed to have felt the summoning of a certain force as it slowly rose from the ground! Its light was smooth and bright with great suppression, yet there was a tiny hole in the middle of it.

An idea popped up in Chu Liuyue’s mind. That Is the key to solving the Xuan formation! 

She pushed her palm lightly and pressed the small Xuan formation she copied on the empty spot in that Xuan formation.


The two Xuan formations completely matched!

The next moment, it suddenly disappeared!

The light gradually faded away.

Chu Liuyue used one hand to support herself with the handle and slowly got up.

Everything in the room had gone back to normal. The Xuan formation that had trapped her for many days disappeared without a trace.

Chu Liuyue stood in the same spot for a while and took out a pill to eat. A gentle and comforting strength then instantly followed her airway and flowed down.

The feeling of her soul flying away from her body was reduced by quite a bit.

She wiped away the bloodstains by the corner of her mouth. Then, she unintentionally looked up and saw herself in the mirror.

Her face was frail, and her lips were pale, but her eyes were sparkling brightly! This proved that she hadn’t wasted her time being tortured by Big Baby!

She could no longer remember how many times she had fought with Big Baby on the chessboard. Every time, she would be skinned alive.

Every time she felt that she had improved, Big Baby would raise his skills to an appropriate standard. All in all, she was always restricted.

A long time had passed, and Chu Liuyue had started to get used to it herself.

In the beginning, she still thought that she could be on par with Big Baby one day, but she slowly gave up on this idea. At the very least, it was extremely unrealistic in such a short period of time.

However… She had forgotten one thing—although she currently wasn’t as good as Big Baby, her skills had been rapidly improving every day with his guidance!

Compared to the others, this was an absolute existence!

Like now, she had actually silently broken through to become a King Xuan Master!

Chu Liuyue spent about 15 minutes readjusting her state. When her body recovered slightly, she walked outside.

Without that Xuan formation restraining her, she seemed to be more relaxed.

Chu Liuyue looked in front.

It was currently evening. The sun set in the west, and the red hues filled the sky.

The mountain breeze blew over with slight coldness, which instantly woke her up.

I actually broke through like that… Chu Liuyue blinked and looked at her hands, feeling rather dazed. A strange emotion overwhelmed her.

“It turns out… I still remember so many Xuan formations…” she whispered softly, her gaze complicated.

The moment she solved the Xuan formation just now, a fifth crack appeared on the black pyramid in her dantian. At the same time, many memories instantly resurfaced in her mind.

In her memories, there was nobody or any scenes but just very intricate Xuan formations and many medicinal formulas.

The Xuan formations and medicinal formulas that had appeared were clearly much better than the ones she had seen previously. In Chu Liuyue’s memory, she had never seen them before, but their content clearly appeared in her mind.

From her broken memories, Chu Liuyue seemed to have seen a corner of the past she had forgotten.

Her gaze turned, and she looked at the distant Dong Huang Clock Tower.

Solemn, magnificent, and suppressive.

She recalled the Qing Yun Ranking that floated above the black wall. It turns out that I was long a King Xuan Master and a Physician. I just don’t know… if this is the end. 

Medicinal Valley.

Elder Meng Ye was leisurely lying down to rest when his ears suddenly moved, and he opened an eye halfway.

A familiar young man’s figure appeared not far away—it was Chu Yue.

“Hm?” He stood up. “Chu Yue, why are you here today? I heard that you weren’t feeling well, so you didn’t follow Bo Yan and the rest to the Flood-Desert Northern Region. Are you feeling better now?”

Chu Liuyue turned around and smiled brightly at Elder Meng Ye. “Thank you for your concern, Elder Meng Ye. I’m much better.”

Elder Meng Ye felt more at ease. He chuckled, waved his fan, and said, “What? The moment your body is a little better, you come to pick herbs?”

Chu Liuyue’s gaze flickered. She pressed her lips against each other and smiled as if she were rather embarrassed. “Yeah. Elder Meng Ye, you won’t find me annoying, right?”

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