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Chapter 1305: Try

The Flood-Desert Northern Region was a dangerous place in the God Residence Realm. Its climate was extreme, and the terribly dangerous conditions caused it to be the place where countless cultivators had died without a trace. Yet, due to the news of the Heavenly Square Cauldron reappearing there, many top-tier aristocratic families in the God Residence Realm had sent people over.

An intense battle was about to begin!

Compared to the other aristocratic families… Although Ling Xiao Academy didn’t have many soldiers who were willing to risk their lives and barge at the forefront to clear the way, they had an extremely good advantage.

Ling Xiao Academy had the only transportation formation in the God Residence Realm that could directly access the Flood-Desert Northern Region.

This transportation formation was personally built by the founder of Ling Xiao Academy, who was also the first director, millions of years ago. But later, as time passed and the Flood-Desert Northern Region became increasingly dangerous, Ling Xiao Academy didn’t send anyone over.

This transportation formation also became abandoned. Nobody expected it to be put to good use this time.

Within the transportation formation were many candlelights that were much brighter and bigger than the other transportation formations. The surrounding turbulence couldn’t be felt here either, so it was very secure.

Some of the elders were at the front while some of them were at the back, ensuring the students’ safety to the greatest extent.

In the beginning, everyone was still rather reserved and nervous, so they were mostly quiet. After a while, everyone gradually relaxed, and the atmosphere became much livelier.

In between, they could still hear some people whispering about something. “This transportation formation is so stable… I have never seen such an amazing transportation formation before…”

“I heard that it was personally built by the first director back then. In the following millions of years, the academy elders will regularly maintain it, so it’s naturally incredible!”

“Hiss… How much manpower and resources would be needed for this? It’s shocking! I heard that in the entire God Residence Realm, there’s only this one transportation formation that is directly connected to the Flood-Desert Northern Region. If other people want to go, they have to transit a couple of times, eventually needing to go through Red Valley Beach before they can step into the Flood-Desert Northern Region… I’ve heard that many cultivators had lost their lives there as well!”

“If we really can see the reappearance of the Heavenly Square Cauldron this time, I’ll be willing to suffer any hardships! That’s… one of the top ten holy weapons!”

“The top ten holy weapons are spread all around the world. To this day, only five of them have clear whereabouts, and all of them are precious treasures that have been passed down in top-tier aristocratic families for thousands of years. Yet, the remaining five ones are nowhere to be found. In the last thousand years, this is the only holy weapon that has resurfaced!”

“The key is that it doesn’t have an owner! Sigh, I wonder who will be the eventual winner and obtain this Heavenly Square Cauldron?”

“Shishi, Shishi?” Luo Yanlin called her twice before Luo Shishi recovered her senses.

“Hm? Fourth Brother, what’s the matter?”

“What are you thinking about in a daze?” Luo Yanlin asked with a smile, “Are you thinking about going to the Flood-Desert Northern Region and got too nervous?”

Luo Shishi pouted and shook her head. “No.”

Luo Yanlin raised his brows slightly. “You’re thinking about Chu Yue?”

Luo Shishi’s face immediately flushed red as she hurriedly said, “Fourth Brother, what are you talking about? I’m not—”

Meeting Luo Yanlin’s gaze that could seemingly see through everything, Luo Shishi guiltily swallowed her remaining words. After some time, she then softly said, “I-I just feel that it’s quite a pity that he couldn’t come… After all, this chance is rare, and he passed the test…”

Everything went smoothly, yet he suddenly fell sick on the day itself. He could only give up regretfully, which caused others to find it a pity.

Luo Yanlin sighed in his heart. This silly girl clearly likes him, but she doesn’t realize it herself. 

“Don’t worry. He’s not some idle person. Even if he doesn’t come this time, he’ll definitely have some other destined item for him in the future,” said Luo Yanlin. “Besides, there’s still Rong Xiu behind him.”

When I have the time, I should go and ask Rong Xiu about Chu Yue’s background. If he’s decent in all areas, it can be considered…

At this point, Luo Shishi didn’t know that Luo Yanlin was planning so far ahead. She nodded and seriously said, “I hope that I can quickly become stronger and get a good ranking on the Qing Yun Ranking one day!”

At the back of the crowd, Jiang Zhiyuan stood beside Elder Dan Qing quietly and was very out of place with the crowd that was talking happily at the front. The more she heard, the more uncomfortable she felt.

Those people seemed to have completely neglected her and didn’t care about her at all.

Jiang Zhiyuan could still endure it for one or two days. But such a long time had passed, and their attitudes toward her became even worse.

This was especially so for Liang Xiaoxiao and the rest. She was clearly so far away from them, yet she could still hear them laughing!

Jiang Zhiyuan thought about how many people wanted to flatter her and suck up to her previously, yet when the situation turned for the worse, there wasn’t even a single person willing to talk to her in the end!

If it weren’t because she could go to the Flood-Desert Northern Region, she wouldn’t have tolerated it and would’ve left!

Elder Dan Qing took a few glances at her. How could he not know how aggrieved and upset she was? She was still his disciple at the end of the day, so he still felt his heart ache. “Zhiyuan, have you studied and understood the Xuan formation I gave you previously?”

Jiang Zhiyuan hurriedly answered, “I’m almost done with it.”

“You can’t be almost done. You have to understand it thoroughly!” said Elder Dan Qing with a heavy heart. “You’re a warrior and a Xuan Master, and you are very talented in these two areas. If you want to have balanced progress, you must put in more effort than the rest. This is especially so for your cultivation as a Xuan Master. You can’t save effort on it at all.”

“Thank you for your teachings, Mentor.” Jiang Zhiyuan’s face flushed red.

During this period of time, she did neglect her cultivation. As she couldn’t calm down and focus, she hadn’t seen Xuan formations for about a month.

If Elder Dan Qing tested her on the spot, she definitely wouldn’t pass it.

“You’ve always been smart and sensible. I believe you’ll understand even if I don’t say some things.” Elder Dan Qing paused. “I still have great hopes for you! You’re already a ninth-grade Xuan Master now. If you can break through earlier, you’ll be better than many people. In the academy, or even the entire God Residence Realm, abilities are the most important thing. Do you understand?”

Jiang Zhiyuan looked down slightly and nodded forcefully. “I understand.”

“Also, you have been stuck in the demigod stage for a while now. When we’re at Flood-Desert Northern Region, try to take the chance to break through!”

Jiang Zhiyuan clenched her fists tightly. “Definitely!”

Ling Xiao Academy, Jiuheng Peak.

Inside the room, Chu Liuyue sat down cross-legged. She seemed serious, and her expression had a rare few hints of nervousness as she raised her hand and drew something in the air.

It was a small Xuan formation.

If someone were here at this moment, they would realize that the small Xuan formation was extremely similar to the Xuan formation quietly glowing on the ground in the room!

Chu Liuyue was trying to copy this Xuan formation!

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