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Chapter 1273: Who’s up Next?!

The sudden strike took everyone aback, and the entire mountain peak was surrounded by an eerie silence.

Ah Qiong, however, instantly jerked its head to the back.

A long, slender figure was currently walking out of the deep cave—it was Chu Liuyue. Her steps landed quietly in a smooth and natural manner, and each of her moves seemed to exude some kind of indescribable grace and ease. Even when the wind passed by her, it seemed to become extra gentle and light.

The sky was quite dark at this hour, but the surroundings seemed to light up when she appeared. She still looked the same as before, but something seemed a little different about her at the same time.

This change only happened when one became stronger.

“Why are you still standing there, Ah Qiong? Go and fetch your child.” Chu Liuyue stood still and flashed a smile at Ah Qiong.

It was only then that Ah Qiong snapped back to its senses. After nodding its head vigorously at her, it started to run down the mountain.



Due to its massive size, the steel-ridged fiend looked like it was going to crush the mountain under its feet when it ran.

It didn’t take long for the fiend to reach its child since it was incredibly fast and the distance was quite short.

Ah Qiong carefully lowered its head and nudged the cub’s head before going closer to touch the cub’s horn with its own glowing silver horn.

Warm energy flowed into the cub’s body.

When the cub—who was waiting for its death in despair—felt a familiar scent instead of the fatal blow, it slowly opened its eyes. From how it blankly stared at its mother, it was clear that it didn’t understand what was going on.

Ah Qiong carefully carried it up and walked back to the cave.

With its mother’s energy flowing within it, the dying cub regained a bit of its strength. It only had a vague understanding of what had happened when it was placed at the entrance of their cave.

“It’s pretty badly injured. I’ll give it some medicine to stabilize the condition first. After that, it needs proper treatment and recuperation.” While speaking, Chu Liuyue took out a bottle and poured out five pills to feed to the cub.

Just one pill would be enough for a person, but due to the steel-ridged fiend’s massive size, five pills were needed.

The cub obediently swallowed the pills.

Ah Qiong pressed its face against the cub. Although its eyes were still red, the resentment and despair in them had faded and were replaced by endless joy and gratefulness.

The mother and child quietly huddled together as if nothing could separate them.

Moved by the sight, Chu Liuyue solemnly said to Ah Qiong, “Thank you, Ah Qiong…”

Feelings of gratitude, guilt, and comfort were condensed in those few words.

Although Chu Liuyue had been in the cave the entire time and wasn’t able to see what was going on outside for herself, she had a rough idea about the situation outside as she had been paying attention. However, she didn’t expect that Ah Qiong would be willing to give up its child for her. She was deeply shocked and moved by that, but she also felt bad and remorseful at the same time.

“I’ll help treat your child properly.” Chu Liuyue paused before adding, “Also, don’t do that next time…”

Ah Qiong shook its head. It would still make the same choice all over again. It could always give up its life and exact revenge for its child, but it wanted Chu Liuyue to live.

Chu Liuyue choked up, and her eyes became moist. She took a deep breath and then flashed a bright and proud smile at the fiend. “My bad. There won’t be any next time!” 

I won’t let this happen again!

“Stay here and take care of your child. Just leave the rest to me.” Chu Liuyue then stepped forward and raised her hand.


The sharp, cold, and majestic Chi Xiao Sword that killed the golden-cloud leopard swiftly flew back.

As Chu Liuyue gripped the sword hilt, which felt slightly cool to the touch, she was burning on the inside. Even though she had already expected the Chi Xiao Sword to be far more powerful than all the Yuan instruments she had owned before. Its terrifying power still left her amazed when she brandished the sword.

She didn’t actually use her force when she threw the sword out earlier. In fact, she just randomly threw it out and controlled it with her mind due to the urgency of the situation, but she still managed to kill the golden-cloud leopard in a single strike.

This showed how powerful the Chi Xiao Sword was, considering that the golden-cloud leopard was a legendary fiend. The supreme Yuan instrument was indeed worthy of its name.

Chu Liuyue looked at the sword, which still appeared clean and shiny even after killing a legendary fiend. There weren’t any bloodstains on it.

It was quiet all around, with all hissing sounds ceasing the instant the golden-cloud leopard was killed.

The lowest ranked among the fiends present were ninth-grade ones, so they weren’t stupid. At the very least, they no longer thought Chu Liuyue was easy prey after what they had seen.

Chu Liuyue looked up and swept a cold gaze at the fiends around her while smirking. “Who’s up next?!”

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